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Entry Into Bhuvana Vijayam – Tenali Raman Story

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Tenali Raman or Tenali Ramalingam was a pastor in the court of the ruler of Vijaynagar, Krishnadeva Rai. Tenali Rama was an awesome researcher of a few dialects that included Marathi, Tamil and Kannada. He was mainstream everywhere throughout the nation for his mind and extraordinary comical inclination. Stories around Tenali Raman and his commonsense jokes on everybody around him including recognized kindred writers and the sovereign himself,are exceptionally well known everywhere throughout the southern piece of India.

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Tenali Raman was exceptionally insidious in his adolescence. One day, the common ruler happened to visit Tenali’s scholastic establishment for the yearly assessment. He doubted the kids in Tenali’s classroom, “Who among you is the most shrewd?”

There was stick drop hush in the classroom. None of the kids could marshal up the fearlessness to answer the ruler’s inquiry. In the mean time, Tenali jumped up from his seat and replied with certainty, “Sir, I am the most savvy understudy in the class!” The ruler was amazingly inspired with the little youngster’s self-assurance and favored him saying, “You will go places my kid!”

Also, it without a doubt happened so! At the point when Tenali grew up, he made his essence felt in history by the excellence of his mind and sharp keenness.

Returning to the story, youthful Tenali gathered propelled learning of a few dialects. He was capable in the craft of verse and had a sound information of the antiquated writings. He needed to be a piece of Raja Krsihnadeva Rai’s regal court. Accordingly, one day he moved toward the regal minister Thathacharya and showed his aptitudes before him. Thathacharya guaranteed Tenali that he would acquaint him with the King Rayalu, yet did not keep his oath.

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Tenali was disillusioned, yet begun searching for different approaches to pick up section into the court. He met another researcher from the ruler’s imperial court, Nandi Thimmana and showed his ability in unconstrained verse before him. Thimmana was exceedingly inspired and congratulated Tenali by giving him a Kashmiri pashmina shawl, which was displayed to him by King Rayalu.

The following day, Tenali decorating the Kashmiri shawl on his shoulders, strolled into the illustrious court. Lord Rayalu astounded to see an outsider conveying the extremely valuable shawl that he had skilled to Thimmana couple of days prior.

The lord asked Tenali, “From where did you get this shawl?”

Tenali Raman bowed down before the lord and considerately answered, “His Highness! Thimmana has fulfilled you with his ability and aptitude in his field. I was sufficiently lucky to satisfy that incredible identity with my verse and get this inestimable shawl as a reward. I am wearing this shawl to show my capability.”

Sri Krishnadeva Rayalu was awed by the way Tenali introduced himself in the court and allowed him a perpetual place in the imperial court. This is the means by which Tenali entered Bhuvana Vijayam.

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