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Haunted House in Peru

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By: Annonymous

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La Casa Matusita or regularly additionally called the Yellow House is a spooky house that has a genuine story in Lima, Peru. This is an extremely well known legend in Peru. An abnormal house, the splendid yellow in Lima, Peru said to end up distinctly the reviled house. The name of the house is “La Casa Matusita” and as per the legend, a gathering of individuals have ever killed without blinking on the second floor of this old building. A couple of years back an elderly man possesses a yellow house. He has a spouse and youngsters who live with the house keeper and a gourmet expert. The man occupying the second floor of this house and the hirelings lived on the ground floor.

The old man is a man who is awful demeanor and are frequently treats his house keeper unreasonably, kept on tormenting and offending them. The cleaning specialists are truly abhor this old man. They then arrangement something to humiliate his manager. One day, the old man held a supper party. Every visitor going to and were situated on in the lounge area, the servants that saw it chooses this is the ideal time to unleash their retaliation. They included the illicit dr*g LSD that can reason for individuals daydreaming, into the sustenance they serve to the business and his visitors.

At that point the cleaning specialists left the room, and after that unobtrusively bolted the entryway of the lounge area. They are resting in the kitchen while sitting tight for the aftereffects of their arrangement. Following 15 minutes passed, they started to hear the voices of outrage and the plates were broken. Whereupon they chuckled in joy. Be that as it may, in a matter of seconds taking after shouts were impolite and some ghostly shouts, the cleaning specialists started to stress.

The gourmet specialist and the other cleaning specialist opened the entryway of the lounge area and alarmed to see the frightful scenes they found in it. The dividers and roof were recolored with blood. On the floor lay the limp bodies and the parts of their organs, eyes, hands, organs, of the head separated. The visitors secured by a feeling of coldblooded and frightfulness.

source Youtube

One by one every visitor in the lounge area, incorporated their managers, have finished unfortunately. Furor in view of stimulating medications, visitors execute each other in a way that never envisioned. The specter was to a great degree ruthless, bringing on the cleaning specialists lose their judgment skills. Startled with the slaughter that they brought about and stressed they will be executed by the law, the house keeper was chosen to take his own particular life, hanging them from the roof in the lounge area.

From that point forward, a yellow house in Peru that has be spooky notoriety. Many individuals are reluctant to approach the place. Is said the house started to crumple and tainted up to were sold a couple of years after the fact by the engineer. From that point forward, a Japanese family moved into the house. They didn’t know the historical backdrop of this old working alongside the unnerving notoriety. On the night they went into the house, the spouse took a blade and slaughtered his whole family before executing himself.

The house was then left discharge just to a couple of years after the fact up to a minister in the city are required to do the ejection of the insidious spirits from the premises. The proprietor needed the house ‘tidied up’ with a specific end goal to sold. The minister then entered the ground floor with no huge issues. Be that as it may, when he was on the second floor, he was assaulted a to a great degree fear up to killing him.

source Youtube

One more of the most well known cases is a TV moderator and furthermore a comic Humberto Vera Vilchez, wagering on a live communicate, he said that he would spend a seven evenings alone in the house. He then was remaining for the night over yonder, and the following morning, he was discovered lying on the walkway. He lost his brain and in the long run put into a mental doctor’s facility. He was never heard again since that time.

Is said from an opportunity to time, an unpleasant shouts and cries could in any case be gotten notification from the La Casa Matusita. A few people even observe the appearance a terrifying figure creeping in the second floor window. Today, the ground floor of the yellow house is leased for business purposes. Notwithstanding, the second floor stays empty and is bolted tight. As indicated by the legend, if a gathering of individuals went to remain overnight on the second floor of the yellow house, they would be distraught throughout the night and butchered each other, appeared to be shown the shocking episode that occurred over yonder such a large number of years prior.

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