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Frequented Streets In India

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Mumbai-Nashik Highway – Kasara Ghat

source youtube
source youtube

The stretch of the Mumbai-Nashik Highway going through a spot called Kasara Ghat is said to be spooky by a few paranormal substances, similar to an old headless woman, sitting on the trees. The unpleasant shrubs and trees approaching up on either sides of the street exacerbate it look still.

Delhi Jaipur Highway

source youtube
source youtube

The site of India’s most spooky spot, the Bhangarh fortification, the Delhi Jaipur Highway has likewise seen its offer of frequented occurrences along the whole extend. Drivers have encountered unexplained sights and sounds in this expressway, particularly the closer one gets to the feared stronghold.

Marve & Madh Island Road

source youtube
source youtube

This 9km long extend of street, lying between V. Street and Marve shoreline, is said to be spooky by the soul of a crying woman wearing wedding wear, alongside frightening sounds like her shouts and the commotion of her anklets.

2-lane East Coast Road

Despite the fact that a driver’s pleasure, the ECR running from Chennai to Pondicherry has a specific stretch which is supposed to be spooky by spooky specters, for the most part a woman in a white saree, which has brought on numerous riders and drivers to lose center and accident. The seriously lit extend likewise causes temperatures to drop mysteriously, sending shudders down individuals’ spines.

Ranchi-Jamshedpur NH-33

source youtube
source youtube

The main thruway in the nation where the quantity of lethal mishaps dwarf the quantity of non-deadly ones – individuals are really so frightened of wandering out on this parkway that sanctuaries have been set up on both closures of it for explorers to supplicate at before wandering out. The quintessential tall white woman is said to be frequenting this interstate.

Mumbai-Goa Highway – Kashedi Ghat

source youtube
source youtube

Another comparative stretch of paranormal movement, the Mumbai-Goa Highway close Kashedi Ghat, which has been the spot for various significant mischances like trucks toppling over, transport upsetting, and various individuals passing on. Talk has it that a secretive individual shows up before vehicles driving down this street during the evening, and signs for them to stop the auto. On being overlooked, the vehicles get into ineplicable mishaps.

NH-209 – Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Corridor

This stretch of the National Highway goes through the backwoods hold which used to be the home of incredible Indian outlaw – Koose Muniswamy Veerapan. The apparition sightings, boisterous shouts and spooky lights experienced along this street are said to be Veerapan himself frequenting this stretch.

Blue Cross Road

source youtube
source youtube

This path in Chennai has brought on an intemperate number of incomprehensible suicides here, and is said to be spooky by the spirits of the individuals who passed on here. Oblivious, individuals have regularly seen a white humanoid animal strolling along this street.

Besant Avenue Road

In spite of the fact that an occupied stretch when the sun is up, this street in Chennai turns spookier with each passing hour after dusk. Passers-by have even reported being slapped and toppled by an inconspicuous power after dim on this street.

Delhi Cantonment Road

The figure of a spooky lady in a white saree frequenting the Delhi Cantonment Road is a known trepidation among the individuals who have and have not experienced this specter while going through this stretch.

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