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This is the narrative of a long-gone period. In the nation of India, about five thousand years back, carried on a kid named Eklavya, the child of a tribal boss in the woods of the kingdom-Hastinapura. Eklavya was an overcome, great looking kid. He was adored by all. Be that as it may, he was not cheerful.

His dad saw that something disturbed Eklavya. More than once he discovered his child lost somewhere down in thought when different young men appreciated the delights of chasing and playing. One day the father asked his child, “Why are you so miserable, Eklavya? Why not join your companions? Why are you not inspired by chasing?”.

“Father, I need to be a toxophilite” answered Eklavya, “I need to end up distinctly a devotee of the colossal Dronacharya, the considerable guide of Archery in Hastinapura. His Gurukul is a mystical place where standard young men are transformed into compelling warriors.”

Eklavya saw his dad was noiseless. He proceeded, ” Father, I realize that we have a place with the chasing tribe, yet I need to be a warrior, father, not a minor seeker. So please permit me to leave home and turn into the devotee of Dronacharya.”

Eklavya’s dad was pained, for he realized that his child’s desire was not a simple one. Be that as it may, the boss was a cherishing father and he would not like to deny his lone child’s desire. So the kind man gave his favors and sent his child on his way to Drona’s Gurukul.

Eklavya set on his way. Before long he achieved the piece of the timberland where Drona instructed the rulers of Hastinapur.

Back then, there was no such framework as a school, school, college or lodging. The main place where one could get some training was a ” Gurukul”. A Gurukul (Guru alludes to “educator” or “ace”; Kul alludes to his space, from the Sanskrit word kula, which means more distant family.) is a sort of antiquated Hindu school in India that is private in nature with the shishyas or understudies and the master or instructor living in vicinity, numerous a period inside a similar house. The Gurukul is where the understudies lived together as equivalents, regardless of their social standing. The understudies gained from the master and furthermore helped the master in his everyday life, including the doing of commonplace errands, for example, washing garments, cooking, and so on. The training granted consequently, was a wholesome one.

Having said this much, let us now come back to Eklavya. At the point when the kid achieved Dronacharya’s Gurukul, he saw that it comprised of a gathering of cabins, encompassed by trees and a bows and arrows yard. The pupils were rehearsing to shoot bolts with their bows and bolts in the yard. It was a drawing in sight. Be that as it may, Eklavya’s eyes sought Drona. Where was he? Will he have the capacity to see the man? Without Drona, all his motivation of coming here would be pointless. In any case, every one of his stresses soon died down. He didn’t need to sit tight for long. There was the man remaining close to a tree caught up with teaching a kid, who was none else than the third Pandava ruler Arjuna, as Eklavya came to know later. In spite of the fact that Eklavya had never observed Drona, he put his speculate work. He went close Drona and bowed.

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The sage was astonished to see an odd kid tending to him. “Who are you?” he inquired.

“Dronacharya, I am Eklavya, child of the Tribal Chief in the western piece of the woods of Hastinapura.” Eklavya answered. “It would be ideal if you acknowledge me as your follower and show me the superb craft of Archery.”

Drona murmured. “Eklavya…” said he,”… in the event that you are a tribal seeker, you should be a Shudra, the most reduced social group as indicated by the Vedic Caste System. I am a Brahmin, the most noteworthy position in the kingdom. I can’t educate a Shudra kid.”

“What’s more, he’s additionally a Royal educator,” interfered with Prince Arjuna. “Our Guru has been delegated by the King to prepare us, the rulers and the aristocratic. How could you come inside the Gurukul and look for him? Clear out! Presently!” he spat out, looking infuriated that Eklavya had irritated his practice.

Eklavya was dazed at Arjuna’s conduct. He himself was the child of the head of his tribe, however he never offended anybody beneath him in such a way. He took a gander at Drona for some sort of support, however the sage stayed noiseless. The message was boisterous and clear. Dronacharya likewise needed him to take off. He declined to show him.

The guiltless tribal kid was profoundly harmed by Drona’s refusal to show him. “It’s not reasonable!” he thought wretchedly. “God has offered information to all, yet man alone separates his kind.”

He exited the place with a broken heart and a sharp taste in his mouth. Yet, it couldn’t smash his desire to learn Archery. He was still as resolved to learn Archery.

“I might be a Shudra however does it have any effect?” thought he. ” I am as solid and enthusiastic as Drona’s rulers and followers. In the event that I hone the craftsmanship regular, I can without a doubt turn into a toxophilite.”

Eklavya achieved his own particular backwoods and took some mud from an adjacent waterway. He made a statue of Dronacharya and chose a disengaged clearing in the timberlands to place it. Eklavya did this since he loyally trusted that on the off chance that he rehearsed before his Guru, he would turn into a capable bowman. Therefore, however his Guru avoided him, regardless he held him in high regard and considered him his Guru.

For quite a while, he took his bow and bolt, revered the statue of Drona and began rehearse. In time confidence, strength and constancy changed Eklavya the negligible tribal seeker into Eklavya the exceptional bowman. Eklavya turned into a toxophilite of outstanding ability, better even than Drona’s best student, Arjuna.

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One day while Eklavya is rehearsing, he hears a pooch yelping. At first the kid overlooked the canine, however constant unsettling influence in his practice irritated him. He halted his practice and went towards where the puppy was yapping. Prior to the puppy could quiets down or escape the way, Eklavya let go seven bolts in quick progression to fill the pooch’s mouth without harming it. Accordingly it meandered the timberlands with its mouth opened.

