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Interesting Facts about Azerbaijan

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Historical and Cultural Facts about Azerbaijan


  • The Country of Azerbaijan didn’t exist till 1918 and owes its reality to Lenin and Stalin.
  • The principal known chimney and development in mankind’s history, which is gone again from 700,000 to 500,000 years back, was found in Azikh Cave, the biggest collapse Azerbaijan.
  • Azeri culture is known for its history of old stories and superstition, here are a couple of prevalent views: (1)”Do not loan cash or bread during the evening.” (2)”Leaving scissors with opened edges brings disaster and even passing.” (3)”If you meet a man with void pails, you are destined for mishap.”
photo via wikipedia

  • Tea is the most well known drink inAzerbaijan. Generally served in a pear molded glass, the drink is regularly devoured through pieces of sugar or stick, held in the mouth.
  • The Nobel group of Norway, who made the much praised Nobel prizes, gained quite a bit of its riches from Azerbaijan’s oil industry in the nineteenth century.
  • The Palace of Shaki Khans in Shaki, Azerbaijan was a mid year habitation of Shaki Khans. It was worked in 1797 by Muhammed Hasan Khan.
  • Slick Rocks (Neft Dashlar), a modern settlement in Baku, Azerbaijan, is the first and biggest town on stilts to be developed adrift. Arranged in the Caspian Sea, the town was worked in stages after 1947.
  • Azerbaijan is a nation of watermelons; that abandons saying. Be that as it may, there is something quite certain about the way how you ought to eat watermelon there. Continuously with a white cheddar and bread!
photo via wikipedia
  • Observing Novruz. In the most established national occasion of Azerbaijan, Novruz, kids leave packs or little tops outside the front entryway of houses. They thump on the entryway and cover up and, upon restore, their sacks have been loaded with Novruz blessings by the mortgage holder.
  • Seven Beauties is where seven young ladies are given snares and distinctive hued strings. The young ladies must stitch leggings when given the designated time and the champ is the young lady who knits the best quality tights in the briefest time.
  • Soup, regularly made with meat and sheep fat, is thought to be a staple of Azerbaijani food.
  • It is said that Zoroastrianism which was transcendent religion of Iran before Islam really has it is starting points in Azerbaijan (used to some portion of Persian Empire). Azerbaijan is a Persian name and really signifies ‘defender of flame’.
  • Azerbaijan is the primary Muslim nation to have musical shows and theater plays.

Fascinating Facts about Azerbaijan

  • The most surely understood of Azerbaijan’s volcanoes is Yanar Dag, otherwise called ‘Consuming Mountain’. Consistent with its name, the mountain has been consuming for whatever length of time that anybody can recall, and the fire isn’t hinting at going out at any point in the near future.
  • Atropates, the Persian satrap was utilized to coin the name of this nation, Azerbaijan. The fortune or the treasury of flame or the place where there is fire can be supplanted with the word Azerbaijan. The nation of azerbaijan didn’t exist until the point when 1918 and azeri individuals were constantly refered as caucasian turks.
  • Television stations in Azerbaijan keep running on three dialects, specifically, Azeri, Russian, and Turkish. There is enormous hostility towards European and Western qualities.
  • The national creature of Azerbaijan is the Karabakh Horse. They have been reared for a huge number of years, yet the breed is presently undermined with annihilation as there are a couple of pure bloods left. They are not really breed, and are celebrated internationally for their speed and great demeanor. Azeris get a kick out of the chance to eat ponies, therefore the issue.
  • A three hour drive north from Baku will take you to nearby towns set against the Caucasus Mountains that will be abloom with a blossom identified with vanilla-the Green Orchids. It isn’t the national bloom of Azerbaijan, yet it grows there. Azerbaijan still can’t seem to choose a national blossom.
photo via wikipedia
  • Phone correspondence is satisfied without an issue. The lodgings have an immediate global code interface and in addition the accom­panying office offices: faxes, messages, PCs, web and others. Web administrations are additionally rendered in various private offices. The tokens for the utilization of open telephones are sold in the tram and news-organizations.
  • Alongside the Azen daily papers and magazines, there are periodicals in Russian and turkish and a great deal of Russian publica­tions
  • General society transport is displayed by Baku (Azerbaijan) metro and numer­ous minibusses. Whenever of the day, you can utilize the administrations of private taxicabs, which will take you to the required point in Azerbaijan. It is smarter to build up the cost ahead of time.
  • The primary therapeutic guide is typically free. There are likewise private paid therapeutic centers and administrations, specialists that can talk a for­eign dialect. In the scientific experts’ there is a major decision of medica­ments and the vast majority of them are open 24 hours.
  • The atmosphere of Azerbaijan can be delegated Dfb atmosphere; a muggy snow atmosphere with the hottest month under 22°C, four or more months over 10°C and the coldest month lower than – 3°C.
  • The Gobustan Nature Park has been announced a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. And a large portion of the mud volcanoes on the planet, it is additionally home to very much protected antiquated shake workmanship and carvings, and the remarkable “melodic stones” known as Gaval Dashgot that gives a look into the lives of the pre-notable tenants of Azerbaijan.
photo via wikipedia
Caucasus Mountains in northern Azerbaijan

Fun Facts about Azerbaijan

  • Garry Kasparov, a previous world chess champion, was conceived in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, and went to chess school there, however was compelled to leave the nation in light of its jewish-armenian legacy.
  • Teimour Radjabov, conceived 12 March 1987, is an Azerbaijani chess Grandmaster and previous chess wonder. On the December 2013 FIDE list, Radjabov has an Elo rating of 2713, making him No. 2 in Azerbaijan and 34th on the planet. Radjabov earned the title of Grandmaster in March 2001 at 14 years old, making him the second-most youthful grandmaster in history at the time.
  • Selfies Issue. Azeri individuals love taking photos of their selves and love when you take pictures of them, particularly men! Local people were excessively occupied with their cameras, making it impossible to focus! What’s more, that apply to everybody, whenever and circumstance!
  • Yuma Signs (interesting just for Polish People). In Poland, long time back, some little time vessels were going to Germany for Yuma, which means they went there to take autos! In any case, in Azerbaijan, it signifies “auto wash”.
  • Individuals in Azerbaijan are really shocked when you are attempting to take pictures of something appalling, incomplete or poor. Genuinely they can’t comprehend why not shoot decent and glossy new government structures?!
photo via wikipedia
Government building
  • By and large Azerbaijan has a ‘photograph issue’. They appear to battle with choosing what is allowed to be captured and so forth. Oil field is a NO, really a major NO, NO. Policeman and anything to do with Police, for example, autos, structures and even activity police is certainly not a smart thought.
  • Nobel siblings really set up their”Nobel Brothers Petroleum Company” in Baku. So larger part of their riches is really gained in Azerbaijan.
  • Individuals litter to such expansion that it is alarming. Nearly everybody do likewise and when you specify it isn’t alright, they answer that there are individuals who will tidy it up. They even say that it will be taken care off when President will go to the area.
  • ‘Kolkhoz’ is an aggregate ranch from Soviet Union circumstances. What’s more, you can visit one in Azerbaijan! Indeed, it is as yet working and applying every one of the standards of aggregate network. Implying that every one of the general population work for a similar pay. There isn’t private property, they share what they deliver and so on.
  • Azerbaijan is home to half of the total populace of mud volcanoes, more than 400 truth be told.

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