Interesting Facts About Fiji

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Authentic and Cultural Facts about Fiji

  • Austronesian people groups are accepted to have settled in the Fijian islands somewhere in the range of 3,500 years prior, with Melanesians chasing after a thousand years after the fact. Most specialists concur that they started in Southeast Asia and came by means of Indonesia. Archeological proof hints at settlement on Moturiki Island from 600 BC and conceivably as far back as 900 BC.
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  • The principal European to visit the territory was the Dutch traveler Abel Tasman in 1643. The English pilot James Cook likewise cruised through the region in 1774. The individual most regularly credited with the “revelation” of Fiji was Captain William Bligh, who cruised through Fiji in 1789 and 1792 after the insurrection on the H.M.S. Abundance.
  • The nineteenth Century was a time of extraordinary change in the islands of Fiji. The main Europeans to arrive in Fiji were wrecked mariners and runaway convicts from the British correctional states in Australia. By the center of the century preachers touched base in the islands and set out upon the transformation of the Fijian individuals to Christianity.
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Fiji Druas
  • Barbarianism rehearsed in Fiji around then immediately vanished as teachers picked up impact. At the point when Ratu Seru Cakobau acknowledged Christianity in 1854, whatever remains of the nation before long pursued and innate fighting reached an end.
  • Fiji turned into a free sovereign state on tenth October 1970 when its provincial status was annulled. Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, first Prime Minister of autonomous Fiji, got from Prince Charles the archives proving Fiji’s autonomy. That autonomy was and remains an incredible wellspring of pride and bliss to all Fiji nationals. On that day the foreboding shadows of expansionism were cleared away.
  • From 1879 to 1916 Indians came as obligated workers to chip away at the sugar estates. After the obligated framework was nullified, many remained on as autonomous ranchers and representatives. Today they involve 43.6 percent of the populace.
  • Fiji has an expansive assemblage of fables, folklore, and oral history. One legend portrays the insurance of the island of Kadavu by a Shark God. This conviction clarifies why the occupants of the island today have no dread of the sharks that are normal in their island’s reefs.
  • Major occasions for Fijians incorporate the yearly Hibiscus Festival, a festival of things Fijian; the Queen’s Birthday in June; Fiji Day, October 13; Constitution Day, June 28; and Christmas Day and Boxing Day, December 26.
  • Customary Fijian garments for men is a local kilt called a sulu. Men and lady additionally wear Western-style garments. The sulu is constantly worn amid stylized events and has turned out to be increasingly famous since the overthrow of 1987.
  • From the time they can comprehend, kids take orders from more seasoned men in the family, particularly their dads. Regard and strict dutifulness are anticipated from kids. Control and discipline is the activity of the dad. Moms are increasingly liberal with their youngsters.
  • The standard Fijian welcome is ni sa bula, or the casual bula. Visiting an individual’s home dependably involves evacuating one’s shoes previously entering.
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Levuka, 1842
  • Moving is an essential piece of conventional Fijian culture. People moved independently. Ladies’ moves frequently utilized many-sided and sensitive hand signals. A significant number of the men’s moves recommended military endeavors and included forceful presenting with weapons. The two people had “sitting” moves. Singing was likewise imperative in customary society. Today, Western-style instruments and singing styles have turned out to be well known.
  • Current Fijian cooking is assorted with extraordinary impacts from Indian food and flavors alongside conventional neighborhood tropical natural products, vegetables, fish and wild pork.

