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India’s Most Wanted: Movie Review

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Directed by – Raj Kumar Gupta

Produced by – Fox Star Studios, Raj Kumar Gupta, Myra Karn

Starring – Arjun Kapoor, Rajesh Sharma, Prashanth, Shantilal Mukherjee,
Devendra Mishra, Gaurav Mishra, Aasif Khan

Inspired by true life occasions, the lead Arjun Kapoor (Prabhat) plays a daring knowledge officer from Patna who volunteers to catch a standout amongst India’s most needed fear mongers who is associated to the perpetuator with a progression of sequential impacts the nation over.

With tip-off from an unsubstantiated source from Nepal, Prabhat and his group set out on a self-supported mission over the fringe acting like sightseers to capture the lethal man. Will they succeed? The remainder of the plot spins around that. Originating from the stable of Raj Kumar Gupta who is known for helming films like Aamir, No One Killed Jessica, expectations and expectation were riding high on India’s Most Wanted. In any case, the film simply has a flicker of flash that doesn’t keep going long. The composing is frail and the moderate pace adds more to troubles. Gupta’s bearing also comes up short on the sharpness. Notwithstanding the film riding on energetic suppositions, it scarcely gives you any goosebump inciting minutes.

As per the Performances, we might want to ask Arjun Kapoor, ‘Why so genuine?’ His translation of an insight officer is that of giving extraordinary gazes and his underplaying the job is nothing more than a bad memory news either. Rajesh Sharma does equity to whatever has been offered to him. The remainder of the cast doesn’t get anything vital to perform.

The producers of India’s Most Wanted had a convincing subject with them. Sadly Raj Kumar Gupta’s bearing and composing neglects to do equity to it and leaves you dry and baffled.

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