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Eratosthenes Biography

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The Greeks were the soonest pioneers of a great part of the learning that went ahead to establish the frameworks of logical examinations for a large number of years and a standout amongst the most vital figures from that period is without a doubt Eratosthenes, who was a mathematician, geographer and in addition a stargazer of uncommon quality. Furthermore he was additionally a music scholar which well and genuinely demonstrates the kind of adaptable information and blessings that he had.

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Eratosthenes was in charge of convey to see probably the most essential revelations in geology, cosmology and arithmetic. Conceived in the Cyrene, the youthful chap was amazingly inquisitive from an early age. He sought after advanced education from Athens where he was instructed by the best educators of the day. Aristo of Chios and Arcesilaus specifically left an enduring impact on the sprouting thinker. His notoriety for being a mathematician was attested when he quantified the boundary of the earth utilizing the shadows cast by the sun.

He likewise made gigantic commitment to the field of geology by outlining the five diverse atmosphere zones existing in the earth. Truth be told the term geology was likewise instituted by this famous researcher. It can be unarguably said that this educated researcher made revelations that were route relatively revolutionary. Read on to find out about his life and works.


Adolescence and Early Life

  • Eratosthenes was conceived in the year 276 BC to Aglaos and his significant other; however the correct date of his introduction to the world is obscure. He was conceived in the city of Cyrene; which is situated in exhibit day Libya however used to be a piece of the Greek domain.
  • Eratosthenes went to the then seat of learning in Athens for his training and was instructed by the best instructors of the day. His educators incorporated the acclaimed logicians Ariston of Chios and Arcesilaus of Pitane who was likewise the key at the observed ‘Dispassionate Academy’.
  • Amid his years as an understudy at the ‘Dispassionate Academy’, he turned out to be profoundly intrigued by Plato’s philosophical compositions and furthermore demonstrated a bona fide energy for composing sonnets; which earned him a lot of honors among his associates.
  • It was amid his opportunity at the foundation that he created his initially surely understood work named ‘Platonikos’. The book took a gander at Plato’s methods of insight from a numerical angle.
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  • The decision pharaoh Ptolemy III Euregetes perceived his ability as a researcher of uncommon quality and quickly delegated him as the bookkeeper of the ‘Library of Alexandria’ in 245 BC; which at the time was viewed as one of the best libraries of the world.
  • Eratosthenes was the main individual to have measured the boundary of the earth, reasonably precisely, in his opportunity. He received a to a great degree basic strategy in which he utilized the shadows cast by the setting sun as the premise of his discoveries.
  • His next enormous task was in the field of Geography, a subject to which he contributed hugely. He was the person who is viewed as the ‘Father of Geography’.
  • He composed the book ‘Geographika’ or Geography that was isolated into three volumes and shaped the premise of topographical investigations. In the book this learned researcher had exhibited a genuinely exact guide of the earth and also the idea of climatic zones.
  • He was somebody who had accomplished things that were incomprehensible in his opportunity and one of his most exceptional discoveries was that a year had 365 days. He additionally clarified the idea of a jump year and furthermore figured the world’s width, amid his famous profession.
  • Eratosthenes took a shot at various hypotheses in science and his most huge accomplishment was in making a calculation that could decide prime numbers. At the time the calculation could make sense of prime number up to 127.
  • The immense mathematician filled in as the administrator at the ‘Library of Alexandria’ all through his expert life and amid that time he had made the library into the one of the greatest storage facility of information on the planet till it was decimated by flame.
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Major Works

  • His book titled ‘On the Measurement of the Earth’ should be one of the most seasoned books on Geography and the components of the close planetary system. Positioning among his most imperative works, the book exhibited his discoveries identified with circuit of the earth.
  • Considered a spearheading chronologist, he likewise composed a book titled ‘Olympic Victors’ which chronicled the champs at the games and athletic occasion that happens right up ’til the present time.


Individual Life and Legacy

There is no dependable data about his own life. Eratosthenes lost his visual perception later on in life and conferred suicide by starving himself in 194 BC.

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