Dreadful Stories Involving Hitchhiking

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The Murder Of The Prendergast Family

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source youtube

In November 1958, Thomas Prendergast from El Cajon, California got Carl Alfred Eder, a 16-year-old runaway wanderer from New York. Eder was destitute, and Prendergast felt frustrated about him, so he chose to let Eder stay with him and his family until Eder got back on his feet. Notwithstanding, Prendergast would come to lament that choice in the wake of leaving for take a shot at December 12.

At the point when Prendergast returned home, Eder was remaining outside the house and requested a ride to San Diego. Prendergast went along and dropped Eder off at an administration station. Prendergast then backpedaled home again and made an alarming disclosure. His wife, Lois, was shot to death. The couple’s four youngsters nine-year-old David, six-year-old Thomas Jr., four-year-old Diane, and two-year-old Allen—had been killed with a chasing knife. Eder was caught after two days and asserted he had snapped and tossed Diane to the floor on the grounds that she was making an excessive amount of commotion.

As Mrs. Prendergast watched out for her harmed girl, Eder shot her before killing Diane and Allen. At the point when David and Thomas Jr. returned home from school, Eder murdered them, as well. He was in this manner given two lifelong incarcerations. In October 1974, Eder figured out how to escape from jail and has never been recovered. He deserted a note which read: “I’ve done what’s needed time and I’m clearing out.” In ensuing years, Eder was seen hanging out with bike posses and radical, left-wing, against government bunches, and its guessed that one of these gatherings may have killed him. Nonetheless, on the off chance that he is still alive, Carl Alfred Eder would be 73 years of age today. There is a $20,000 reward for his catch.

The Disappearance Of Amy Billig

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source youtube

Amid her teenager years, it was not extraordinary for 17-year-old Amy Billig to catch a ride through the Miami territory. On the evening of March 5, 1974, Amy left her home in Coconut Grove. She wanted to visit her dad’s office and was most recently seen catching a ride along Main Highway. She never touched base at her destination. Amy’s cam was later found at the Wildwood retreat on Florida’s Turnpike, yet she was never gotten notification from again.

All through the following quite a long while, Amy’s mom, Susan Billig, would be delayed a peculiar adventure as she endeavored to discover her little girl. A biker named Paul Branch approached Susan and advised her that Amy had been snatched and was being held hostage by a biker posse called “The Pagans.”

Susan hunt the whole way across the nation down Amy however could never discover her and was regularly driven on wild goose pursues by the individuals she experienced. Paul Branch kicked the bucket in 1997 yet apparently gave a deathbed admission to his wife. He guaranteed that Amy really overdosed on that day she vanished while going to a gathering held by The Pagans. They accordingly discarded her body by nourishing it to a few crocs in the Florida Everglades.

For more than 20 years, Susan was additionally tormented by bugging telephone calls from a man named Henry Johnson Blair, who guaranteed Amy was being held hostage by a sex servitude ring. After Blair was captured and charged in 1995, he asserted to know nothing about Amy’s vanishing. Be that as it may, Amy’s journal did contain a section about her needing to flee to South America with a man named “Hank,” which was Blair’s epithet. Lamentably, Susan Billig passed away in 2005, while never discovering reality about what transpired girl.

The ‘Walhalla Hitchhiker’

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source youtube

Much like Lydia, the Vanishing Lady in North Carolina, the condition of South Carolina has its own particular popular urban legend about a vanishing apparition wanderer. As indicated by nearby legend, a spooky male figure wearing a dull all-climate coat has been seen frequenting Highway 107 close to the city of Walhalla, South Carolina for as far back as a very long while. He is known as the “Walhalla Hitchhiker.” Depending on which course the vehicle is voyaging, the puzzling man requests that be dropped off at either the Piedmont Overlook or Moody Springs after he is gotten.

Given that he frequently shows up on dull and stormy evenings, his choice to visit picturesque visitor sights appears to be odd. After the wanderer lands at his destination, he leaves the vehicle without saying a word and expeditiously vanishes without a trace.One prominent hypothesis is that the Walhalla Hitchhiker is the apparition of a perished pilot named Larry Stephens. At some point amid the 1950s, Stephens and his plane took off from Greenville to go on one of his commonplace touring journeys through Oconee County. Unfortunately, a rough hailstorm hit the territory while Stephens was airborne, genuinely constraining his perceivability.

Stevens twisted up colliding with a few mountains close Highway 107, in the Walhalla territory. Despite the fact that leftovers of Stephens’ plane were discovered, his body was never recouped. As indicated by observer reports, the Walhalla Hitchhiker looks to some extent like Larry Stephens and is wearing the same dress he was accepted to be wearing at the season of his passing.

The ‘Triangle Of Death’

Amid the 1980s, the Marne area of France got to be known as the “triangle of death.” countless armed force recruits from the three military battalions in the region twisted up vanishing without a follow, frequently while catching a ride. The main known exploited person was Patrick Dubois, a 19-year-old recruit from the 4th Dragoons regiment at Mourmelon Le Grand, who bafflingly vanished on January 5, 1980.

