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How Diseases were Cured in Ancient Greece?

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Prologue To List Of Diseases

The obsolete Greeks were remedially proficient and had the limit recognize and name a couple of sicknesses. Since the names have not changed with the area of years, a couple known diseases still have Greek names. So to speak, the names of these disorders stay as an undying show of the huge Greek pioneers of medication.

It is vital that our voyage back in time starts here, in out of date Greece, in the season of Hippocrates. The lifestyle of the out of date Greeks was fundamental yet fulfilling. Their homes were similar to our own specific homes and each house all around had a kitchen, lounge territory, toilet, and a sitting extent. The women had complicated haircuts with metal headbands and the adolescents played marbles and rode piggyback in the street.

This is the sight that would have invited Hippocrates as he progressed to a tolerant’s home. Today we are so dependent on development that it has all the earmarks of being inconceivable that the old Greeks could have such all around restorative learning with simply the most straightforward advancement. So what did the old Greeks think about medication and were their cures truly pleasing.


Start of the word: The word cholesterol is a mix of the Greek word “chole” implying “bile” and “steros” which connotes ‘solid’. Cholesterol was at first found as meager stones in the gallbladder in this way it got this name.
Old Greek Cure:

Flaxseeds had obvious culinary furthermore supportive parts as their medicinal favorable circumstances for digestion and distinctive ailemnts were definitely caught on. There has been a lot of cutting edge research on flaxseeds and their sufficiency in cutting down cholesterol levels.

A couple free studies have exhibited that flaxseed is significantly convincing in treating hoisted cholesterol levels. Now and again, it was even watched that a man benefitted also from an estimation of flaxseeds and a measurements of cholesterol cutting down arrangement. It is the high fiber and omega-3 fats content in flaxseed that makes it so effective in cutting down cholesterol levels. On the other hand, this does not suggest that one can fundamentally substitute answer for flaxseed yet rather flaxseed can be used as a dietary manual for lower cholesterol levels.
Trivia: Old Greek masters were fit for clearing kidney and gallbladder stones yet were managed as substandard contrasted with experts. This was because of examination was horrible and stunning to most pros and healers. Frankly masters were expressly unlawful from performing surgeries. It was just in later several years that the tables were turned and an expert’s capacities were given due credit.


Inception of the word: The word diabetes was composed from the Greek prefix “dia” connoting “isolated” and “bainein” which implies ‘to stand. In this way together the word inferred a compass or a siphon. The word siphon henceforth was a to some degree cheeky reference to the over the top pee experienced by a man encountering diabetes.

Antiquated Greek Cure: The old Greeks generally took after an outstandingly solid eating regimen and diabetes was an amazingly exceptional condition. In such cases patients were generally urged to take after a strong eating regimen and lifestyle besides rehearse oftentimes. In any case, the Greeks in like manner used a couple sauces and herbs, for instance, dim cumin and fenugreek which have been found to be effective in treating diabetes. Diabetes was seen as a genuine condition and was frequently destructive. Cures like a mix made out of dates, unrefined quinces, gruel, and the oil of roses were general however deficient cures.


Starting point of the word: Word Gonorrhea begins from the Greeks word “gono” which connotes “seed” and “rhein” which implies ‘to stream’. In this way the word suggested the surge of seed as it was suspected that the unordinary discharge was truly semen.

Antiquated Greek Cure: Alum was a champion amongst the most by and large recommended sorts of treatment in old Greece. The Greek specialists truly got this kind of treatment from the out of date Babylonians who moreover used alum to treat rashes and wounds.


Starting point of the word: Cholera is truly a Latin word that implies ‘bilious disease’ and is gotten from the greek word “khole” implying ‘bile’. This disease causes gastrointestinal signs, for instance, squeamishness and hurling which is the clarification behind its name.

Old Greek Cure: The old Greeks devised the miasmatic theory of ailment to elucidate certain diseases, for instance, the Black Death and cholera. Miasma is the out of date Greek word for “frightful air” or pollution. It was in this way acknowledged unhygienic conditions brought on these ailments therefore they could be hindered through extraordinary cleanliness penchants.

Current Medicine: Oral Rehydration treatment is used to thwart drying out while counter agents poisons are prescribed to contract the course of this disease.


Origin of the word:

Iron deficiency is a gotten from the Greek word anaimia which implies an absence of blood. The name paleness precisely depicts this condition as the individual encounters a decreased amount of red platelets or hemoglobin which, thus, causes fair skin.

