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The Erectheion is a vital old Greek sanctuary situated in Athens. The sanctuary was to supplant the Archaic Athena sanctuary that had been raised by the Persians and was the second most imperative sanctuary found in Acropolis amid Pericles’ building peiod . It was assembled north of the remaining parts and was to be a composite hallowed place that respected the goddess Athena. The Erechtheion was begun in 230 B.C.E. completed in 405 B.C.E. just before the fall of Athens to Sparta.

source wikipedia
source wikipedia

It’s situated on seeing a legendary challenge said to have occurred between Poseidon, the ocean god, and Athena. In this challenge, Poseidon gave a salt-water well to the area by wounding his trident into a stone, while Athena gave and olive tree and won the challenge. The stone that Poseidon wounded is presently situated in the North Porch of the Erechtheion. A few sources say that Mnesikles was the creator of the Erechtheion while others say the developer is obscure.


The Erechtheion was fabricated unevenly, which is exceptionally remarkable contrasted with the Doric Parthenon’s over the path and for a Greek sanctuary by and large. The structure is unpredictable in light of the fact that it mirrors the need to fuse the tomb of Kekrops and different holy places into one compound. The Erechtheion must be based to acclimate on the slant of the slope on account of the awe-inspiring landscape. Every side was situated on distinctive ground levels and had diverse characters. The developer however couldn’t make it level or help this in light of the fact that it would influence the holy locales.

Designs and Shrines:

The Erechtheion had different capacities including lodging numerous sanctuaries, similar to the wooden religion statue of Athena that was the focal point of the Panthenaic celebration. This statue was set inside the Erechtheion before the Persians assaulted. One region of the Erechtheion has a hallowed spring devoted to the Erechtheion, an incredible King of Athens. Amid Erechtheus’ rule as lord, Demeter was said to have helped the Athenians in human expressions of developing yields and other vegetation.

The Erechtheion additionally contains a commemoration to Kekrops, the fanciful originator of Athens. Kekrops was said to be half man, half serpent and to have judged the fight in the middle of Athena and Poseidon. The Erechtheion had friezes, which was an enlivening band that went around the top piece of a divider in a room. They were given uncommon care, and produced using extraordinarily picked dim blue limestone of Eleusis to stand out from the white Pentelic marble of the dividers and sections.

The Porches:

The north and east yards symbolize Ionic structure on the Erechtheion. The patios were developed utilizing the Ionic request, which is more unpredictable and improving than the Doric request. The sections develop from the base and end in volute state houses, or winding legislative halls. On the West end of the South side, there are six female figures going about as sections that are called caryatides that backing the patio. These supplant the Ionic sections.

source wikimedia
source wikimedia

The Porch of Maidens:

The yard of ladies is on the south side of the sanctuary and it confronts the Parthenon’s. It is the most critical element of the Erechtheion in that they demonstrate the most detail and bends on the ladies supporting the rooftop from the floor. The Erechtheion has straightforward Doric legislative halls and it likewise has caryatids. On the Porch of the Maidens, the ladies are remaining on one leg taking the majority of the weight, while the other leg is bowed at the knee and laid on the chunk of the foot.

This thusly gives a feeling of loose elegance and gives the ladies an easy look. Three ladies are remaining on the left while the other three are remaining on the right giving the patio a feeling of symmetry and musicality. The ladies are wearing a dress that falls vertically; the lady’s hair is approximately tied up, however contains gigantic bunches around the neck which makes the ladies seem regular and human.

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