Be that as it may, Eklavya was not the only one in his practice. He was uninformed of the way that simply some separation away, the Pandava rulers were likewise present around there of the backwoods. As destiny would have it, that day, they had accompanied their educator, Drona, who was training them about some better purposes of arrow based weaponry by making them learn in the genuine state of the open wilderness.

As they were occupied with rehearsing, they all of a sudden risked upon the “stuffed” pooch, and ponder who could have pulled off such an accomplishment of bows and arrows. Drona was astonished as well.” Such an amazing point can just originate from a relentless toxophilite.” he shouted. He told the Pandavas that on the off chance that some person was such a decent bowman then he clearly should have been met. The practice was ceased and together they started hunting the woods down the one behind such astonishing deed. They found a dull cleaned man dressed all in dark, his body besmeared with foulness and his hair in tangled locks. It was Eklavya. Dronacharya went up to him.

“Your point is genuinely wonderful!” Drona commended Eklavya, and asked “From whom did you learn Archery?”

Eklavya was excited to hear Drona’s commendations. How astounded he will be on the off chance that he revealed to Drona that he, in actuality was his Guru!

“From you my Master. You are my Guru,” Eklavya answered unassumingly.

“Your Guru? How might I be your Guru? I have never observed you!” Drona shouted in amazement. Be that as it may, out of the blue he remembered something. He recalled around an energetic kid who had gone by his Gurukul a while back. ” Now I recall,” said he. “It is safe to say that you are not a similar seeker kid whom I declined confirmation in my Gurukul a few months back?”

“Yes, Dronacharya”, answered the kid. “After I cleared out your Gurukul, I got back home and made a statue like you and loved it consistently. I honed before your picture. You declined to show me, yet your statue did not. On account of it, I have turned into a decent bowman.”

Hearing this, Arjuna got to be distinctly irate. “In any case, you guaranteed me that you’d make me the best toxophilite on the planet!” he denounced Drona. “Presently by what method can that be? Presently a typical seeker has turned out to be superior to me!”

Alternate sovereigns recollected their lord as often as possible lauding Arjuna that he had massive ability and will be the best toxophilite in the kingdom. They held up anxiously. What will their instructor do now?

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Not able to answer Arjuna’s question, Drona stayed noiseless. The sage too was disturbed that his guarantee to Prince Arjuna was not going to be satisfied. He was additionally furious with Eklavya for resisting him. So the sage wanted to rebuff Eklavya.

“Where is your master dakhsina? You need to give me a present for your preparation,” the sage requested. He had at long last figured out how to make Eklavya languish over his noncompliance.

Eklavya was thrilled. A master dakshina was the deliberate charge or blessing offered by a supporter to his master toward the finish of his preparation. The master shishya parampara, i.e. the educator understudy custom, was a holy convention in Hinduism. Toward the finish of a shishya’s review, the master requests a “master dakshina,” since a master does not take charges. A master dakshina is the last offering from an understudy to the master before leaving the ashram. The educator may request something or nothing by any stretch of the imagination.

“Dronacharya, I’ll be the most joyful individual on earth to serve you. Ask me anything and I will offer it to you as my master dhakshina “he said.

“I may ask something you don’t prefer to give me. Consider the possibility that you reject the dhakshina I need?” Drona asked shrewdly.

Eklavya was stunned. It was viewed as a grave affront and an awesome sin if a master’s dakshina was can’t. “No! In what capacity would I be able to, instructor? I am not that dissatisfied. I’ll never deny anything you ask, Dronacharya,” guaranteed the clueless kid.

Drona did not hold up any longer. “Eklavya, I try to have your right-hand thumb as my master dhakshina” he announced.

Quiet came upon on everybody. Everybody was stunned, even Arjuna. He took a gander at his instructor with sickening dread and incredulity. How could their educator make such a brutal request? That as well, from a simple kid?

For a minute Eklavya stood quiet. Without his thumb he would never shoot bolts again. Yet, the educator must be fulfilled. “Alright Gurudev, as you wish.” said he. At that point, without the scarcest wavering, Eklavya drew out his blade and cut his thumb!

The sovereigns wheezed at Eklavya’s demonstration of fortitude. In any case, the tribal kid deceived no indications of torment, and held out his separated thumb to Dronacharya.

“Here is my master dakshina, Drona”, Ekalavya said. “I am glad that you have made me your supporter, regardless of the possibility that I’m a unimportant Shudra seeker.”

source Youtube

The sage was lowered. He favored the youthful bowman for his boldness. “Eklavya, even without your thumb, you’ll be known as an incredible toxophilite. I favor you that you will be recollected always for your dedication to your master,” Drona pronounced and left the timberlands. He was moved and lamented at his own particular activity. In any case, he was content that his guarantee to Arjuna was not broken. The Gods favored Eklavya from above.

Be that as it may, regardless of his disable, Eklavya kept on honing bows and arrows. How might he do as such? When one is devoted, one can make even mountains bow. With practice, Eklavya could shoot bolts with his record and center finger and he turned into a more prominent toxophilite than he was ever some time recently. His fame spread far and wide. At the point when Drona came to know this, he favored the kid quietly and asked for celestial pardoning.

What’s more, consistent with Drona’s favoring, Eklavya is still commended as the most steadfast and overcome understudy in the epic of Mahabharatha.

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