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Interesting Facts about Armenia

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While more than 90 percent of Armenians are Christians—for the most part of the Armenian Apostolic assortment, an especially traditionalist and customary group like the Coptics and Syriacs—there is a resurgence of agnosticism that is all around incorporated and regarded in the nation. The ebb and flow leader of the Republican Party is an alleged “Hetan” and the theory is very laced with a scan for Armenian character and nationality in the post-Soviet age.

Some portion of the purpose behind this stiring of the old divine beings is the Temple at Garni. A sacrosanct site going back to three thousand years before Christ, the Roman time sanctuary was left untouched when Armenia received Christianity in the third century A.D. This sanctuary is the nonentity of an agnostic culture that left relics, stonework, and symbology the country over—implying that in the years after the Armenian Genocide, there was a structure accessible for the aggrieved people groups to recover some of their character.



Aside from the conspicuous imperfections that join socialism, Armenia was in such a terrible state after World War I that the Sovietization was a gift. In 1921 more than 200,000 individuals were starving in the nation, and the majority of the populace were pounded provincial people who had survived the genocides.

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The framework was constrained, proficiency was uncommon, and the educational system was restricted to being whatever the congregation had a craving for instructing. Not at all like numerous other satellite expresses, the Armenians were allowed to hold their own dialect, and quite a bit of their way of life was left basically in place—albeit actually socialism overwhelmed open life and endeavored to kill religion totally.

By 1991 when freedom was pronounced, Armenia was a modernized state with industry, foundation, and better than average levels of training. Much appreciated, commies!In reality however, communists are dreadful, and they killed a considerable measure of Armenians for thought-wrongdoing. Having production lines does not compensate for that.



Throughout the previous six years, every single Armenian child have been having Chess as impact of the educational modules, and now we ask why this doesn’t occur all around, instantly. Chess as an amusement assembles character, enhances intellectual capacities, ad lib, and forward arranging.

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It is likewise fun, unless you are a geek who likes football or other purported “Muscle head” sports. You don’t kill rulers in football, losers.Anyway, the case has been an example of overcoming adversity, to such an extent that Spain has stuck to this same pattern and starting at 2015, likewise expected chess to be a piece of regular school life.


Beginning of the Christian World

The correct points of interest of how Gregory the Illuminator changed over the agnostic lord of Armenia are wrapped in myth, as one may expect for a third-century legend, in spite of the fact that Gregory himself more likely than not existed. What we know without a doubt is that the most seasoned Christian church on Earth is found in Armenia, and this occasion is one of the soonest models of what might turn into the strategy in which other agnostic countries would swing to Christ.

So, the legend that is told over and over with various characters is that a sacred man goes to a nation and converses with the agnostic lord. The ruler is unmoved and torments/murders/ousts the sacred man, however then alters his opinion after a wonder/wicked ownership/crush in fight. That is the account of Gregory the Illuminator and numerous other sainted men who tailed him, and it started in Armenia.


In War for Thirty Years

Contingent upon who you converse with, the deceptive and totalitarian Azerbaijanis have been keeping the Armenian individuals in Nagorno-Karabakh region from rejoining their compatriots as a major aspect of Armenia. Either that or the subtle and not to be trusted Armenians are backing rough separatists against the honest to goodness and honorable Azerbaijani government.

photo via wikipedia
Geghard monastery, Kotayk Province

Since before the fall of the Iron Curtain, Nagorno-Karabakh has been the scene of sporadic and sudden viciousness, the causes and answers for which no one can clearly concede to. After the region proclaimed itself a free state in 1988, and following a 1994 clash you didn’t catch wind of that cost upwards of 30,000 lives, the ethnic Armenians in the self-governing province of Nagorno-Karabakh have lived with the twofold danger of an Azerbaijani state quick to retake the region, and a global group that perceives the Azerbaijani cases.

The outcome is an apparently perpetual cycle of sporadic brutality and peace talks that crumple at the primary round.Then once more, the Armenians were additionally censured for ethnically purging the Azerbaijanis in Nagorno-Karabakh amid the 1994 clash, so it dislike there are numerous saints to this specific story to feel frustrated about.


Renewable Energy

For the unassuming whole of around US$60 million, you could construct a sunlight based power station in Armenia. Right now the new improvement is still at the offering stage with more than twenty offers from universal organizations. Armenia is as of now very knowledgeable in the less dirtying side of energy, having four hydro-electric plants as of now, and just a single atomic, and two warm plants.

photo via wikipedia
The National Assembly in Yerevan

Why this specific venture is imperative is this proposed 55MW sun based generator will be developed pair with a 155MW geothermal plant at Jermaghbyur. The two undertakings are upheld by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank and speak to both a noteworthy interest in foundation and, with a populace of only three million, the likelihood that the whole country will soon be an efficient power vitality show for the locale.

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