Interesting Facts about Cobra

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  • Cobras are a standout amongst the most dreaded snakes in India.
  • Cobras are loved in numerous Indian religions – known to be one of the Avataars of Gods.
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  • They are known for their compromising hood at their neck which they spread out when they feel undermined or irate. This hood is comprised of folds of skin appended to long ribs.
  • Because of their striking posture, notwithstanding when they lift their heads high up off the ground to scan for sustenance, they look startling. Particularly when they murmur noisily to frighten away potential predators.
  • The cobra is discovered more in hot tropical atmospheres like the Philippines, Southern Asia and Africa.
  • With in excess of 270 species; they are typically dark colored, caramel dark or a dull dim and their venom teeth are a large portion of an inch long.
  • The biggest cobras found are the King Cobra.
  • They are found ashore, trees and furthermore in water in tropical atmospheres of Asia.
  • They by and large have a life expectancy of 20 years.
  • The King Cobra preys on reptiles, winged creatures, rodents and even on different snakes. Child Cobras itself have a length of 18-22 inches.
  • The littlest cobras are the Mozambique Spitting Cobras.
  • The spitting cobra can splash venom upto more than 1.8 meters, or 6 feet. They have such impeccable point that they will spit venom straight into the eyes of their prey.
  • Cobras have phenomenal night vision and recognize their prey with their sharp feeling of smell.
  • Their jaws are adaptable enabling them to open up the mouth actually wide to swallow their prey effectively.
  • Their digestion is slow to the point that they have to eat each couple of months.
  • Cobras are utilized by snake charmers since they react well to viewable prompts. These charmers represent considerable authority in getting the Cobra to ascend and “hood-out” to satisfy visitors.

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