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Dishoom: Movie Review

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Dishoom recounts the tale of the seize of an Indian cricketer named as Viraj (Saqib Saleem) by a bookie called Wagah (Akshaye Khanna), 36 hours before an India-Pakistan last match. Wagah undermines to execute Viraj, if the match is wiped out; consequently India’s External Affairs Minister assigns an uncommon team officer to save Viraj.

In this cracking confused circumstance, enters Kabir Shergill (John Abraham) who leaves no stones unturned to discover Viraj. In his manhunt, he is joined by Junaid Ansari (Varun Dhawan) who is a Middle-Eastern cop. The couple turns pal cops and are on a mission to discover Viraj. Jacqueline Fernandez plays the character of a cheat, however her character doesn’t have much to offer! Presently, whether Junaid and Kabir would bring Viraj before the match starts and how, frames the core of the story!



Varun Dhawan is one gifted performer and however in this activity dramatization flick, the on-screen character didn’t have a go at anything new. He has done amazing tricks and shriek commendable move exhibitions yet in a few places his character has been overstated. On the other side, John sizzles in his genuine symbol and rather made an astounding showing with regards to as an extreme cop!

Be that as it may, we gotta offer credit to Rohit for easily setting up the comic science amongst Varun and John and didn’t give one a chance to eclipse the other! With her sizzling appearance and a body to kick the bucket for, Jacqueline completely nailed it in the ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ tune arrangement! In any case, in numerous scenes of the film, her fake accent helped us to remember Katrina Kaif. Rohit ought to have taken a shot at her inflection.

Akshaye Khanna, who made a rebound following four years, has demonstrated that regardless of whether he signs excessively numerous movies or not, his grand acting aptitudes never take a secondary lounge! Akshay Kumar’s exceptional appearance while brandishing a man bun and Parineeti Chopra’s uncommon melody is one of the best parts of the film! Groups of onlookers invited both the extraordinary appearances with a long shriek!

Rohit Dhawan has coordinated the film as indicated by the essence of the lion’s share of Bollywood significant others! Disregarding a poor script and a progression of plot gaps, he attempted his level best to make this film an enthralling one yet couldn’t spare it from being a drag! There are a couple of inedible scenes yet having said that it’s intended to engross, you can give these scenes an illustrious disregard!

The tricks of the film is stunning and we gotta value the guts of Varun and John for doing that “helicopter” scene. There are additionally never-seen bicycle stunts in the film which will most likely awe the trick sweethearts! Tunes including the title track, ‘Jaanemann Aah’, ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ are some truly necessary freshness in this manhunt show!


Decision: If you are devoted devotee of Varun and John, then you can put this film on your watch list!


Review by Adi

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