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Gomateswara Statue

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Jainism is one of the antiquated religions and appeared amid the seventh Century BC in Eastern India. Jains adore the 24 verifiable figures or Tirthankaras, “‘Ford-Finders” who maintain the way to cross the waterway of agony and hopelessness that is the mortal world. Arranged over the Vindhyagiri slope at an elevation of 1020.16m, in the Temple Town of Shravanabelgola, is the mammoth solid statue devoted to Jain god Lord Gommateshwara, otherwise called Bahubali.

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The 17.37m tall rock statue weighs around 80 tons and is gotten to by means of a flight of in excess of 500 stages. The site offers a pleasant perspective of the fields and in addition close-by slopes. In a SMS survey completed by The Times of India daily paper, from 21 July to 31 July 2007, it was voted as the first of Seven Wonders of India on August 5, 2007. The statue is thought to be the tallest solid figure on the planet.



As per the engravings at the base of the statue of Gommateshwara, it is said that Ganga Ruler Rachamalls’ capable General and Commander-in-Chief Chavundaraya’s mom, Kalala Devi, saw an immense statue of Gommateshwara in her fantasies. She pledged not to eat until the point when her fantasy was figured it out. Chavundaraya choose to manufacture the statue of Gommateshwara at Sravanabelgola, a site officially purified by the Jains.

Another legend has it that Chavundaraya touched base at this place dominated by two slopes, Chandragiri and Indragiri, with a lake in the middle of, on his approach to journey with his mom. In a distinctive dream, Chavundaraya saw himself shoot a bolt from the summit of Chandragiri to the adjoining slope, as coordinated by Kushmandini Yakshi and the figure of Gommateshwara flashed from the recognize the bolt hit. Following this he appointed the bending of a similar picture from a rock stone monument under the supervision of sage Arishtanemi in the vicinity of 980 and 983 AD. The valley between the two slopes around the lake was named Shravanabelgola.

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The Monolithic Statue

The north-bound stone model of Lord Gommateshwara is portrayed in the upright stance of reflection known as Kayotsarga that is drilled to accomplish salvation by rehearsing renunciation, patience and finish predominance of personality. The digambara (naked) frame is normal of Jain customs and it symbolizes one’s triumph over natural connections and wants that hampers their otherworldly climb towards godlikeness. The statue has curls of wavy hair and expansive lengthened ears. His eyes are open in a face with superbly etched highlights and are donning a black out grin pulling at the edge of his lips. His face, grin and stance typify a quiet imperativeness self-denying separation. The statue portrays wide shoulders with arms extended straight down.

The base of the statue portrays an ant colony dwelling place and a creeper is twined around the two his legs and arms, blooming into blossoms and berries on the upper arms. The statue remains on a cut lotus blossom, an image of his sainthood and heavenly nature and is without help from the midriff up. The statue has phonetic noteworthiness with cut engravings in Kannada and Tamil, and also the most seasoned confirmation of composed Marathi, going back to 981 AD. The engraving is devoted in acclaim of the Ganga ruler Rachamall who financed the exertion, and his general Chavundaraya, who appointed the statue for the satisfaction of the desire of his mom.

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About Bahubali

Bahubali was the child of Rishabhanatha, the first of the 24 Tirthankaras in Jainism and is otherwise called Gommatesha. The Gommateshwara statue is committed to him. From a ninth century Sanskrit sonnet, Adi Purana, composed by Digambara priest Jinasena, the account of Bahubali is deciphered. Bahubali was conceived of the Ishvaku Dynasty in Ayodhya. He tested the ‘chakravartin’ matchless quality of his senior sibling Bharat who had prevailed upon accommodation of rulers from the six divisions of the earth and in addition 98 of his siblings.

Bahubali won the three challenges of the test against Bharat however was disturbed by all the brutality that being a ruler involves. He in this way relinquished his kingdom, family and other common connections to wind up a Digambara priest. He contemplated for one year in the kayotsarga stance to accomplish omniscience or ‘Gyana’ and turned into the primary human of this kalpa (world age) to pick up freedom (siddha).

Mahamastakabhisheka Festival

The Gomateshwara statue on the Shravanabelagola slope turns into the point of convergence of the “Mahamastakabhisheka celebration” at regular intervals. Mahamastabhisheka is deciphered as terrific sanctification and enthusiasts praise this custom by pouring 1008 vessels of water from platform close to the highest point of the statue.

After the offering of water, the statue is blessed with a blend of sugarcane juice, drain, and saffron. The statue is sprinkled with blossom petals, turmeric and sandalwood powders alongside vermillion. Enthusiasts likewise offer profitable stones and coins made of silver and gold, in yielding to the god. The last Mahamastakabhisheka was held in 2006 and the following one will be held in 2018.

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