Through the following seven years, an aggregate of eight young fellows turned up gone in the locale. The vast majority of them were armed force recruits, and the main exploited person to be recouped was a 20-year-old Irish wanderer named Trevor O’Keefe, who was discovered strangled to death in August 1987. After one year, powers uncovered a reasonable offender: Pierre Chanal, a previous commando who was the senior warrant officer of the 4th Dragoons.

Chanal’s military profession reached an end after a police watch stumbled over his camper van stopped by the side of a nation street. They found Chanal recording the assault and torment of a youthful Hungarian wanderer he had stole. Chanal was given a 10-year sentence for the wrongdoing, yet was discharged on post trial supervision in 1995.

Since Chanal had turned into a suspect in the “triangle of death” vanishings, DNA testing was in the long run performed on his camper van. Hints of DNA proof were discovered that coordinated Trevor O’Keefe and two of the other missing victimized people. In 2001, Chanal was accused of the three homicides and is accepted to be in charge of the passings of each of the eight exploited people. On October 15, 2003, not long after the begin of his trial, Chanal chose to confer suicide in the jail clinic by cutting a conduit in his leg.

The Murder Of Phillip Fraser

In 1988, 25-year-old Philip Fraser had arrangements to go to The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. On June 14, he exited the place where he grew up of Anchorage, Alaska to drive to Evergreen and complete his enlistment. Fraser first needed to cross the fringe and drive through Canada. On June 18, he ceased at a bistro in the provincial group of 40 Mile Flats, British Columbia. It was there that he crossed ways with an unidentified male drifter, who approached Fraser for a ride.

As indicated by an onlooker, Fraser at first turned down the man’s solicitation and began heading out yet all of a sudden reexamined and halted his auto to let the man move inside. This future the last time Phillip Fraser was seen alive. On July 27, Fraser’s body was found in a remote rock pit close to the group of Stewart. A large portion of his individual belonging, including his introduction to the world authentication and visa, were never recouped.

More or less eight hours after Fraser was seen in 40 Mile Flats, a couple from the town of Kitwanga pulled over to help a driver with auto inconvenience. The man was driving Fraser’s vehicle and matched the depiction of the obscure wanderer at the bistro. He spent the night at the couple’s home and gave them an individual back story that was surprisingly like Fraser’s. It was evident that the wanderer had assumed control over Fraser’s personality.

He likewise made an endeavor to offer Fraser’s auto, yet when the couple turned him down, the man altered the vehicle and went on his way. After twelve hours, the vehicle was deserted and situated ablaze at an auto wash in Prince George. The wanderer was not seen again and has never been recognized.

The Castration Murders

On June 12, 1982, 22-year-old Marty Shook left his mom’s home in Sparks, Nevada to venture out to Colorado. He was wanting to drift to achieve his destination. After two days, a fly angler found Marty’s naked body close Daniels Canyon in Wasatch County, Utah. He was shot in the once again of the head with a .38-gauge gun. Most exasperatingly, Marty’s private parts had been expelled and were lost from the scene. The case would stay cool until 1989, when powers associated it to the homicide of an alternate wanderer the earlier year.

On August 19, 1981, the naked assemblage of 30-year-old Wayne Rifendifer was found in a lush territory close Williamsburg, Pennsylvania. Like Marty Shook, he had been shot in the once more of the head, and his private parts were evacuated and never found. The two victimized people physically looked like one another, and ballistics tests would in the long run establish that they had both been shot with the same .38-gauge weapon. Powers additionally investigated the likelihood that these two homicides were associated with an alternate unsolved manslaughter.

On November 24, 1986, the naked group of 26-year-old wanderer Jack Andrews was found at a rest stop in Litchfield, Connecticut. Despite the fact that he had not been shot, and the reason for death was never decided, the exploited person’s private parts were lost. His areolas were additionally uprooted, and both legs had been disjoined at mid-thigh. While the same individual may have been in charge of each of the three homicides, they stay unsolved.

The Disappearance Of Connie Smith

Amid the mid year of 1952, 10-year-old Wyoming occupant Connie Smith was going to Camp Sloane in Salisbury, Connecticut. On the morning of July 16, Connie had a vicious squabble with some different campers, abandoning her with a ridiculous nose. Connie then said she was heading to the dispensary to give back an ice pack, however she chose to leave the camp. A few witnesses reported Connie requesting bearings to the town of Lakeville, around 0.8 kilometers (0.5 mi) away. She was most recently seen holding out her thumb to drift on US Route 44, preceding she totally vanished. Camp guides didn’t perceive that Connie was lost until they discovered the ice pack inside her tent that evening.

Connie’s granddad was legislative head of Wyoming at the time and sorted out a far reaching pursuit fight, however no hint of her was found. It was accepted that Connie had gotten to be yearning to go home at the camp and was leaving to visit her guardians, yet not one or the other of them ever saw her. In 1958, seekers in Arizona discovered the skeletal stays of an unidentified young person who would get to be known as “Little Miss X.” after four years, the Connecticut State Police got an unacknowledged letter guaranteeing that Little Miss X was Connie Smith.

