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Horrifying Legends from Latin America

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La Ciguapa
Dominican Republic

La Ciguapa is a wild and supernatural animal with the looks of a mountain siren. The animal is seen as a lovely young lady by some, while others see a horrible being. The forlorn man who is sufficiently unfortunate to discover her will experience passionate feelings for. They will engage in sexual relations in the night and, after that, the Ciguapa will murder him. Similarly as with different creatures, for example, the Himalayan Abarimon, Indian Nulo, or Pombero, the Ciguapa’s feet are turned backward.

If the Ciguapa begins to look all starry eyed at a man, her night yelling will be a harbinger of fate to his accomplice. As yet, amid a full moon—with a highly contrasting pooch as friend a man can catch the Ciguapa. A few creators put her roots in prehispanic times and others accept she was from pioneer times. This is most likely a standout amongst the most cloud legends in Latin America, and it is scarcely known outside the Dominican Republic.

La Luz Mala

source youtube
source youtube

In the marshes and bogs of northern Argentina, individuals have reported seeing unnatural bundles of light simply after nightfall. These balls skim a couple crawls over the ground and are in some cases called “Farol de Mandinga” (Devil’s Lamp). A great many people in the range accept they are the souls of unrepentant delinquents who rejected God. The legend says individuals ought to supplicate and chomp a blade to ensure themselves.This legend is not selective to Argentina.

The same marvel has been accounted for as the “Spooklight” at the Missouri-Oklahoma state line, where it is known as the “will-o’-the-wisp.”And, obviously, there is nothing powerful about this. It’s called ignis fatuus and a few individuals accept that it could be clarified by the bioluminescence some living creatures, for example, nectar organism and fireflies, can deliver. Horse shelter owls have white plumage that may reflect common lights—like the moon—and show up as an ignis fatuus. The regular clarification for ignis fatuus today includes burning of gasses regularly found in swampy situation.

La Tunda
Colombia, Ecuador

source youtube
source youtube

As the legend says, in the 16th-century 23 slaves got away from a shipper ship on the way from Panama to Peru. They battled the locals ashore and their cries came to damnation and stirred the Devil, who murdered every one of them while masked as a sovereign named Macumba (which is a word now vigorously connected with witchcraft). He then went gaga for a flawless young lady. They wedded and had a few kids. One of them was La Tunda.

La Tunda is a shape-shifter. As a Devil’s little girl, she can’t shoulder youngsters. Along these lines, she captures children and draws men to her nook. She shows up as a friend or family member to adolescents, an adoring mother, a dear close relative, or a charming young lady to men. At the point when in a forlorn spot, she passes gas in their appearances. The stink breaks their wills and they get to be entundados, bound by her will.As with different legends on this rundown, La Tunda is a neighborhood bogeyman. All things considered, this one merits recognizing on the grounds that it is likewise an illustration for the demolition of the biological system.


Old Greece wasn’t the main place home to the myth of the sirens. The Amazon bowl additionally has a comparative legend. These animals show up in the waterways that sustain the Amazon, which is likewise the home of the boa constrictor. The anglers, seekers, and gold miners that worked in the range could invest weeks trying their hardest to accommodate their families while working in a hazardous spot with no female organization. Numerous have reported seeing young ladies on the inverse shore singing to them and calling them. Some of these men, maybe fantasizing at the time, hopped into the stream and suffocated attempting to achieve the young lady on the other shore. The individuals who did not answer the calling have lived to tell the story.

La Viudita
All Over South America

She generally strolls alone after 12 pm with her face secured by a shroud and wearing all dark garments. Men, the majority of them inebriated, can walk her home. They need an one night stand. She gives them a chance to touch her body until they get to a close place.

There, she takes off her cover and uncovers the ghastliness: She has no face, no lips, and no hair. Simply a skull and a chafing chuckle. Her exploited people have a tendency to swoon and, when they recoup awareness the following morning, they discover themselves secured by thistles.This is, obviously, an ethical story old ladies advised to kids so as to make them comply with the Catholic rule that used to remain in all of South America.

The same story is told with couple of changes in every locale, despite the fact that the birthplace stories fluctuate. A few individuals say she was a lady with an unfaithful spouse who made a settlement with the fallen angel, while others say she passed on of apprehension after the passing of the affection for her life and for that she is presently a lost soul. Bolivian executive Elias Serrano is making a “Starting points” anecdote about this legend.

