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How Monkeys Got Their Red Bottoms

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source youtube

A Gadabas folktale retold from ‘When the World was Young’ by Verrier Elwin.

Some time ago, there was a town called Dancing. A gathering of young ladies and young men lived in that town. Consistently after supper, they would light a flame and move around it.

One night a monkey went to the move, wearing keen garments and a snazzy cap. He came and sat in a corner on a stone. Nobody perceived that he was a monkey. He additionally played pleasant music with his banjo.

The young ladies moved for the monkey and were extremely awed with his music.

Consistently, the monkey would come and play and the young ladies hit the dance floor with him cheerfully. The young ladies cherished him all the more every day. They additionally began showering him with endowments. One of them issued him a ring, the other issued him treats and the third one issued him natural product lager.

The young men were to a great degree desirous, as the consideration of every last one of young ladies was constantly centered around the monkey.

“Who is this new individual and what is he doing in our town?” the young men asked each other, and chose to keep a nearby eye on him. That night they viewed him unobtrusively from a separation.

The young men essentially couldn’t accept their eyes when they saw that the individual the young ladies cherished so much was a monkey in actuality. It had a bristly body and a long tail.

That night the fellows giggled their hearts out lastly rested gently.

The young men chose to play a trick on the monkey. They blazed some wood and put it around the stone where the monkey sat consistently, and secured it with takes off.

Like each night the monkey came and sat on its regular spot, just this time it didn’t feel the same. “OOOUUUUCHHHH!” shouted the monkey and hopped up from its seat. The hot stone had blazed his base through his jeans. The monkey hopped into a basin brimming with water to solace himself.

The young men chuckled at the young ladies for succumbing to the monkey. The monkey, be that as it may, never returned to that town and following the time when, monkeys have had red bottoms.

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