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Interesting Facts about Greek Superstition

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Sacrifice of the Animals

Bulls, goats, and sheep were the top decisions for creature penances in old Greece, yet there were likewise some offbeat decisions. As per Plutarch, puppies were yielded by the Spartans to respect the war god Enyalius. Sometimes, creature penances left control, as it did after the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. Xenophon reported that the Athenians guaranteed the goddess Artemis that they would give up one goat in her honor for each adversary they slaughtered.

Herodotus reports that the Athenians executed 6,400 adversaries amid the fight, and there were basically insufficient goats. Rather, the Athenians consented to play out a custom consistently in which they would yield 500 goats to Artemis. Xenophon’s report said this custom was still watched 100 years after Marathon.



Astrology impacted the Greek personality in two courses: either by asserting that planetary conduct had an unpreventable impact on human undertakings, or by going about as a rule in connection to human identities and patterns concurring the position of heavenly bodies when people were born.

Many old Greek celestial works have survived. A standout amongst the most popular was composed by the celestial prophet Vettius Valens who, based on his tone and words, does not sound exceptionally idealistic in connection to identity patterns connected to the indications of the zodiac.


In his work The Astrological Anthologies, for instance, he said that being conceived under Taurus is disgraceful, and that such individuals are liable to experience the ill effects of “agony in the nostrils through harm and ailment, broken appendages, throat tumors, sciatica, and abscesses.

Capricorn, Valens includes, is an “underhanded and conflicting” sign, and such individuals are “inclined to committing errors, flighty, criminal, untrustworthy, carping, and nauseating.”



Mathematics & Superstition

At the point when the Pythagoreans ran over this apparently safe data, it undermined the very center of their convictions. Arithmetic, for the Pythagoreans, was indistinguishable from enchantment and religious life, and the structure of the universe was accepted to be connected to scientific harmony.The Pythagoreans attempted to keep this issue mystery, however one of part disclosed it outside the fraternity.

The double crosser was tossed into profound waters and suffocated. Numerous creators depict this individual as early saint to science. A case could be made that this individual was a saint of superstition, since it was not the experimental part of silly numbers that inspired the murder yet rather its religious extrapolations.



The faith in the enchanted properties of special necklaces was shared by numerous in Greece. Ranchers, always agonized over the climate, were particularly helpless against store their trusts in the enchantment properties these things. A considerable lot of them wore special necklaces around their necks or wrists to guarantee the right level of precipitation for their harvests to thrive.

Different properties of ornaments included: to keep way thieves, good fortunes, contraception, to pull in a mate, and to shield its wearer from spells and unsafe enchantment pointed against. Some had inquisitive shapes which upgraded their energy, which included Egyptian crabs, hands making foul signals, phalluses, eyes, and vulvas.

source wikimedia
source wikimedia


The thought the fantasies could foresee what’s to come was far reaching in old Greece. The old seer Artemidorus ordered a work named Interpretation of Dreams, where he uncovers some complicated implications connected to number games”Seeing a weasel in a fantasy means a malevolent and precarious lady and a claim, for “claim” and “weasel” are isopsephic.

Seeing an old lady in a fantasy anticipates demise to a wiped out individual, since [the words] ‘old lady’, signifies 704, and ‘the burial service’ adds to 704. An old lady symbolizes a burial service regardless, since she is going to bite the dust in the not extremely far off future.”


A Living Goddess

Peisistratos was dictator who ruled Athens a few times amid the 6th century BC. As indicated by Herodotus, Peisistratos recaptured the force of Athens in one event by taking a tall and excellent laborer young lady and dressing her as the goddess Athena, wearing her covering and riding a chariot into the city. Peisistratos rode by the young lady.

In the mean time, a gathering of envoys declared that the goddess was taking Peisistratos back to take control of the city. The trap worked, and Athens got to be under the principle of this sharp despot.

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