Dungeons And Ghosts

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By Annonymous

I have had many apparition encounters throughout my life and have constantly viewed myself as an extremely otherworldly individual. So, I have dependably been amazingly wary with regards to the extraordinary. I won’t let an ouija board or tarot cards close me. I simply don’t care to disturb things since I realize that I attract them and have buckled down on building an astral shield to give them access. In any case, that doesn’t imply that I don’t experience some peculiar things. As far as I can tell, I realize that spirits are attracted to the individuals who can feel them…

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I started going to a really old school a year ago as a vocal music major. This implied I had and still need to invest hours in the storm cellar of the performance center rehearsing my collection. Since I’ve generally been into apparition stories I chosen to do some exploration about my school and turns out, the performance center is a problem area for action between the organizer of the building and a young lady frequenting the space. The author of the building has been known to appear by and by rooms and offer guidance to those rehearsing which even I experience serious difficulties accepting. This sprit I don’t fear, in any case, the young lady truly cautions me. As a rule, if there is no purpose behind a tyke to frequent a building, it is my understanding this is an evil presence appearing as something less compromising.

One night, at around one toward the beginning of the day, I was having an especially troublesome time rehearsing.

Before I get into what occurred, I believe I should clarify a couple of things. The minor practice room itself has a little square window on the entryway which watches out into the inside where an upstanding piano stands. Each room has a piano and an extremely old metal music stand that rivulets when you attempt to modify its tallness. The dividers are thin, even individuals simply tuning in to a youtube video can be gotten notification from the following room over. Since the rooms are in the cellar, everything from above, in the theater, can be heard.

Indeed, this story occurred at around 1AM. I was the just a single in the building.

As I rehearsed, things began getting… Unusual. I heard, unmistakably, a man’s voice in my ear, making me whip around. Presently, I am a distrustful individual, so I dismissed this and only kept on rehearsing. At that point, from the following room over, I heard one of the music stands slide up. I topped my take off of the training space to see that I was still alone in the storm cellar. I started to speculate that some soul was presumably upsetting me or endeavoring to stand out enough to be noticed.

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I heard entryways opening and shutting, murmurs, strides and even a tap on the shoulder at a certain point. At long last, I had enough. This was a long way from my first extraordinary experience thus I thought I realized how to manage this. I said so anyone might hear that if something was attempting to get in touch with me, I wouldn’t probably encourage them, and that since they were frequenting the theater they should appreciate music. I revealed to them they were very free to hear me out training.

I imagines that is the thing that infuriated them.

The whole place went frightfully quiet and I felt that maybe whatever had been irritating me had left. As I opened my mouth to keep singing, from the following room over, I heard the music stand CRASH to the ground! That was sufficient, I started pressing my things and as I watched out of the little window in the entryway, I saw a young lady’s head from the eyes up, peering at me. She had long dark hair and her eyes penetrated the obscurity. I really shouted when I saw this and came up short on the storm cellar as fast as I could.

The following day, I educated my companion regarding my experience. She said I was insane, yet chose to compose ‘Phantoms and Dungeons’ on the sign to the training rooms.

I haven’t had some other encounters in these training rooms, nonetheless, I decline to go down to the cellar alone around evening time. There is something in that space. It may not be evil, be that as it may, I would prefer not to be down there to see whether it is.

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