Ghost from The Temple

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By Annonymous


This is a story I saw when I was 19 years of age. It is about my cousin auntie who was pregnant at the time in 2013. She was and still is an exceptionally religious individual and used to visit various sanctuaries previously marriage. After getting hitched and being a half year pregnant she couldn’t oversee individually and used to sit tight for her better half to have returned from home at night after which she used to visit the sanctuary.

One game changing night, while her significant other was away for 4 days, she chose to visit a close-by sanctuary all alone at night having missed it for 2 successive days because of her better half’s nonattendance.

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Not surprisingly, she assembled every one of the materials as offering like a coconut, blooms and so on and ventured out of her place around 7pm or something like that.

She made it to the sanctuary and returned following several hours.

Be that as it may, promptly after she got back home, she grew high fever. Her relative who had joint inflammation was home and made a couple of calls to the Doctor and furthermore my father for help since we were near them.

The specialist visited and gave her some dose expelling it as viral fever.

In any case, around 7pm each night after that she continued growing high fever. Her significant other having come back from away got stressed for her and furthermore the unborn youngster.

He counseled with numerous specialists who couldn’t analyze anything.

One fine evening, when I was visiting her with my folks at their place felt so terrible that she was presently out of commission with her face depleted off any light inside and out. We were just about preparing to eat with my mother having helped close relatives mother by marriage to cook for around 6 of us.

We sat down for lunch with all veggie lover nourishment and gave a plate to my close relative on the table close to her bed. The most unfathomable thing happened at that point.

My close relative flung the plate loaded up with nourishment comfortable talking in another voice requesting non vegan sustenance. We were all so stunned to see it. She was totally veggie lover and having never contacted non vegan sustenance for her entire life.

That is the point at which her mother in law comprehended what the issue was and the way that she has been controlled. I did dependably have these sort of things at the back of my psyche, having encountered and heard minor paranormal occurrences. Notwithstanding, this was in no way like I had ever seen.

I can even now recollect her irate outsider voice that evening.

Her mother in law requesting that we take her to a minister who she put stock in. In any case, it ended up being a test, since my close relative would not quit manhandling and reviling for contacting her. She more likely than not handled 4 completely developed men and tired them out ripping at them while manhandling quickly. That was a sight one can’t without much of a stretch eradicate from ones memory.

At long last, we called the minister home. Similarly as he went into the house, he jumped his eyes after observing my auntie in such a state. He put his hand on her head while she murmured and proceeded with the interjections. He asked her identity and what she needed. In the wake of contradicting for a couple of minutes she said she was a pregnant ladies who used to visit that equivalent sanctuary each night. One awful night, she was hit by an auto appropriate outside the sanctuary road murdering both her and the unborn youngster. She said that in seven days, she would take my auntie’s youngster for herself.

We as a whole were exceptionally unnerved to hear this and did not understand what should be possible. The cleric then again was extremely quiet and still had his palm on her head. Whatever he did was disclose to her that what occurred with her was exceptionally pitiful, and she could never be free in the event that she conveyed mischief to anybody elses tyke. He droned a couple of mantras and requested her to disregard my close relative. He droned some more mantras presently expediting his hand her brow and whispered something in her ear. It felt as if my auntie was experiencing some terrible torment. After a couple of minutes my close relative began crying bountifully and blacked out. Similarly as she blacked out, we could feel a whirlwind escape through us and out of the entryway. The cleric prompted she was currently free and to not stress any longer. My close relative’s better half got some information about his expenses. In any case, the cleric declined and just asked some help that they name the youngster ”X” when its conceived.

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Everybody consented to utilize a person’s name for the youngster while nobody truly knew whether a person or a young lady would be conceived.

My close relative woke up the ensuing morning with the shading back in her cheeks. She conveyed a solid child kid (portentously I figure) around 2.5 months after the fact. They welcomed the minister over for his gifts. And all has approved of them since.

Expectation I could depict what it felt right now however I was genuinely shaken to encounter a power which had so much power. Without a shred of uncertainty, I began having faith in these powers. Regardless I recollect the minister saying that pregnant ladies ought to stay at home amid nighttime’s, in light of the fact that there are elements which appear to be pulled in to them at that hour. Presently just about 14 years after the fact despite everything I recollect the scene like it happened yesterday.

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