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Exchanged Heads: Vikram Betaal

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Once upon a tim,e there carried on a washer man named Devashish. One day, he was washing garments on the bank of a waterway when he saw an extremely wonderful woman, and he quickly began to look all starry eyed at her. He enquired about her and discovered that she was the little girl of a Brahmin who lived in an adjacent town and her name was Madhusundari.

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Devashish went to meet Madhusundari’s folks and approached them for her hand. They promptly concurred and soon Devashish was hitched to Madhusundari.

A couple of months passed by cheerfully. On the event of Dussehra, Madhusundari’s sibling came to welcome his sister and brother by marriage to their place. Devashish concurred and them three began their adventure to Madhusundari’s home. In transit they happened to go by the sanctuary of Durga Devi. Her sibling needed to go to the Goddess, and went to the sanctuary. In any case, when he drew close to the symbol of the Goddess, he was overpowered with feelings, and he chose to remove his head and offer it to the goddess.

At the point when the young fellow did not return for quite a while, Madhusundari sent her better half to perceive what the matter was. On observing the dead body of his brother by marriage, Madhusundari’s significant other likewise chosen to offer his own make a beeline for the goddess and separated his head with a blade.

After some time, Madhusundari herself went inside the sanctuary to perceive what wasn’t right. She was crushed to see both her sibling and spouse lying on the ground. She chose to take her own life and asked the goddess to give her a similar sibling and spouse in the following life. The Goddess was satisfied and prevented her from murdering herself. She requesting that her join their heads and bodies with the goal that she could give them life.

Out of energy, she joined her significant other’s go to her sibling’s body and her sibling’s head to her better half’s body. When she understood her slip-up she took a gander at the Goddess for help yet the Goddess said that it was unrealistic to trade the heads.

Betaal at that point halted Vikram and asked him, “Who among the two is the spouse of Madhusundari? Vikram answered with a great deal of thought, ” The head is the most imperative piece of the human body, so Madhusundari’s better half ought to be the body that conveys her significant other’s head.” As soon as Vikram had completed his answer, Betaal vanished back to the tree.

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