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Haseena Parkar: Movie Review

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The opening scene starts with Haseena (Shraddha Kapoor) being summoned to the Mumbai sessions court for her association in her sibling Dawood (Siddhant Kapoor’s) illicit exercises and utilizing his name for blackmail. ‘Primary Hoon Haseena Parkar’- as these words take off from the ‘Rotund Cheeks’ woman’s mouth, you get a decent measure of thought regarding what you are diving into. The film at that point carries amongst over a wide span of time where we get a look into Dawood’s ascent as a feared criminal and the repercussions of his exercises on his family particularly Haseena’s life. Haseena’s dad Ibrahim Kaskar is a head constable in Mumbai police.

He doesn’t coexist with his reckless and insubordinate child Dawood who soon with his sibling Sabbir changes into a wrongdoing master. In the mean time then again, Haseena is joyfully hitched to a little time performing artist Ismail (Ankur Bhatia) who additionally claims a vegan eatery. After Sabbir is shot dead by an adversary Pathan pack, Dawood renders his retribution and escapes from the nation when the police fixes their grasp on the black market. Before long, Haseena’s significant other Ismail is loaded with slugs without trying to hide.

After the passing of her significant other and in her sibling’s nonappearance, she assumes control over the rein of the business and moves toward becoming ‘Aapa’. Whatever remains of the plot rotates around seeing if Haseena was truly an adroit lady or only a casualty of tragic conditions.

A ‘bronzered’ Shraddha Kapoor may have given her fair shot, yet sad young lady, you are a miscast here! For the develop form of Haseena, she is by all accounts concealing roshgullas under her cheeks as she slurs while mouthing her lines. The poker confront doesn’t help either. To play hesitant in a wedding night scene, she quivers, flickers and makes some abnormal articulations that simply influence you to go WTF! One minute she is grabbing a battle at the chawl’s water tap and furthermore bashing up a goon for unpaid bills.

The following moment she has returned to her being Blinky-Eyes all dumbfounded. There’s no developed about her change. Rather, the producers simply put a camera at her feet, take a low point shot of her roosted on an immense couch (goodness yes, there’s full cheeks as well) and voila, there you have a feisty form of Haseena! Siddhant Kapoor as Dawood Ibrahim does not have a screen nearness and makes a joke of his part. Ankur Bhatia too neglects to engage.

Decision There’s where Shraddha’s Haseena says, ‘Aapa yaad reh gaya na… naam yaad rakhne ki zaroorat nahi.’ Unfortunately, there’s nothing worth recalling in this nap fest. Skirting this one won’t do much damage!

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