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Help Me – Short Horror Story

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One icy and dark December night, an adolescent young lady named Kathy was minding kids. There was a seven-year old kid named Taylor, and a six-year old young lady named Selena. The guardians had gone to the motion pictures for the night, leaving Kathy in the house.

Soon after 9 o’clock that night, the telephone rang. Kathy addressed it and heard an anguished voice shouting “Help Me! For Heaven’s purpose, help me!”

Befuddled, Kathy hung up the telephone and concluded that it must have quite recently been a trick call. After thirty minutes, the telephone rang again and a similar voice shouted, “Help me! Someone, please help me!”

This time, Kathy was starting to get scared. The kids asked her who was calling and she let them know not to stress, that everything was okay.

An additional thirty minutes go by and she recieved another call. The voice on the flip side sounded frightened and edgy. “Help me! For Heaven’s purpose, won’t some person help me?”

The telephone went dead.

Seconds after the fact, there thump at the entryway. The sitter grasped the kids firmly to her. She was practically as terrified as they were. The dire thumping proceeded. She knew it wasn’t the youngsters’ folks, since they weren’t expected home for 60 minutes.

They could hear a voice originating from outside. It was a man’s voice and he was rehashing again and again “Help me help me help me… ”

She didn’t realize what to do.

“I’ll need to give him access”, she said. “He needs assistance”.

Soon thereafter, when the guardians arrived home, the house was shockingly quiet. The greater part of the lights were off. When they sought the house, they went into the front room and discovered an appalling scene. Kathy and both of the kids had been killed. Their arms and legs had been slashed off.

On the divider, written in blood, were the words, “For Heaven’s purpose help me before I execute once more. I can’t control myself any longer”.

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