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Guru Arjan – The Fifth Sikh Guru

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photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Master Arjan Dev was the fifth of the ten Sikh Gurus. He turned into the principal saint of Sikh confidence when he was captured under the requests of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and tormented to death when he declined to change over to Islam. His affliction was a noteworthy defining moment ever. The up to this point peace adoring group went to the mattresses for self-preservation and for securing the privileges of the weaker areas against the outrages propagated by the Mughals. Master Arjan Dev was the child of Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru in Sikhism. He succeeded his dad as the pioneer of Sikhs upon his demise and went ahead to fundamentally impact the improvement of Sikhism.

His residency as the master went on for a long time over which he enormously advanced the Sikh convention with his numerous essential commitments. He finished the development of Amritsar which was further formed into a standout amongst the most vital focuses of Sikhism. He aggregated the songs of the past Sikh Gurus alongside chose works of different holy people from various foundations which he considered steady with the teachings of Sikhism. A quiet and principled individual, he was tremendously loved by individuals having a place with all religions which made the Mughals shaky and desirous. In this way Jahangir had him captured and executed.

Adolescence and Early Life

  • Arjan Dev was conceived on 15 April 1563, in Goindval, Tarn Taaran, India, as the child of Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru in Sikhism, and his significant other Mata Bhani. He had two senior siblings: Prithi Chand (Prithia) and Mahadev.
  • Master Ram Das saw at an opportune time that his most youthful child Arjan was shrewd past his years and showed empathy for all. He additionally extremely devoted in his administration to humankind, and turned out to be an exceptionally devout and humble young fellow.
  • Arjan Dev’s senior sibling Prithia sought to succeed their dad as the following master. He was not satisfied with the developing ubiquity of Arjan in their dad’s eyes as he dreaded Arjan may acquire the Guru Gaddi. Prithia contrived to stain his more youthful sibling’s notoriety however fizzled pitiably. At last Guru Ram Das chose Arjan Dev as his successor.

Later Years

  • Master Ram Das passed on in 1581 and Guru Arjan Dev turned into the fifth Guru of the Sikhs. After expecting the Guru Gaddi he took forward the legacy of his dad, and by proceeding with the endeavors of the late Guru Ram Das, built up Amritsar as an essential Sikh journey destination. He additionally planned the Harmandir Sahib at Amritsar.
  • Master Arjan Dev reinforced the establishment of Masands which his forerunner had presented, and underlined on the standard of Dasvand as per which a tenth of an individual’s wage was payable for the Guru’s Langar (Common Kitchen) and for other beneficent represents the improvement of poor people.
  • He needed to give Sikhism its own particular heavenly content, and for this reason he accumulated the works of all the past Gurus furthermore the compositions of holy people from various foundations whose teachings were reliable with the fundamentals of Sikhism. This gathering of teachings and songs framed the establishment for the sacred book of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Granth Sahib. He likewise contributed more than 2,000 songs himself and composed the Sukhmani Sahib Bani.
photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia
  • Master Arjan Dev turned into an exceptionally well known profound figure, and crowds of individuals hailing from various religions ran to meet him and look for his endowments. Amid his residency Sikhism grew relentlessly with more Hindus and Muslims turning into the devotees of the master. Before long Sikhism turned into the unmistakable mainstream religion of medieval Punjab.
  • The developing prominence of the master and Sikhism annoyed the Mughals extraordinarily. They got to be desirous of the master’s popularity and were furious as a few Muslims had now turned into the master’s Sikhs. Sovereign Jahangir who had recently rose to the throne was an Orthodox Muslim who felt debilitated by the spreading of Sikhism in his realm.
  • Jahangir requested that Guru Arjan Dev be captured and conveyed to him. He then requested the master to change over to Islam or experience torment and execution. The master stayed faithful to his confidence till the very end.


  • The Guru was detained in Lahore Fort in 1606. Since he had declined to change over, he was subjected to extreme torment. He was drenched in bubbling water which singed his fragile living creature and after that was made to sit on a smoldering hot plate. More torment took after and hot sand was poured over his body.
  • The fierce torment proceeded for quite a long time yet the master stayed consistent with his confidence and persevered through every one of the outrages with the God’s name on his lips. The spectators were stunned at the ruthlessness dispensed to this virtuous and quiet individual.
  • Taking after numerous days of torment, the master was permitted to clean up in the stream Ravi. On 30 May 1606 Guru Arjan Dev entered the waterway never to be seen again.

Significant Works

  • The master imagined making a focal spot of love for the Sikhs and outlined the Harmandir Sahib (otherwise called Golden Temple today). The entryways on each of the four sides of the building implied its acknowledgment of individuals paying little respect to their religion, shading, ideology, or sex. The Golden Temple is one of India’s most gone by vacation spots.
  • Master Arjan Dev shaped the main version of the Sikh’s heavenly content, the Adi Granth, by assembling the songs of the initial five Sikh masters and 15 other awesome holy people, or bhagats, including thirteen Hindu and two Muslim holy people. He himself contributed 2218 psalms to the consecrated content. The primary original copy was finished and introduced at the Harmandir Sahib with Baba Buddha as the main granthi in 1604.

Individual Life and Legacy

  • Master Arjan Dev was hitched to Mata Ganga. The couple had one child, Hargobind.
  • While anticipating execution, Guru Arjan Dev named his child Hargobind as the following master and educated him to go to the mattresses and oppose Islamic oppression under the Mughal standard.

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