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Grim Mythological Tales From Around the Globe

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Jasy Jatere

Guardians utilize numerous strategies to get their kids to carry on, eat all their sustenance, sleep, go to bed, et cetera. Some include treats for their great conduct, while others include frightening stories to unnerve them into submission.

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One of these frightening stories hails from Paraguay.[2]It is said that an animal by the name of Jasy Jatere meanders the boulevards amid rest time looking for kids who wish to keep playing outside as opposed to sleeping. Jasy Jatere resembles a tyke himself and has long, light-shaded hair. He is likewise undetectable to grown-ups, seeming just to wicked youngsters who resist the rest rules.

He baits these children away, and they are never observed again.Another adaptation of this legendary story says that Jasy Jatere isn’t a youngster yet rather a little man who bolsters kids foods grown from the ground before taking them prisoner and scooping out their eyes so they can’t discover their way back home.



The Tucano individuals, who dwell close by the Vaupes River in the Amazon, have their own particular startling story to tell. Legend has it that humanoid creatures called boraro lie in sit tight for their human prey, utilizing stones and pee to curb them. Once the individual is defenseless, the boraro bites a gap in the highest point of his head keeping in mind the end goal to suck his organs and digestion tracts through it.

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The boraro are exceptionally tall and furry and have in reverse confronting feet and no knees. It is said that thumping them over will abandon some time for escape, as the absence of knee joints will make them battle to get recovered.



However another story including guts, this one beginning from Bali, is that of the leyak. The leyak is essentially a flying head with its inward organs dangling beneath. It is forever looking for pregnant ladies keeping in mind the end goal to suck their children’s blood.

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Leyaks additionally frequent graveyards with a specific end goal to eat the dead and can shape-move into creatures. Like the Krasue, they go up against an ordinary human frame amid the day, yet they break free around evening time to search for casualties. It isn’t extraordinary for the Balinese individuals to hold seances on the off chance that they think a leyak may be in charge of sickness or demise. It is said that the summoned soul of the casualty will point to the leyak that is at fault for his passing.



In a few sections of the Arctic, it is trusted that a thin, blue evil presence with white eyes and long hair anticipates his casualties in suspicion . . . of stimulating them to death.

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As senseless as that may sound, the evil presence known as Mahaha utilizes his well sharpened sharp nails to torment clueless individuals until the point when they kick the bucket with a wound grin solidified on their appearances. Fortunately, it is very simple to free yourself of Mahaha. Should you get yourself alone with him, simply welcome him to have a drink with you from a water stream. When he twists around the water, essentially push him in to give him a chance to suffocate.



The individuals who experience the ill effects of rest loss of motion might not have any desire to peruse this section . . . Persian folklore introduces the Bakhtak, or the Sleep Demon.

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This animal goes up against the type of a troll like evil presence who sits on your chest and sits tight for you to nod off. When you are far away in lala land, he rapidly transforms sweet dreams into striking nightmares. Should you wake up while the Bakhtak is perched on you, he will in a flash vanish and “deaden” you for a couple of minutes. Sound recognizable?

The most exceedingly bad thing about Bakhtak is his sheer industriousness. He will continue returning until the point when he prevails with regards to executing you while you rest. Fortunately, there are approaches to keep away from this destiny: Try to be less focused and mull over your side or with a blade under your pad.



In provincial Thailand, relatives of pregnant ladies who have quite recently conceived an offspring frequently request the placenta with the goal that they can cover it. The purpose behind this is to keep the new mother from consistently turning into a casualty of Krasue.

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Krasue is a delightful lady from the chest up. Starting from the waist (at times just the neck down), she is a wreck of dangling digestion tracts and inside organs. It is said that she preys on pregnant ladies, evacuating unborn embryos with her long, tubular tongue to eat them. Some trust that once a lady succumbs to Krasue, she will wind up plainly like her, particularly if Krasue eats the placenta of another mother. Amid the day, it is stated, Krasue goes up against the body of a typical person and lives among clueless residents.

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