Demeter – God of Harvest, Grain and Fertility

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Demeter is the Greek goddess of the reap, grain, and richness. She is one of the Twelve Olympian divine beings that live on Mount Olympus. Since she was the goddess of the reap, she was essential to the ranchers and laborer individuals of Greece.

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How was Demeter typically envisioned?

Demeter was regularly envisioned as a develop lady sitting on a position of authority. She wore a crown and conveyed a light or parcels of wheat. At the point when Demeter was voyaging she rode a brilliant chariot pulled by winged serpents.

What uncommon forces and abilities did she have?

Like all the Olympian divine beings, Demeter was eternal and amazing. She had authority over the reap and the developing of grains. She could make plants develop (or not develop) and had authority over the seasons. She additionally had some power over the climate and could make individuals hungry.

Birth of Demeter

Demeter was the little girl of the two incredible Titans Cronus and Rhea. Like her siblings and sisters, she was gulped by her dad Cronus when she was conceived. Be that as it may, she was later protected by her most youthful sibling Zeus.

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Demeter, enthroned and extending her hand in a benediction toward the kneeling Metaneira, who offers the triune wheat (c. 340 BC)

Goddess of the Harvest

As goddess of the reap, Demeter was adored by the general population of Greece as they relied upon great yields for sustenance and survival. The fundamental sanctuary to Demeter was found a short separation from the city of Athens in a haven at Eleusis. Mystery rituals were held every year at the asylum called the Eleusinian Mysteries. The Greeks trusted these customs were vital in safeguarding great harvests.


Demeter didn’t wed, however she had a girl named Persephone with her sibling Zeus. Persephone was the goddess of springtime and vegetation. Together, Demeter and Persephone looked out for the world’s seasons and plants. At some point, the god Hades took Persephone to the Underworld to make her his better half. Demeter turned out to be exceptionally dismal. She declined to enable the harvests to become and there was an extraordinary starvation on the planet. Inevitably, Zeus said that Persephone could come back to Mount Olympus, however needed to go through four months every year in the Underworld with Hades. These four months are when nothing develops amid winter.

photo via wikipedia
Demeter drives her horse-drawn chariot containing her daughter Persephone-Kore at Selinunte, Sicily, 6th century BC.


At the point when Persephone was first taken by Hades, Demeter meandered the world masked as an elderly person grieving and looking for her girl. One man was especially kind to her and took her in. As a reward, she showed his child Triptolemus the specialty of horticulture. As per Greek Mythology, Triptolemus then traversed Greece on a winged chariot showing the Greeks how to develop harvests and ranch.

Fascinating Facts About the Greek Goddess Demeter

  • She brought forth a flying and talking horse named Arion.
  • As a reward to a benevolent man, she attempted to make his child undying by setting him in a fire. The mother, in any case, got her in the demonstration and pulled the child from the fire.
  • She is regularly envisioned with flaring lights since she utilized these as she continued looking for her little girl.
  • She conveyed a long brilliant sword in fight which earned her the moniker “Woman of the Golden Blade.”
  • Creatures that were holy to Demeter incorporated the snake, gecko, and pig.

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