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Impenetrable Gambling Club Mysteries

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The Murder Of Jodie Bordeaux

source youtube
source youtube

In 1997, Jodie and Shawn Bordeaux lived respectively at a provincial farmhouse on the Kickapoo Reservation close Powhattan, Kansas. They were both utilized by the neighborhood Native-possessed club, Golden Eagle, and Jodie was seven months pregnant with her first child.On November 21, the couple was spending the night at their farmhouse when an obscure aggressor discharged a torrent of shots through the windows. One of the projectiles struck Jodie in the head. She was slaughtered in a split second, and her unborn tyke couldn’t be spared.

While there have dependably been various potential suspects in Jodie’s homicide, her spouse accepts the wrongdoing was associated with a circumstance from their workplace.After being enlisted by the Golden Casino, Jodie inevitably worked her way up to staff director of the opening machine division. Then again, there may have been inner disdain about the advancement, as a few representatives did not welcome that Julie, who was not a Native American, got such a conspicuous administration position in a Native-claimed casino.

Jodie every now and again had issues with one especially defiant worker and reported him to the clubhouse administration board. At the point when Jodie let go the worker, he documented a grievance with the tribal board, which at last cost Jodie her employment. Jodie continued appealing to the gathering to rehire her and began to get undermining mysterious telephone calls before her murder.In disdain of the suspicious circumstances encompassing Jodie’s demise, no confirmation has ever been found to attach anybody to the wrongdoing. There is additionally accepted to be a subtle pretense on the Kickapoo Reservation keeping individuals from offering urgent clues.

The Murder Of Gail Anne Thompson

On May 3, 1996, 56-year-old Gail Anne Thompson and her spouse, Bobby, left their home in Middleton, Idaho, to spend the weekend betting in Jackpot, Nevada. They were joined by another couple and stayed at Cactus Pete’s Resort Casino.The taking after night, Bobby and the couple went up to their inn rooms while Gail kept betting in the gambling club. Bobby guaranteed that he woke up the following morning and was shocked to find his wife was not in their bed.

He and the other couple looked every one of the clubhouse in Jackpot, however couldn’t discover any hint of her. Bobby likewise recorded a missing persons report with the nearby police. Be that as it may, his companions expected to return home, so Bobby drove them back to Middleton before the issue was resolved.

On the morning of May 6, Gail’s body was found in a relinquished parcel. Her head had been bashed with an obscure article, and her throat was cut. In any case, the scene looked arranged. Despite the fact that her jeans were down around her knees, there were no indications of rape. Gail’s satchel, wedding band, and a collapsed $20 bill were additionally left at the scene.

Then again, there had been some action on her ATM and Visas the day preceding she was found.Investigators noticed that Bobby appeared to be peculiarly unconcerned when his wife turned up gone. The other couple guaranteed there was some enmity in the middle of Gail and Bobby in light of the fact that she needed to move to Kansas to live closer to her gang. As this was Bobby’s fifth marriage, he raised a few eyebrows by getting remarried just three months after Gail’s death.However, Bobby passed on in 2000. So on the off chance that he had any answers about Gail’s unsolved homicide, he took them to his grave.

The Disappearance Of Agnes Le Roux

In 1977, 29-year-old Agnes Le Roux was the beneficiary of the Palais de la Mediterranee, a mainstream club in Nice, France. The clubhouse was worked by Le Roux’s mom, who declined to permit her little girl to withdraw her legacy. Le Roux then chose to auction her vote on the managerial board to Jean-Dominique Fratoni, an adversary clubhouse proprietor with Mafia ties. This permitted Fratoni to purchase out the Palais de la Mediterranee, and Le Roux got a result of three million francs.

The antagonistic takeover was coordinated by a legal counselor named Jean-Maurice Agnelet, who was additionally Le Roux’s beau, and the three million francs wound up in their joint financial balances. On October 30, Le Roux was seen driving out of Nice before she bafflingly vanished. Professedly, Le Roux deserted a note expressing that she needed Agnelet to care for everything. Be that as it may, Agnelet had another special lady, and Le Roux’s result cash was exchanged to the shared services of Agnelet and the other lady. In spite of the fact that the fancy woman at first gave him with a plausible excuse to the day of Le Roux’s vanishing, she later admitted that the explanation was false.

Agnelet was in the long run accused of Le Roux’s homicide. He was vindicated in 2006, however the decision was toppled on bid. Agnelet got a 20-year sentence. At that point the European Court of Human Rights overruled the decision once more, and Agnelet was retried in 2014. This time, Agnelet’s child affirmed against him, guaranteeing his dad and mom had both shared implicating insights about Le Roux’s homicide.

Subsequently, Agnelet’s conviction was upheld.There is still debate encompassing the case, as Agnelet’s ex has marked down her child’s story. A previous mobster additionally asserts Le Roux’s homicide was a Mafia hit and that Agnelet is totally guiltless. Whatever the genuine truth, Agnes Le Roux’s body has never been found.