Ancient Greek Cure:

Beetroot was utilized by antiquated Greeks to treat pallor and other related conditions. Advanced examination has found that beetroot contains superb iron that is effortlessly consumed by the body. The customary utilization of beetroot and crisp beetroot juice expands the red blood include levels an individual experiencing iron deficiency.

Modern Medicine:

Oral iron supplementation is by and large suggested in moderate cases while most mellow cases can be treated with dietary and way of life changes alone.


Birthplace of the word: The expression “cerebral pain” gets from the out of date Greek term hemikrania, which starts from the Greek words “hemi” and “crania” for “half” and ‘skull’. Interestingly, the word ceaseless furthermore gets from old Greek mythology, in the name ‘chronos’, which implies time. The soonest depictions of an unprecedented kind of cerebral pains called Basilar-sort migraine in like manner start from Aretaeus in old-fashioned Greece.

Old Greek Cure: Old Greece had a wealth of data on the subject of herbology, which was basic to old-fashioned Greek arrangement. The learning aggregated by these early Greek specialists still resonates in our propelled world, with mint being extensively used for mitigation from various headaches, including migraines. This herb was comprehensively used by the old Greeks for migraine help and distinctive cures, and the tradition was obtained by the Romans who best in class mint over whatever is left of Europe. The name of this important herb can in like manner be taken after back to old Greek legends. As showed by the old Greeks Minthe was a pixie, who was moreover the loved of the ruler of the underworld – Pluto. Legends express that Minthe’s desirous wife transformed him into the fragrant herb, since when the herb has been particularly regarded.

Current Medicine: All things considered non steroidal quieting drugs are used for the treatment of migraines, however genuine cerebral pains might oblige treatment with serotonin receptor agonists.


Starting point of the word: The word skin irritation starts from the Greek word “akmas” which means ‘point’. This term was used to delineate skin discharges that achieved pustules and papules and there is sufficient content based affirmation to exhibit that the Greeks were agonized over this skin condition and prepared a couple of answers with the expectation of complimentary themselves of it.

Old Greek Cure: There are a couple home answers for skin break out that were supported by the out of date Greeks and a huge part of them included vegetable and common game plans. Nectar was a champion amongst the most broadly perceived meds for skin irritation and was ordinary to most pimple inflammation cures. Nectar now be seen as a skin tonic and investigation has shown its accommodating powers.

Sulfur was another amazingly unmistakable cure used by the out of date Greeks to cure skin irritation. A considerable measure of Sulfur were added to a singing hot shower and the individual would then retain this plan. Sulfur serves to discard pointless smoothness besides has against bacterial properties. This made sulfur an uncommonly fruitful treatment for skin irritation.

Advanced Medicine: Sulfur is still used as a piece of bleeding edge skin break out face covers and cleansing scours. Sulfur serves to discard the upper layers of skin and might achieve peeling in individuals with sensitive skin. Most exceptional topical creams and face washes for skin break out join Benzoyl peroxide as a key settling.


Beginning of the word: The word maladie is again gotten from the Greek word ‘plaga’, which suggests a blow or stroke. Greece was struck by a scene in the mid year of 430 or 429 BC that left every one of them unnecessarily familiar with the dreaded disease.

Old Greek Cure: Antiquated Greece was basically as vulnerable against the maladie as was medieval Europe, yet a considerable measure of data of right on time flare-ups of the ailment and unmistakable information as an afterthought impacts was truly gone ahead through the sytheses of Thucydides. This phenomenally molded the appreciation of this feared ailment.

Current Medicine: Today we have a counter acting agent for bubonic disorder which was the most feared of all. Pharmaceutical drugs for various blends of the infection are furthermore especially suitable.


Antiquated Greece is considered by most antiquarians to be the bedrock of all current Western Civilization. Right now, the Roman Empire was not as rich as the Greeks in society and adapting however it had gigantic business and political ties with whatever is left of Europe. As the Romans received a few parts of Greek culture, the progressions were gone on to neighboring nations until Greek society was common in all of Europe. The Ancient Greek scholars have made huge commitments to the fields of rationality, instructive frameworks, and governmental issues. Greek workmanship and engineering was unparalleled and assumed an essential part in the Renaissance that later cleared Western Europe.

Since the Greeks were so best in class in the field of drug, it is reasonable that the names of a few sicknesses have Greek inceptions. Notwithstanding, recall that the Ancient Greeks gave us considerably all the more capable words like agreement, morals, music, song, trust, and maybe most importantly, compassion.

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