Intriguing and Important Facts About Fiji

  • The nation involves an archipelago of in excess of 332 islands, of which 110 are for all time possessed, and in excess of 500 islets, adding up to an aggregate land zone of around 18,300 square kilometers (7,100 sq mi).
  • Fiji has a standout amongst the most created economies in the Pacific because of a plenitude of woods, mineral, and fish assets.
  • The lion’s share of Fiji’s islands were shaped through volcanic action beginning around 150 million years back. Today, some geothermal movement still happens on the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni
  • The Taveuni island is one of the real islands that shape the island country of Fiji. It positions the third position with respect to its region among the other two noteworthy islands of Fiji, viz. the Vanua Levu and the Viti Levu.The magnificent lake named, Tagimaucia lake is situated on this island and is visited by many explorers.
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Coconut palms line the beaches of Fiji
  • Fiji’s fascination is principally its white sandy shorelines and postcard ideal islands with throughout the entire year tropical climate. When all is said in done Fiji is a mid-go estimated occasion/get-away goal with the majority of the facilities in this range. It likewise has an assortment of world class 5-star resorts and inns. More spending retreats are being opened in remote regions, which will give more the travel industry openings.
  • Medinilla waterhousei, normally known as Tagimaucia or Tagimoucia (tahng-ee-cut theea), is a types of blossoming plant in the family Melastomataceae which is endemic to good country rainforest of the Fijian island of Taveuni. It is a liana bearing blood red and white blossoms in 30 cm-long hanging bunches. It just develops at elevations of more than 600 m, blooming from October to December.
  • Settled in the cool shadows of the huge man himself, the Garden of the Sleeping Giant is one of the more charming disclosures you’ll make amid your visit to Fiji. Truth be told, this garden could well be extraordinary compared to other kept plant insider facts in the entire of the South Pacific.The Garden contains a huge accumulation of in excess of 2000 assortments of radiant Asian orchids and Cattleya half and halves
  • A wiped out fountain of liquid magma in the northern good countries on the primary island of Viti Levu, Mount Tomanivi, in the past Mt Victoria, is the most elevated crest in Fiji. Remaining at 1,323m, rising to the summit of this mountain is a mainstream experience action for guests to the Fijian Islands for a shocking perspective over the normal landscape.
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Nadi airport – Arrivals.
  • Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park is a region of extraordinary hugeness for instance of an astounding characteristic marvel with a rich archeological history. Found west of the town of Sigatoka on the fundamental Fijian island of Viti Levu, the great ridge framework covers a zone of 650 hectares.
  • Cassava or tavioka has supplanted yams and is currently the most developed and expended staple harvest in Fiji.
  • The main local mammalian life in Fiji is the organic product bat, and six assortments can be found on the islands, including the Fijian monkey-confronted flying fox, a standout amongst the most crude natural product bat species.
  • Fiji is home to more than 4,000 square miles of coral reef, including the Great Astrolabe Reef.

Fun Facts about Fiji

  • FIJI Water is a brand of filtered water inferred, packaged, and delivered from Fiji. It is accessible in 330ml, 500ml, 1 liter and 1.5 liter containers. As indicated by showcasing materials, the water originates from an artesian aquifer in Viti Levu.
  • Rugby Union is the most well known game in Fiji with an interest rate of about 10% of the populace. Different games played incorporate rugby 7’s, rugby association and football (soccer).
  • To commend the New Year, ladies in the towns join the conventional diversion called veicaqe moli or “kick the orange.”
  • In the event that you expect to visit the neighborhood towns, you ought to recall that just the head of these towns are permitted to wear caps and shades.
  • The Queen of England has the title of Paramount Chief of the Great Council of Chiefs of Fiji. Her picture is incorporated into brilliant banknotes and coins in the nation.
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Several bure (one-room Fijian houses) in the village of Navala in the Nausori Highlands.
  • Fiji is found appropriate on the International Date Line. In Taveuni, there is where you can remain with one foot in the present date and your other foot in the past date.
  • Fiji has a high proficiency rate of 93%. Training is necessary and free till the age of 16.
  • Fiji has 28 airplane terminals, however just four of them have cleared runways.
  • It s practically ensured that after the words bula (welcome) and vinaka (please), the two words you will hear more frequently than any others amid a visit to Fiji are “Isa Lei.” That’s since they are the title to the wonderful tune of goodbye that Fijians sing to leaving guests.

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