Hagia Sophia

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The Hagia Sophia is a domed landmark which was worked as a church building in Constantinople however later changed into a historical center in Istanbul, Turkey.

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History of Hagia Sophia

It was worked in the sixth century A.D. Hagia Sophia implies the Church of Holy shrewdness. It was worked by the Byzantine head Justinian the first and has been one of the world’s most significant structures since. It was worked in a limited capacity to focus only 6 years, exceptionally snappy for development during that timeframe. Today the Hagia Sophia is a part of the Unesco’s World Heritage site, notable zones of Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia Architecture

The Hagia Sophia contains two stories, and sits on a nave that has an immense arch molded roof on top and is upheld by littler vaults above. The structure is referred to for its quality as it isn’t worked in steel and the plan talks about its uniqueness. In the 1400 years of Hagia Sophia, this structure has filled in as a house of God, a mosque and is currently a notable gallery.

The first development of Hagia Sophia was roused by a Pagan sanctuary. In any case, it got annihilated in a flame made by uproars. Later it was reconstructed and broadened by the Roman ruler. This congregation was scorched again during the Nika revolt, another mob. Another Hagia Sophia was assembled, in spite of the fact that a seismic tremor had made fractional harm the vault. It was reestablished again in the fourteenth century and filled in as a church for over a thousand years. It was later plundered by the Venetians and crusaders. After the Turkish success, Mehmed II had the Hagia Sophia transform into a mosque. He included the minarat (A thin pinnacle, regularly part of a mosque) for petitions, a ceiling fixture, and a mihrab.

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Hagia Sophia,remains of the older basilica, built under emperor Theodosius II; Istanbul, Turkey

3 Interesting Facts About Hagia Sophia

  • Hagia Sophia isn’t popular for its history yet additionally its lovely mosaics which workmanship antiquarians consider as the fundamental wellspring of information.
  • The mosaics contain pictures of the magnificent family, Christ and various heads. The Apse mosaic, one of the biggest inside the Hagia Sophia contains the picture of the Virgin Mary conveying infant Jesus. This mosaic is 13 feet tall. Every head that administered the district throughout the years included one of his own mosaic to the Hagia Sophia.
  • The structure was secularized by the Government of Turkey in 1934 and in 1935 the Hagia Sophia was transformed into a historical center. Research, fix and rebuilding work proceeds till day at the Hagia Sophia.

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