Families With Exceptional Eerie Curses

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The Kennedy Curse

While the Kennedy Curse has just been talked about in a past rundown, we need to return to it in light of the fact that there’s been another injured individual since that rundown was distributed. The passing being referred to was that of the second spouse of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who ended it all in 2012.

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That episode resuscitated discussion about the notorious revile that has frequented the Kennedy family for a long time, which makes one wonder: Who began this curse?If the narratives are to be accepted, it was John F. Kennedy’s incredible granddad Thomas Fitzgerald who began everything. In 1842, he found a chest brimming with gold coins in an Irish town. Probably, the coins were reviled, and the town from which he took them was before long crushed. Fitzgerald fled with his fortune to Boston, where he utilized it to go into business and was soon squalid rich.Another beginning story of the revile originated from JFK’s dad, Joseph, who had a shocking run-in with certain Jews.


As indicated by the story, he advised a rabbi and his understudies to stop their petitions while they were on a traveler transport together. Furious, the rabbi reviled him and guaranteed that his relatives would endure incredible disaster. In another variant, it was a Jewish dad who put the revile on Joseph after he would not enable his children to escape from an inhumane imprisonment. In yet one more record of the revile, it was a whole Jewish town that reviled Kennedy after they found he was managing weapons to the Nazis. The man probably had some major issues.

Coburg-Kohary Curse

While we realize that steady inbreeding among the regal groups of Europe proliferated the spread of inherited infections, for example, hemophilia, one noticeable family at the time credited the distress to a revile put by a displeased priest. Supposedly, the priest was a Kohary who was let well enough alone for his legacy after the object of his love—a relative named Antoinette Kohary—wedded Ferdinand Coburg.

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Čabraď castle, 1622 feoffed to Peter Koháry[

The lady’s dad was so intrigued by their association that he left the entirety of their riches to the love bird couple—this angered the priest, who proceeded to put a revile on their descendants.Whether the revile is genuine or not, numerous individuals from the Coburg-Kohary line suffered from hardship. As referenced over, a number passed on rashly because of hemophilia or different illnesses like typhoid.

The individuals who intermarried with other European sovereignties additionally carried hemophilia with them, with the most conspicuous unfortunate casualties being the Romanovs. Other than the physical distresses, the revile likewise as far as anyone knows lessened the psychological mettle of some relatives—as prove during World War II when Belgian ruler Leopold III was blamed for selling out to the Germans.

Von Erich Curse

The universe of master wrestling has had a lot of disasters. Beside the standard high number of wounds—the reason for which is promptly obvious—we frequently catch wind of tragic occurrences of wrestlers and their less than ideal passings, the latest being Eddie Guerrero’s breakdown inside a lodging because of cardiovascular breakdown, and Chris Benoit’s twofold murder/suicide of his significant other and child.

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The Von Erich family (from left to right): KerryFritzKevinChris (front), Mike and David.

However even these discouraging cases fail to measure up to the alleged revile of the Von Erich wrestling family.Dubbed the Kennedys of the wrestling scene during the 1980s, the Von Erichs and their patriarch Fritz (genuine name Jack Adkisson) encountered their first misfortune when the oldest of the six male youngsters—six-year-old Jack Jr.— was unintentionally shocked and suffocated in a puddle of wet snow close to their home. A short time later, a chain of catastrophes came to pass for the family. Fritz’s third youngster, David, passed on from a genuine instance of gastroenteritis, while Kerry (fourth), Michael (fifth), and Chris (6th) ended it all by means of medication overdose.

Only Fritz’s second child Kevin lived on to keep wrestling before resigning in 1993. Presently with the third era of Von Erichs (Kevin’s two children and Kerry’s little girl) right now following their granddad’s strides, we can dare to dream that they stay away from the revile that nearly demolished their bloodline.

Nepalese Royal Family Curse

In 2001, the whole world was stunned when Nepalese Crown Prince Dipendra shot and murdered his dad, mother, and seven different individuals from the imperial family before turning the firearm on himself. It had been hypothesized that he was distressed over his family’s refusal to acknowledge his lady of the hour and had been drinking vigorously before the slaughter occurred.

Narayanhiti Palace Museum.jpg
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The Narayanhity Royal Palace, former home of the Royal Family. Following the abdication of the king and the founding of a republic, the building and its grounds have been turned into a museum.

The ruler slipped by into a three-day trance like state, during which he was declared lord before passing endlessly. His uncle Gyanendra moved toward becoming lord and governed for various years in a period set apart by disturbance and strife before the government was at long last annulled for a vote based republic in 2008.Some superstitious residents, be that as it may, were not exactly astonished by the result, since the finish of the government had just been anticipated over 200 years prior.

As per the legend, Prithvi Narayan Shah—Nepal’s first ruler—met and gave some curd to a yogi named Gorakhnath, who speedily heaved and offered it back to the lord. Sickened, the ruler rejected his disgorged offering, which earned the rage of Gorakhnath. Gorakhnath declared that the ruler’s relatives’ rule would end after the tenth era. As prognosticated, Dipendra (tenth era) and Gyanendra (ninth era) really turned into the last rulers of Nepal.

Hapsburg Curse

For the Hapsburgs—one after another one of Europe’s most dominant and powerful families—the revile that harassed their family actually originated from the feathered creatures. In particular, ravens. The revile purportedly began the minute their progenitors butchered every one of the ravens that lived in their home manor.

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From that point onward, powerful ravens called Turnfalken began to show up previously or during the end of relatives, including, supposedly, Marie Antoinette’s execution.Another revile that bothered the Hapsburgs was set up by Countess Karolyi against Francis Joseph, a Hapsburg and leader of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She articulated the revile after the 18-year-old head had his child executed in the wake of joining a bombed Hungarian insubordination. From that point on, Francis Joseph’s rule was assailed with various catastrophes.

In spite of the fact that he endure a death endeavor, his better half wasn’t as fortunate. His lone child ended it all alongside his sweetheart inside a chasing lodge.Still different individuals from his family were either executed, harmed, or went crazy. Maybe the peak of the notorious Hapsburg revile occurred with the death of his nephew, Archduke Franz Ferdinand—which later set up for World War I and the possible finish of the Hapsburgs.

Wodeyars Curse

Alamelamma must have truly loathed Raja Wodeyar of Mysore Kingdom to have reviled him not once, yet multiple times. Around then the Raja—the ninth leader of the Wodeyar administration—and his powers had directed her significant other’s military and constrained them to surrender their base in Srirangapatna.

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Mysore Palace is the traditional seat of the Wadiyar

The vanquished couple fled to Talakad, a sanctuary town close to Mysore, where Alamelamma brought a lot of valuable gems that she used to routinely decorate a statue of her supporter god. The Raja sent his men to seek after her with the goal of appropriating the valuable gems. To stay away from catch, she took the gems and ended it all by hopping into the Cauvery River.Just before her passing, she articulated a three-section revile wherein Talakad would turn into a desert and the close by town of and Malangi would turn into a whirlpool zone, while the Wodeyars would have no posterity.

While present doubters have rushed to expel the initial two reviles as the aftereffect of ecological changes, the third one has kept on perplexing them—for as long as 400 years, the Wodeyars just had male youngsters in each other age, prompting risky issues in regards to progression to the position of royalty. In any case, hello, that is superior to anything having no children by any means, correct?

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