Interesting Facts about Asia Continent

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Asia: Largest Continent on Planet Earth

Asia is the world’s biggest and most assorted landmass regarding religion, societies and dialects. Asia fringes Africa and Europe toward the west and the Pacific Ocean toward the east. Asia is limited by the Arctic Ocean on the north, the Indian Ocean on the south, the Pacific Ocean on the east, and Europe on the west. The mainland of Asia can be partitioned into six sub classifications—Northern Asia, Southern Asia, Eastern Asia, Western Asia, Central Asia and South East Asia. It lies predominantly in the northern half of the globe of the Earth and the seasons are pretty much comparative all through the mainland.

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Asia has pretty much every kind of atmosphere found on the planet. The key factors that impact Asia’s atmosphere are its tremendous land territory, its area between the Arctic and the Tropics, and the extraordinary range in height from ocean level to the high levels and mountains.

As per a prevalent view, the name Asia is gotten from an Assyrian word ‘Asu’ signifying ‘East’. The landmass of Asia has been home to probably the best antiquated human advancements like the Chinese and the Harappan civic establishments.

13 Interesting Facts about Asia

  • The mainland of Asia is home to over 60% of the complete populace of the world and is thusly the most crowded landmass in the world.The populace of Asia is developing at a rate of around 2%.
  • Asia covers 30% of the Earth’s surface.
  • Both the most noteworthy point on the planet (Mount Everest) and the absolute bottom on Earth (Dead Sea) lie in Asia.
  • World’s most crowded nation, China, is situated in Asia.
  • Asia is viewed as the origin of probably the best religions – Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism.
  • In the greater part of the Asian nations, individuals talk more than one language. For instance, in Indonesia individuals talk in excess of 600 dialects, in India, individuals talk in excess of 415 dialects and in Philippines, in excess of 100 dialects are spoken.
  • Numerous outlandish creatures like reticulated pythons,tigers,pandas, yaks and Indian rhinos are found here.
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The Himalayan range is home to some of the planet’s highest peaks.
  • Asia is comprised by an aggregate of 48 nations.
  • The biggest oil creating nations—Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia—are additionally in Asia.
  • The Yangtze River that streams in China is the longest waterway in Asia.
  • Asia’s biggest desert is the Gobi desert.
  • Singapore, an Asian nation, is the most urbanized nation on the planet.
  • Asia’s economy positions third on the planet.

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