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Happy Bhaag Jaayegi: Movie Review

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Happy Bhag Jayegi

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The motion picture has every one of the components to captivate the groups of onlookers, for example, sentiment, drama, opportunity, adoration, melodies and to top it, it has the madness peppered into it which no B-town film has showcased in a while. In the event that fun is all you require by the day’s end, then Happy Bhag Jayegi is an unquestionable requirement look for you.

Upbeat Bhaag Jayegi is set in Punjab where an energetic, young and autonomous lady Diana Penty (Happy) is constrained into marriage by her folks to Jimmy Shergill (Daman Singh Bagga) who is a neighborhood political goon in Amritsar. Exactly when you imagine that the couple will have a cheerful coexistence, things take a radical turn or rather we can say an interesting dismiss when Happy keeps running from the marriage corridor leaving everybody confounded. Her fundamental goal to flee is to wed the adoration for her life Guddu (Ali Fazal).

Abhay Deol (Bilal Ahmed) is a legislator from Pakistan who comes to India for a respective exchange settlement and is given a gigantic box of blossoms as a blessing from the Indian government as a token of fellowship. Cheerful flees and covers up in a ‘load blessing bundle’ box and unwittingly gets delivered to Pakistan to Bilal Ahmed’s home. Showdowns emerge amongst Happy and Bilal and he chooses to expel her from the nation for entering without substantial reports. Glad, who is witty and savvy winds up winning Bilal’s fellowship and he guarantees to help her at any expense by getting her wedded to Guddu.

Bilal enters India and brings Guddu with him to Pakistan. Daman Singh Bagga, becomes more acquainted with about Happy’s wherabouts and by utilizing his political impact goes on a chase looking for Happy to Lahore, as he needs to wed her under any circumstances. Upbeat, Guddu, Bilal and Bagga are all in Pakistan and stand out man can win Happy’s heart. Will Daman Singh Bagga discover his got away playmate in Pakistan and wed her? Will Guddu rout Bagga and get married with Happy? Then again will Bilal go gaga for Happy and wed her all the while? For that you will need to hit the theaters! We’re certain you’ll never be disillusioned.

Diana Penty, who had an effective introduction through Cocktail, is back through Happy Bhaag Jayegi. Her acting abilities are on full show and the commitment she has filled the parody scenes are enormous, and she has done equity to her part general. Abhay Deol entranced the crowds’ with his comic timings and has figured out how to make individuals laugh with his non-verbal communication and exchange conveyance.

He acts genuine when things quit fooling around and gets amusing when things are out of his control. He has flawlessly depicted the part of a companion, guide and a decent samaritan in the film which will make you begin to look all starry eyed at him. Coming to Jimmy Shergill, he has at the end of the day demonstrated his believability as a performer and has inundated himself into the part of a nearby Punjabi lawmaker. In the event that you believe Jimmy’s work in Tanu Weds Manu establishment was his best, then you’re off-base! He’s taking care of business in Happy Bhaag Jayegi and has conveyed a display which can never be overlooked.

Decision: If you need to help your day and have a decent chuckle then Happy Bhag Jayegi is the motion picture for you! It has every one of the components of affection, sentiment and satire peppered into it which will make you overlook every one of your stresses and give full on masala excitement.


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