Interesting Facts about Abraham Lincoln

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No Living Heirs

In spite of the way that the marriage between Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln yielded 4 children, there are no living beneficiaries.

photo via wikipedia
16th President of the United States

Three of the four children passed on before their twentieth birthday celebrations: Edward kicked the bucket at 4 years old, Willie at 12 years, at Tad at 18. Robert was the single youngster who lived into adulthood and his last relative kicked the bucket at some point in the 1980’s.

Lincoln & Kennedy

You didn’t think we’d forget it, did you? There are some entirely unusual fortuitous events between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Here are a couple:

Middle aged clean shaven Lincoln from the hips up.
photo via wikipedia
Lincoln in his late 30s as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Photo taken by one of Lincoln’s law students around 1846.
  • Both were shot in the head with one slug on a Friday.
  • Lincoln was chosen to Congress in 1846, Kennedy in 1946.
  • Lincoln’s successor (named Johnson) was conceived in 1808. Kennedy’s successor (additionally named Johnson) was conceived in 1908.

Spiritual vs Religious

Regardless of the last two certainties, Lincoln said he was as yet a Christian. He didn’t, be that as it may, feel it important to buy in to a specific brand of Christianity. Despite the fact that a wide range of groups endeavor to guarantee him, Lincoln was 100% non-denominational.

Lincoln being carried by two men on a long board.
photo via wikipedia
The Rail Candidate—Lincoln’s 1860 candidacy is depicted by critics as held up by the slavery issue—a slave on the left and party organization on the right.

He never joined a congregation, didn’t state beauty before dinners, and talked on a progressively otherworldly dimension, instead of religious. He read the Bible frequently, and had a profoundly created otherworldly administration. Whenever inquired as to whether he suspected the Lord was in favor of the North in the Civil War, Lincoln reacted, “I am not in the slightest degree worried about that… But it is my steady nervousness and supplication that I and this country ought to be on the Lord’s side.”


That stovepipe cap simply made a tall person a mess taller. Lincoln was 6’4″, making him our nation’s tallest president. That obviously brings up the issue, who was our most brief president?

A large crowd in front of a large building with many pillars.
photo via wikipedia
March 1861 inaugural at the Capitol building. The dome above the rotunda was still under construction.

That would be our fourth president, James Madison, who stood a stately 5’4″, making him a whole foot shorter than Honest Abe – even without his cap!


In the weeks prior to his demise, Lincoln was amazingly despairing. He had seen signs of his own demise, and had been longing for death too. On one event looked in the mirror and saw a twofold reflection, one picture a lot paler and blurrier than the other. He told his significant other that he thought it implied that he had endure his first term, however wouldn’t endure his second.

A group of men sitting at a table as another man creates money on a wooden machine.
photo via wikipedia
Running the ‘Machine: An 1864 political cartoon satirizing Lincoln’s administration — featuring William Fessenden, Edwin Stanton, William Seward, Gideon Welles, Lincoln, and others

The week preceding his demise, Lincoln had a fantasy of hearing crying in an inaccessible room of the White House. He searched out the room and found that it had a casket in it. He asked the sobbing individual who had kicked the bucket and the individual reacted that it was the President. In his fantasy, Lincoln investigated the pine box and saw himself. Peruse more in The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln.


In addition to the fact that he got hunches, he likewise had confidence in the mysterious. All things considered, on the off chance that he didn’t trust, at that point he was at any rate eager to oblige it.

A dark-haired, bearded, middle-aged man holding documents is seated among seven other men.
photo via wikipedia
First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation of President Lincoln by Francis Bicknell Carpenter (1864)

Since he and Mary had lost little Edward and Willie at such youthful ages, they really held seances in the White House attempting to contact their long lost. Mrs. Lincoln additionally gone to seances at the homes of popular vehicles of the day. Regardless of whether they reached is obscure.

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