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Dhadak: Movie Review

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Directed by – Shashank Khaitan

Produced by – Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta

Starring – Janhvi Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter, Aditya Kumar, Aishwarya Narkar, Kharaj Mukherjee, Ashutosh Rana


Dhadak is the tale of two youthful spirits who experience passionate feelings for against the confinements of standing chain of command. Madhukar Bagla (Ishaan Khatter) has a place with a lower station in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He’s stricken by Parthvi Singh (Janhvi Kapoor), the little girl of the high-standing lawmaker Ratan Singh (Ashutosh Rana). Parthvi has a scary identity yet that doesn’t prevent Madhukar from making her realized that he has affections for her. Parthvi gets awed by Madhukar’s grandiosity and love blooms between the two.

Inconvenience emerges when at the birthday festivity of Parthvi’s sibling Godaan Kumar (Roop Kumar), Ratan Singh gets Parthvi and Madhukar together. Madhukar and his companions Shridhar Watsar (Purshottam) and Gokul (Ankit Bisht) are taken into police care while Parthvi is grounded at home. Parthvi anyway achieves the police headquarters and figures out how to free Madhukar and his companions. Madhukar and Parthvi get away to Kolkata where they endeavor to begin their life anew. What occurs next structures whatever remains of the film.

Ishaan Khatter had officially demonstrated his value with Beyond the Clouds and with Dhadak, he demonstrates that he’s certainly digging in for the long haul. He’s exceptionally certain and looks so charming in scenes where he’s head over foot sole areas in affection, particularly in the tune ‘Pehli Baar’. In the enthusiastic and sensational, he’s similarly proficient. Janhvi Kapoor additionally does amazingly well and radiates part of certainty. She handles this troublesome part without hardly lifting a finger and that is an accomplishment for a newcomer.

Certainly, a star is conceived! Ashutosh Rana is a whiz with regards to negative parts and this one is the same. Shridhar Watsar is to a great degree clever and contributes a considerable measure to the cleverness remainder. He will be cherished by the young and single screen groups of onlookers. Ankit Bisht is reasonable however gets eclipsed by the nearness of Ishaan and Shridhar. Godaan Kumar is great in the despicable part and leaves a stamp in the scene when he’s requested to apologize to the school educator. Aditya Kumar (Devilal) gets constrained extension.

All in all, Dhadak is a basic story told wonderfully. Regardless of being a redo of a notable film, it figures out how to stand up on its feet and engage the groups of onlookers completely. In the cinema world, the adolescent will relish this flick big time which will guarantee business achievement.

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