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Eerie Haunted Places

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Babenhausen Barracks

source youtube
source youtube

At the German Babenhausen Barracks (now a historical center) the phantoms of German officers, some in World War II time regalia, have been accounted for. Lights are said to kill and on independent from anyone else and voices are heard in the storm cellar. Strides and summons are purportedly heard during the evening, apparently without physical reason. Legend has it that if an officer happens to visit the gallery and get a phone, a lady will now and again be listened “talking in reverse”, ambiguous, in neither German nor English. The town was the site of a witch blazed at the stake in the 19th century, and her apparition is said to have allured, and after that executed, a few German fighters from that point forward. Presented above are two American Soldiers at the Barracks in 1974.

The Screaming Bridge

source youtube
source youtube

Maud Hughes Road is situated in Liberty Township, Ohio. It has been the site of numerous horrendous mishaps and suicides. Railroad tracks lay 25 feet underneath the extension, and no less than 36 individuals have been accounted for dead on or around the Maud Hughes Road Bridge. Spooky figures, fogs, and lights have been seen, and dark hooded figures and an apparition train. The legend says that an auto conveying a man and a lady slowed down on top of the scaffold. The man got out to get help while the young lady remained. At the point when the man gave back, the young lady was holding tight the extension over the tracks. The man then died with unexplained reasons. Right up ’til today, numerous individuals have reported listening to the phantoms’ discussions, then a lady’s shout trailed by a man’s shout. Another story says that a lady once diverted her infant from the scaffold and afterward hanged herself a while later.

112 Ocean Avenue

source youtube
source youtube

This house will be no stranger to people who love horror movies. It is the house on which the film The Amityville Horror is based. The house is a six-bedroom Dutch Colonial style house built in 1924. The best known feature of the house was, at one time, its pair of quarter circle shaped windows on the third floor attic level, which gave it an eerie, eye-like appearance. These windows have since been removed and the house renumbered to keep tourists away. On November 13, 1974, 23-year old Ronald DeFeo, Jr. fatally shot six members of his family at the house. During his murder trial in 1975, he claimed that voices in his head had urged him to carry out the killings.

He was found guilty and is still in jail in New York. In December 1975, George Lutz and his wife, Kathy, purchased the house and moved in with their three children. After 28 days they left the house, claiming to have been tormented by paranormal phenomena while living there. The family experienced foul smells, faces at the windows, screams, moving objects, and all manner of bizarre phenomena. The image above is the house as it appears today.

Pickens County Courthouse

source youtube
source youtube

The Pickens County Courthouse in Carrollton, Alabama is a courthouse in west Alabama acclaimed for a spooky picture that can be seen in one of its windows. The picture is said to be the substance of Henry Wells, who, as legend has it, was dishonestly blamed for torching the town’s past courthouse, and lynched on a stormy night in 1878. The picture on the window is effortlessly seen, despite the fact that it is more face-like from a few points than from others. It is said that the picture is just obvious from outside the courthouse; from inside the sheet seems, by all accounts, to be a typical sheet of glass. Since the photograph above was taken, the city of Carrollton has introduced, on the outside of the courthouse, an intelligent expressway sign with a bolt indicating the sheet where the picture shows up. There are changeless binoculars introduced over the road from the window for individuals who wish to get a more intensive look.

Balete Drive

source youtube
source youtube

Balete Drive is a street located in New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines. It is known for apparitions of a white lady and haunted houses which were built during the Spanish Era (1800s). New Manila has an abundance of balete trees, which, according to legend, is a favorite spot of wandering spirits and other paranormal beings. Paranormal experts believe that the white lady was raped by Japanese soldiers during the Second World War.

Witnesses of the white lady, advise motorists to avoid the street at night, especially if they are alone. If it is necessary to travel the route, they advise that the backseat of the car is fully occupied and that no one should look back or look in any mirrors. The apparition wears a night gown, has long hair but has no face or one covered with blood.

