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Dear Maya: Movie Review

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Besties Ana (Madiha Imam) and Ira (Shreya Singh Chowdhry) are two secondary school young ladies in Shimla. Like each young person, their lives spin around messing about, examining young men and subtly perusing sentimental books far from according to their strict instructor in school. In the midst of this, they are similarly inquisitive about Ana’s withdrawn neighbor Maya (Manisha Koirala) whose lone sidekicks are two canines, confines loaded with winged animals and an unwavering help.

Her isolation is a consequence of a lamentable youth which had left an enduring effect on her. Before long, a mishievous thought day breaks upon Ira and Ana where the two arrangement to get some daylight or Ira’s words, ‘a Shahrukh Khan’ in Maya’s life. Egged by Ira, Ana starts to compose love letters to Maya under the name of a non-existing past admirer called ‘Ved’. In any case, things take an extraordinary turn when Maya starts to succumb to Ved, uninformed that the man exists just on paper. She chooses to auction her home and set looking for her ‘sweetheart’. Ana who by then starts to build up a bond, is blame ridden.

Be that as it may, before she could admit her insidiousness, Maya is no more. The episode takes a substantial work on Ana’s life and furthermore on her kinship with Ira. Six years cruise by. Ana is presently an understudy in Delhi still looking for Maya. Then again, Ira is lamenting over the departure of a friend or family member in Shimla. Will the two ever accommodate? Where is Maya? The response to these inquiries lie with whatever is left of the film.

Manisha Koirala is the motivation behind why Dear Maya keeps you contributed till the correct casing. From her dark circles, pale glares to her hunger for some expectation, she breathes life into Maya with her tragic execution. Debutantes Shreya Singh Choudhry and Madiha Imam set up a decent demonstration. Be that as it may, it’s Imam who gets your attention more. What’s more, yes, likewise keep an eye out for an unexpected cameo!

Decision: Dear Maya has its heart in the correct place notwithstanding of its own arrangement of blemishes. It discusses how a solitary string of expectation is as yet a capable thing that could help one on the way of rediscovery when they ain’t any daylight. In spite of the fact that it makes up an intriguing story, the film isn’t’s some tea as those paying special mind to some massy excitement may be exceptionally disillusioned. For the rest, it’s more similar to finding motivation to go gaga for oneself once more!

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