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Hera – God of Marriage and Child Birth

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Hera is a goddess in Greek folklore and one of the Twelve Olympians. As the spouse of Zeus, Hera was viewed as the ruler of Mount Olympus. She is most related as the goddess of ladies, marriage, and labor.

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How was Hera typically imagined?

Hera was generally envisioned wearing streaming robes, a crown, and holding a lotus staff. In some cases she was indicated sitting on a honored position or riding a chariot drawn by peacocks.

What forces and aptitudes did she have?

As the Queen of Olympus and a noteworthy goddess, Hera was viewed as intense. The ladies of Greece appealed to Hera for assurance amid labor, great wellbeing, and to assistant them in their relational unions. She likewise had control over the skies and could favor the general population with clear skies or revile them with storms.


Birth of Hera

Hera was the little girl of Cronus and Rhea, the lord and ruler of the Titans. Subsequent to being conceived, Hera was gulped by her dad Cronus since he was frightened that his kids would some time or another oust him. Hera was in the long run spared by her more youthful sibling Zeus.

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The Temple of Hera at Agrigento, Magna Graecia.


Ruler of Mount Olympus

Hera was pursued by her sibling Zeus who was the pioneer of the divine beings on Mount Olympus. At first she was not intrigued, but rather Zeus deceived her into wedding him by camouflaging himself as an injured cuckoo flying creature. Hera saved the cuckoo feathered creature and wound up wedding Zeus.


Reprisal on Zeus

Hera was an extremely desirous and vindictive spouse. She needed Zeus all to herself, however Zeus undermined her continually with different goddesses and with mortal ladies. Hera frequently delivered out her retribution on the ladies who Zeus adored and the kids they had with Zeus.



One case of Hera’s retribution is the tale of the legend Heracles who was Zeus’ child by the mortal lady Alcmene. Hera initially endeavored to murder Heracles as a child by sending two serpents to his bed, yet this fizzled when Heracles executed the serpents. She later made Heracles go distraught and slaughter his significant other and youngsters. As discipline for murdering his family, Heracles was compelled to play out the Twelve Labors. Hera made these works as troublesome as could be allowed, trusting that Heracles would be slaughtered.

Fascinating Facts About the Greek Goddess Hera

  • Hera agreed with the Greeks in the Trojan War after the Trojan Prince Paris picked Aphrodite as the most excellent goddess over her.
  • She was the supporter goddess of the city of Argos.
  • In one story, Hera bans her own particular child Hephaestus from Mount Olympus since he is appalling and twisted.
  • Different titles for Hera incorporate “goat-eater”, “bovine peered toward”, and “white-equipped.”
  • She was one of only a handful couple of Greek divine beings or goddesses that stayed reliable to her mate.
  • A portion of the ladies and goddesses that Hera demanded exact retribution on included Callisto, Semele, Io, and Lamia.
  • A fairy named Echo was given the activity of diverting Hera from Zeus’ issues. At the point when Hera found what Echo was doing, she reviled Echo into just rehashing the last couple of words that others said to her.

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