Rosenheim, Bavaria

source youtube
source youtube

All the more no doubt understood as the Rosenheim Poltergeist, this infestation of odd movement is a standout amongst the most no doubt understood in Germany. In 1967, weird phenomena started happening in the workplace of attorney Sigmund Adam. Phones would ring with nobody at the flip side, printers spilt their ink, and work area drawers would open without being touched.

A German paper introduced hardware to screen the telephones and in 3 month they recorded more than 600 calls to the talking clock – regardless of the way that the greater part of the phones were unplugged. In one 15 moment period, 46 calls were recorded – a rate that appeared to be inconceivable given the mechanical dialing framework set up. In October 1967, every single light in the building went out with a colossal blast. In the wake of introducing cams and voice recorders, agents had the capacity find that the occasions just occurred when 19-year-old Annemarie Schneider (an as of late utilized secretary) was available.

It was guaranteed that a suspended light would swing roughly when Ms Schneider strolled underneath it, and the lights would glint at whatever point she strolled into the workplace. At the point when Schneider went on vacation the occasions ceased. Upon her arrival, the apparition movement returned. Schneider was let go and the issues halted for good. Presented above is Schneider underneath the lights that were seen to swing.

Bélmez de la Moraleda

source youtube
source youtube

One house in one road in Bélmez de la Moraleda, Spain has as of late gotten to be exceptionally acclaimed on account of frightful confronts that have been showing up in the floor. Road Real 5 has turned into a famous fascination for apparition sightseers as the countenances show up as often as possible and can be effectively captured. The appearances in Bélmez started on August 23, 1971 when María Gómez Cámara saw a face show up on her bond kitchen floor. Her spouse took a pickaxe and decimated the face. Not long after another showed up. A removal, directed under the area of the house, uncovered human remains, which were evacuated. The photo above is one of the appearances.

Union Cemetery

source youtube
source youtube

Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is not simply the most frequented cemetery in Connecticut, it is considered by numerous to be the most frequented cemetery in the United States. The most well known apparition there is the White Lady. Various photos have been taken of her and she has even been gotten on film. She has long dull hair and wears a cap and robe. She habitually shows up in the roadway along highway 59 and at times highway 111 where she is regularly “hit” by approaching vehicles.

On one event in 1993, a fire fighter was driving along the street when he hit the woman – he heard a crash and a scratch was left in his vehicle. As the lady showed up before his auto he likewise saw an agriculturist with a straw cap sitting adjacent to him in the auto. The cemetery is bolted around evening time and consistently watched by the police. The picture above is one of numerous that can be found on the Internet.


source youtube
source youtube

Pluckley is a little town in Kent, England that is accepted to be the most frequented town in England. Notwithstanding the 12 (some say 13 or 14) apparitions in Pluckley, the town is additionally acclaimed for the TV program The Darling Buds of May which was recorded there. Of the phantoms you can see here, the most dynamite are the spooky bandit and mentor and stallions seen close to the town lobby, the apparition of a wanderer lady smoldered to death in her rest, two hanging bodies, a ghost friar, three privileged women and, maybe spookiest of all, the Screaming Woods. The Screaming Woods is a zone simply outside the town frequented by the phantoms of numerous individuals who were lost there. Their shouts can be heard originating from inside the woods around evening time.

50 Berkeley Square

source youtube
source youtube

This neighborhood of London best known for the melody A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, is additionally home to the most frequented house in London! Number 50 Berkeley Square is home to a substantial number of apparitions, the most punctual of which is that of a young lady killed in the 1700s by a vicious hireling.

She is as often as possible seen on the top floor wailing and wringing her submits despair. Another lady attempting to escape her uncle tumbled from a window – her phantom is regularly seen swinging from a windowsill. While the house was empty in the 1870s, the neighbors heard various shouts and groans originating from the house. They additionally heard furniture moving, ringers ringing, and windows being hammered closed.

A long time later the house was involved by a Mr. Dupre, who secured his crazy sibling a room on the top floor. He nourished the crazy man through an extraordinary opening in the entryway. This is the room that should be fundamental to the frequenting. The house is right now home to a book shop – bizarre events have been noted by the greater part of the staff of the shop. The top floor is kept bolted at all times and nobody is permitted to enter it.

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