Little Miss X’s teeth were soon contrasted and Connie’s dental records, however the outcomes were uncertain. Lately, Connie’s surviving relatives have submitted their DNA for an examination, however lamentably, Little Miss X’s remaining parts can never again be found. After more than 60 years, Connie Smith’s destiny remains a puzzle.

The Albert Brust Abductions

In July 1973, 15-year-old runaway Mary Ellen Jones went to the Fort Lauderdale police with a frightening story. She had been bumming a ride with her 16-year-old sweetheart, Mark Matson, when they were grabbed by a moderately aged man calling himself “Eric.” Eric took the youthful couple to his home, however then constrained them to perform sex acts at gunpoint while he took photos. At a certain point, Mark made a get for Eric’s firearm yet was shot three times.

Mary was then held hostage for the following 24 hours. She was tied up and more than once assaulted inside an alternative soundproof “dungeon.” Surprisingly, Eric chose to release Mary however cautioned her not to impart her story. Regardless, Mary went to the police, however in the wake of reaching the young lady’s mom and discovering that Mary was a known neurotic liar, they totally distrusted her story.

Days after the fact, occupants in a suburban Miami neighborhood got to be suspicious when they perceived that one of their neighbors, a 44-year-old building assessor named Albert Brust, had been sitting outside in a grass seat for two straight days and did not in any case move when an electrical storm hit the territory. They soon found that Brust was dead. He had taken his own particular life by drinking chocolate milk bound with cyanide.

A pursuit of Brust’s home soon uncovered some unpleasant privileged insights. The remaining parts of Mark Matson’s dissected body were discovered encased behind a piece of cement inside a shower stall. A further hunt uncovered Brust’s concealed dungeon, demonstrating that Mary Ellen Jones’ story was totally genuine. Brust’s diary was additionally discovered, containing his dreams about holding a young lady hostage as his sex slave. In his last entrance, Brust communicated monstrous frustration with the genuine experience, propelling his choice to confer suicide.

‘Lydia, The Vanishing Lady’

source youtube
source youtube

A standout amongst the most well known phantom stories is the urban legend of the “vanishing ghost wanderer,” where a driver gets a drifter who strangely vanishes without clarification. An especially continuing adaptation of this story includes a spooky drifter from North Carolina known as “Lydia, the Vanishing Lady.”

The story goes that on a blustery night in 1923, a young lady named Lydia flew out to Raleigh to go to a hit the dance floor with her beau. The couple was driving home to High Point on Highway 70 when they slammed into another auto at a tight underpass. Lydia was murdered in a flash and happened to be wearing a white night outfit that night. After then, there have been various sightings of a female drifter at that area wearing that correct outfit.One outstanding locating included a driver named Burke Hardison. He was driving close to the underpass one night when he saw a lady in a white nighttime outfit motioning for help.

Hardison lifted her up, and the hysterical lady said she expected to return home to High Point, since her mom would be concerned. She gave her place of residence, however when Hardison landed at the house, the young lady totally vanished. In any case, Hardison chose to go thump on the entryway. A lady replied. In the wake of listening to Hardison’s story, she let him know that her little girl, Lydia, had been executed in a mischance at the underpass. Clearly, Hardison was not the first individual who had appeared at Lydia’s home to depict this experience. While the story sounds like a society story, specialists have uncovered a demise authentication of a 19-year-old High Point young lady named Lydia, who kicked the bucket in a pile up on December 31, 1923. The legend of Lydia, the Vanishing Lady keeps on living on.

The Orange Sock Murders

source wikipedia
source wikipedia

It takes an extremely baldfaced executioner to kidnap and homicide two different ladies at two different areas at two different times on that night, yet that is precisely what happened in 1982 close to the town of Breckenridge, Colorado. At the time, Breckenridge was known as a safe group, so catching a ride was practically a day by day event for a significant number of its inhabitants.

On the nighttime of January 6, 29-year-old Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer called her spouse, Jeff, to tell him she was hanging out with companions at a nearby pub and would get a ride home. Bobbie never arrived. Jeff made a go at scanning for her the following morning and inevitably discovered his wife’s body in a remote field. Bobbie had been shot to death. Inquisitively, an orange sock that did not fit in with her was discovered adjacent.

After six months, the assortment of an alternate missing lady, 21-year-old Annette Kay Schnee, was found in a lush range, 21 kilometers (13 mi) from where Bobbie was found. Annette had been sexually ambushed and shot to death. She additionally happened to be wearing the matching orange sock from Bobbie’s homicide scene. It’s accepted that the same culprit had grabbed Bobbie and Annette at diverse focuses all through the night while they were drifting and killed them.

Annette’s orange sock was likely abandoned in the executioner’s vehicle and some way or another dropped out at the area Bobbie was killed. Jeff Oberholtzer was at first considered a suspect, since his business card was found in Annette’s wallet. Nonetheless, this ended up being an odd happenstance: Jeff had gotten Annette bumming a ride on a past event and provided for her his card. A long time later, Jeff was authoritatively cleared as a suspect, yet the “Orange Sock Murders” stay unsolved.

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