La Segua
Costa Rica

source youtube
source youtube

La Segua, here and there spelled with a “c” rather than a “s,” is a kind of witch from Costa Rica. She can be found on forlorn streets or back roads searching for young fellows who like to gathering. She is portrayed as a lovely lady with white skin, dull eyes, and long dark hair. She is an enchantress requesting a ride and will discover her direction onto the male’s stallion (or auto in later times). At that point, the man will turn his head around just to find an unnerving monster with the substance of a stallion and ragged looking eyes.

This picture makes the young lady a kind phantom in examination. Conceivably the most exceedingly bad thing is that there is not one Segua—there are numerous. Notwithstanding when their forces don’t appear to be clear, numerous men think they can make them weak from immaculate fear. As whatever other story from legends, this may have a sociological clarification: the apprehension of the coven. The guys may fear whatever ladies can do when they are outside the perspective of their fathers, siblings, spouses, and clerics.

Argentina, Chile

source youtube
source youtube

“Wekufe” in the Mapuche dialect is utilized to allude to liars and misleading individuals. The idea of fiendishness did not exist for them and just joined Catholic evangelists. At that point it started to be utilized as an equivalent word for an evil presence or shrewdness soul. A few sources say the great or fiendishness of these creatures rely on upon who gets in touch with them as opposed to in their own particular nature.

Still, most pictures portray them as insidious creatures.They can have physical or soul like bodies and an extensive variety of forces. Ordinarily, the Wekufes show up in the types of creatures or characteristic phenomena. Commonly, they serve as instruments for the Calcu—the wizards of Mapuche tribes. They can be utilized to subjugate the souls of the as of late dead, to bring about malady, and to for the most part murder individuals. They are enchantment weapons of mass annihilation in the hands of one magician.

El Familiar

This is the latest legend in the rundown, showing up in the 19th century alongside the natural sweetener plants in the northwestern piece of the nation. The stories are pretty much the same in every district. “El Familiar” is the Devil himself as a goliath snake called Vivoron, who will eat one specialist consistently on the grounds that that is the settlement the proprietor of the factory has made with the Devil in return for quickened growth.Sometimes, El Familiar is delineated as a tremendous, headless dark pooch. It is important that the living conditions for laborers in all the nation around then were sub-human. El Familiar is comparable in nature to the ghost dark canines in European old stories, incorporating one in Dartmoor, that would move Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles. Obviously, El Familiar is a bogeyman for adults, and he is dreaded even today in a few ranges.

El Imbunche

source youtube
source youtube

This myth is unnerving for a few reasons. Above all else, it concentrates on a tyke. A first-conceived child was sold by his guardians before his ninth day of life to an individual from the Center Comitee, a unique organization of warlocks from Chilean fables. Besides, the infant was distorted with disengaged appendages. After two months, his tongue was forked. Inevitably, the warlock started a process that brought about the child’s head being turned 180 degrees. The last piece of the change comprised of cutting a profound cut under the right shoulder, embeddings its correct hand into the crevice, and sewing up the injury.

When it recuperated, the Imbunche was finished and prepared to take his part as watchman of a hole. This myth is one of the couple of being depicted in pop culture outside its nation of root. English author Alan Moore, popular for works, for example, Watchmen and V for Vendetta, utilized the Imbunche as a foe on his run in Swamp Thing in the 1980s.

El Pombero
Argentina, Paraguay

source youtube
source youtube

Having a place with the Guarani mythology, the Pombero, otherwise called Kurahu-Yara (Owner of the Sun), is like a diminutive person or a genie. He is an animal of the woodland that shields winged creatures from youngsters and their slingshots. He has short arms and legs in late portrayals, yet he is a tall man in more seasoned stories. He can get to be undetectable voluntarily and his bristly feet make him stealthy. A lady can get to be pregnant if the Pombero touches her gut, however this can happen just to a solitary lady.

Obviously, this is a story to secure the honor of ladies who have sexual connections before marriage. Still, each and every awful thing that happens in the territory will be faulted for the Pombero. It is conceivable to pick up Pombero’s support with offerings, for example, tobacco, nectar, and cognac. Individuals look for his assistance to enhance crops or to ensure ranch creatures. The Pombero was depicted outside Paraguay, regardless of the fact that just by name, in the TV show Lost Girl as seen in this clasp.

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