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Incredible WW II Stories about Honored Personalities

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John F. Kennedy

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

John F. Kennedy was considered restoratively unfit to battle, yet he utilized his associations with get into the armed force at any rate. Catastrophe struck, be that as it may, when the boat he charged was slammed by a Japanese destroyer and cut in half.Kennedy and his group clung to the pontoon for 12 hours before choosing to swim through shark-swarmed waters to get the chance to arrive.

One harmed man couldn’t make the excursion, so Kennedy put an existence coat on him and swam him to shore—dragging the man by grasping the strap between Kennedy’s teeth.The team was stranded on the island for a considerable length of time before Kennedy cut a message into a coconut, offered it to two locals, and requesting that they convey it to a close-by Allied base. His coconut message traversed, and the team was spared. Kennedy kept the coconut shell ever after and even utilized it as a paperweight as a part of the Oval Office.


Bill Nye
photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s dad was caught amid the war and sent to a Japanese POW camp, where he showed a portion of the exploratory creativity that would later make his child’s reputation.When the senior Nye wasn’t being watched, he got together rocks and scattered them around a wall post to make a stopgap sundial.

By contrasting the dial on his creation and the stars, Nye made sense of the latitudinal area of the camp.His trap never got him safeguarded, and he never figured out how to impart the data to anybody outside the camp. Notwithstanding, Nye said that playing with the sundial kept him normal. After the war, he went into the sundial business professionally.


Ernest Hemingway
photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

In spite of the fact that Ernest Hemingway was only a correspondent amid World War II, that didn’t prevent him from driving an army.While in France, Hemingway found a ragtag gathering of French resistance warriors and chose they required better administration. In particular, his initiative. He removed his noncombatant emblem, persuaded the gathering that he was a US colonel, and took charge.

Hemingway drove the gathering into the town of Rambouillet and positioned them there. By telling the US Army that he was shipping weapons for another troop, he persuaded them to arm him with assault rifles and explosives.

At that point Hemingway walked his civilian army toward Paris.Although the arrangement was to lead an attack on some real urban areas, Hemingway for the most part freed bars so he could get tipsy in them. His gathering went the distance to the Ritz in Paris, where Hemingway celebrated through the war. Later, Hemingway utilized this to claim that he was the principal individual to free the Ritz.


Coco Chanel
photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

At the point when the Nazis possessed France, some daring legends ascended against their oppressors. Be that as it may, architect Coco Chanel unquestionably wasn’t one of them. Rather, Chanel turned into the significant other of a Nazi officer. She additionally turned into a Nazi spy.Chanel was given the code name “Westminster” and sent around Europe to enroll spies for the Nazis.

She even made an excursion to see Heinrich Himmler and offered to utilize her connections to Winston Churchill to assemble information.At the end of the war, Chanel and her Nazi sweetheart fled to Switzerland where they stayed together for 10 more years. She was just saved from execution by the mediation of Winston Churchill, who took her name off the demise programs.


Gene Roddenberry
photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

At the point when World War II started, Star Trek maker Gene Roddenberry agreed to the US Army Air Corps. He flew close by an officer who might be his closest companion amid the war—and the motivation for one of his most popular characters.Roddenberry’s companion was named Kim Noonien Singh, and the two lost touch after the war.

Needing to get back in contact with his old companion, Roddenberry composed a character into Star Trek—Kirk’s foe Khan Noonien Singh—trusting his companion would see it and get in touch.Singh never called, however Roddenberry didn’t quit attempting. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Roddenberry named Data’s maker “Dr. Noonien Soong,” again planning to connect with his old companion.


George Bush
photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

At age 20, George H.W. Shrubbery, the future 41st president of the United States, was simply a naval force pilot. Amid a shelling attack against the Japanese Bonin Islands, he was shot down—and about eaten.Bush was one of nine men who got away harmed planes amid the assault, yet he was the special case who survived. He attended to an existence flatboat secured by Allied planes while a submarine safeguarded him.

The other eight men were not as fortunate. They were caught by Japanese officers and put through hellfire. The men were tormented, beaten, and eventually executed. Some of their bodies were then butchered by specialists, who served their livers and thigh meat to Japanese officers at a feast.Thanks to the team of the USS Finback, Bush made it out alive. Be that as it may, in the event that it hadn’t been for them, the 41st president of the United States would have been served as supper.

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