The Horizon Casino Heist

source youtube
source youtube

At give or take 4:00 AM on November 9, 2003, a space chaperon at the Horizon Casino in Vicksburg, Mississippi, ventured outside a representative passageway for a break. He was stunned to experience a unidentified conceal man wearing a Dallas Cowboys coat who hauled out a firearm and constrained the worker to let him inside. The equipped man then requested the specialist to lead him to a close-by money confine, where different representatives were working.

The culprit reported that two bombs had been planted in the building and requested that the workers hand over the cash in the enclosure. They agreed, and the criminal left the building with roughly $60,000.After the heist, the clubhouse was cleared, and a shoe box wrapped in pipe tape was found in the stacking dock. On the other hand, this “bomb” ended up being a fake. To muddle matters, an hour prior to the burglary, an unknown guest had called in a false bomb risk to the Rainbow Casino 6 kilometers (4 mi) away.

In the event that that wasn’t sufficient, a flame had been begun at a neighborhood primary school and was being battled around the same time the heist was taking place.Investigators accept that the looter by and by brought in the fake bomb danger and began the school discharge to make numerous redirections and keep the powers involved while he led his heist. The plan clearly met expectations. After about 12 years, examiners have not gained any ground at recognizing the culprit or recuperating the stolen cash.

The Disappearance Of Trevor Angell

In 2000, 28-year-old Trevor Angell lived in Calgary, Alberta, and filled in as a whole deal truck driver, transporting meat and create in the middle of Canada and the US. On September 19, Angell conveyed a heap of hamburger to Los Angeles before getting another freight of bananas to take back to Canada.

Eventually amid the trek, Angell identifies with his wife on the telephone, guaranteeing he hadn’t rested in four days and was wanting to stop the trucking business in the wake of conveying one final load.On the morning of September 22, Angell talked with a dispatcher, which was the last correspondence anybody had with him. Not long after, Angell vanished. His deserted truck was found in the parking area of Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino in Primm, Nevada.

Angell got a kick out of the chance to bet and was known for making rest stops at Whiskey Pete’s amid his outings. The deserted truck had been filled up, and nothing was absent from the freight. Be that as it may, Angell’s unfilled wallet was found in the front seat. Through the span of one day, Angell’s ATM card had been utilized an aggregate of nine times to withdraw his whole paycheck from his financial balance. Nobody knows whether Angell himself utilized the card.

In any case, hours after the last ATM exchange, a server asserted to have served him some oats inside the club, which he paid for with pocket change.Witnesses additionally reported seeing Angell in the clubhouse parking garage, looking wiped out and bewildered. There were unverified sightings of Angell in Texas in December 2001, prompting hypothesis that he may have arranged his own vanishing. On the other hand, there are still no answers in this bewildering missing individual’s case.

The Disappearance Of Jean Moore

In 1992, 59-year-old Jean Moore lived in Apple Valley, California, with her life partner, Al Henderson. On April 6, the couple chose to take a three-day trek to Laughlin, Nevada. As indicated by Al, they wanted to look at of their inn and head home on April 9, yet Jean needed to spend that morning playing her most loved opening machine at an adjacent clubhouse. Al guaranteed that he dropped her off at the gambling club with the understanding that she would meet him at their inn later.

At the point when Jean didn’t show up, Al came back to the clubhouse however couldn’t discover her.Eventually, he reached the police to report Jean missing. Then again, Jean’s kids from a past marriage never thought too exceptionally of Al and came to accept he was in charge of her disappearance.Indeed, some exasperating disparities rose in Al’s story. At the point when police checked the gambling club’s observation tapes from the morning Jean as far as anyone knows vanished, Al could be seen strolling through the building at different focuses, yet Jean was no place in the footage.

Truth be told, there was no feature confirm that Jean ever set foot in that casino.Police started to address where the couple really was amid their assumed three-day trek to Laughlin. The night prior to Jean’s vanishing, Al made a telephone call from Laughlin to his accountant, who asserted that she quickly talked with Jean. Then again, that same day, a witness asserted to have seen Jean and Al together at a corner store in Apple Valley.In disdain of these tricky inconsistencies, the case went frosty. Al Henderson passed away in 2001. Jean Moore has never been found.

The Disappearance Of George Tsolakis

On the night of February 23, 1992, 38-year-old George Tsolakis, a wedded father of three, called his wife from a games club in Marlborough, Connecticut, and said he was headed home. Before he arrived, he vanished without a trace.At the time, Tsolakis’ money related life was a wreck, so it was conceivable that he may have vanished intentionally. He was pretty nearly $200,000 owing debtors, with an extensive lump of that aggregate in unpaid back charges.

He confronted conceivable prison time for composing awful checks and neglecting to pay court-requested compensation. He had likewise lost his pizza parlor organizations for working them without a license. At that point there were the gossipy tidbits that Tsolakis had illicit betting obligations, so it wasn’t astounding that his auto in the long run turned up at a gambling club he frequented.

