Deccan Queen

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History of Deccan Queen

The Deccan Queen has an exceptional spot in the Bhartiya Rail as one of the most established running lines. The train previously kept running on June first, 1930 as an end of the week administration for British race-fans heading off to the Pune derby. It started its day by day administration not long after and remains a day by day methods for transport for some, specialists even today. The line is some what of a pride of the Indian rail framework as it holds a huge number: she was India’s first superfast train; the principal whole deal train to keep running on power; the first to highlight a different eating vehicle and a women just compartment.

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Travelers who travel regularly among Mumbai and Pune can purchase a ‘season go’s for the month at a less expensive rate than buying a ticket ordinary. The train is popular to the point that 4 out of the 5 five star carriages and 2 of the 11 below average carriages are held for occasional pass holders. When the workforce was for the most part men, the Deccan Queen was nicknamed The Husband Express since it used to transport men to their occupations in Mumbai in the mornings and store them back in Pune where they lived at night.

Throughout the years the ‘Dekkan ki Rani’ has kept up a similar calendar leaving from Poona at 7:15 am and touching base in Mumbai CST at 10:40 am taking 3 Hours and 25 mins to finish its adventure. Before the train rose to its present prevalence it used to take a unimportant 2 hrs 45 mins yet since it currently pulls 11 below average carriages, 5 (cooled) top notch carriages and an eating vehicle, the movement time has expanded extensively. It makes one stop in Lonavala, and a specialized end to test the train’s brakes at Monkey Point where travelers divert themselves with the swarms of monkeys that have turned out to be acquainted with this every day passing.

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GK inquiries on the principal electric train of India – Deccan Queen

Q. What year did the Deccan Queen make her originally run?

A. first June 1930.

Q. What sort of motor is utilized for the Deccan Queen?

A. Electric motor.

Q. For what reason does the train end at Lonavala?

A. It’s a specialized stop to check the brakes.

Q. what number compartments altogether does the Deccan Queen pull excluding the motor?

A. 17.

Q. Name two of the Deccan Queen’s ‘firsts.’

A. First feasting vehicle, first women compartment, first whole deal electric line, first superfast train.

Q. What time does the DQ leave Poona and what time does she touch base in Mumbai CST?

A. Takeoff from Poona: 7:15 am and landing in Mumbai CST 10:40 am.

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WCM 1 type engine initially was used to pull Deccan Queen

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