On March 20, Tsolakis’ relinquished vehicle was found in the parking garage of the Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard. It was secured with a huge amount of snow, which appeared to show it had been stopped there for some time.When representatives of the clubhouse were addressed, they reported seeing Tsolakis at the foundation on various events all through the earlier month. One witness guaranteed she saw Tsolakis win some cash six days after his vanishing.

Different workers saw Tsolakis in the vicinity of two unidentified men, and another staff part purportedly issued him a smorgasbord ticket four days prior to his vehicle was found.Unfortunately, while the gambling club did have reconnaissance cameras, the footage was eradicated before examiners could take a gander at it and affirm that Tsolakis had been there. However, in the event that he had been at the club, where did he go without his vehicle? After over 20 years, there is still no hint of George Tsolakis.

The Murder Of Terri McClure

On January 14, 1983, 62-year old Terri McClure left her home in Reno to go to the wedding of her child, Tim, in Lake Tahoe. After Tim was hitched, everybody celebrated by doing some betting at a gambling club before Terri left the wedding party to drive back to Reno. The next day, Tim went to his mom’s home, found she was missing, and reported her vanishing to the police.Two days after the fact, Terri was discovered dead inside her vehicle, which was situated in the parking garage of a club in Carson City.

She had been shot twice in the head. Specialists soon named Tim as the prime suspect in his mom’s homicide in the wake of learning he was the recipient of a $10,000 disaster protection approach and discovering some peculiar inconsistencies in his story.After strolling Terri to her auto on his wedding night, Tim asserted he spent the following two hours betting alone, yet nobody could validate his plausible excuse. At the point when Tim and his wife took polygraph tests, the outcomes showed duplicity from them two. The most bizarre error was that Tim evidently called a charge card organization to wipe out one of Terri’s cards before she even turned up gone. Tim constantly kept up that he crossed out the card three days after his mom vanished however that the worker erroneously recorded the wrong date.

Years later, Tim by and by asked for that the TV show Unsolved Mysteries profile his story. This constrained examiners to modify their body of evidence against Tim, and he was accused of his mom’s homicide in September 1992. Then again, the Nevada District Attorney verified that there was lacking proof to indict Tim, so the body of evidence against him was rejected with preference. This implies that regardless of the possibility that new confirmation surfaces, Tim McClure can’t be accused of his mom’s homicide once more. The case stays unsolved.

The Bill Brennan Heist

In the prominent motion picture Ocean’s Eleven, a substantial gathering of cheats coordinate a convoluted heist in which they take a huge number of dollars from a gambling club. All things considered, it’s madly hard to loot a gambling club as a result of their numerous layers of security. Nonetheless, one of only a handful couple of effective genuine gambling club heists was astoundingly simple.For four years, Bill Brennan was utilized as a games book clerk at the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. On the morning of September 22, 1992, Brennan appeared for act of course.

Then again, amid his meal break, Brennan figured out how to leave the gambling club with $507,361 in stolen money and chips. At the point when police assaulted Brennan’s flat, he was mysteriously gone, and he rapidly turned into one of the FBI’s most needed fugitives.Brennan did not attract any consideration regarding himself amid the heist. It’s accepted that he precisely examined the club’s security frameworks, as no reconnaissance footage caught him taking the cash or leaving the foundation. As indicated by the individuals who knew him, Brennan was an unremarkable introvert who never brought about any issues, yet appeared to experience a state of mind change when administration declined to elevate him to a supervisory position.

This was on the grounds that Brennan had begun staying nearby with a consistent bettor at the clubhouse whom administration considered shady and distrustful.Curiously, this bettor likewise vanished a couple of months after the heist, prompting theory that he and Brennan had arranged the wrongdoing together. On the off chance that Brennan did have an associate, it’s conceivable he may have been deceived and murdered for the stolen cash. Be that as it may, until Bill Brennan is discovered, this will stay a standout amongst the most notorious unsolved heists ever.

The Disappearance Of George Jay Vandermark

In 1976, George Jay Vandermark filled in as the space machines chief at the Stardust Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. On May 18, the Nevada Gaming Control Board arranged an off the cuff strike on the club and revealed an extensive plan which included skimming over $7 million from the space machines for the Mafia. Vandermark slipped out of the gambling club amid the assault and in the end fled the city.

He had misled the Mafia about the amount of cash he had been skimming from the machines and had kept $3 million for himself. Vandermark’s child, Jeff, was told by the Control Board that his dad’s life was in risk, yet they could offer him security. Asserting his dad was covering up in Mexico, Jeff consented to contact his dad and persuade him to turn himself in. Weeks after the fact, Jeff reached agents and asserted his dad was willing to approach and acknowledge their offer. Soon thereafter, Jeff Vandermark was discovered dead inside his loft with a pulverized skull.

His homicide has not been solved.George Jay Vandermark stayed away forever to Las Vegas, yet there were confirmed sightings of him living under an expected name in Phoenix amid the following couple of months. At some point that late spring, Vandermark vanished without a follow. Reports later surfaced that he had been killed at his living arrangement by mobsters, who along these lines covered him in the desert. Then again, nobody has been formally accused of the wrongdoing, and Vandermark’s body has not been found.

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