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Interesting Facts about Kiribati

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Historic and Cultural Facts

  • Autonomy Day of Kiribati is July 12, 1979
  • Arranged around the equator, Kiribati was first hindered by Austronesian-talking people even before the first century A.D.
  • Kiribati turned out to be a piece of the British Protectorate of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands (Tuvalu), in the year 1892.
  • Gilbert and Ellice Islands were made a British settlement in 1916.
photo via wikipedia

  • Ellice Islands picked up freedom in 1978 and were renamed as Tuvalu.
  • Gilbert Islands got freedom a year later, in 1979, and came to be known as Kiribati.
  • Since 1968, University of the South Pacific were established, Kiribati turned into an individual from the University of the South Pacific in Suva (Fiji). College of the South Pacific serves the provincial needs of its 12 Member Countries: Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Samoa, and the college has grounds in all part nations.
  • Kiribati has been occupied by Micronesians since at some point between 3000 BC and 1300 AD.
  • In 1892 Kiribati turned out to be a piece of the British Protectorate of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands (Tuvalu).
  • The British government attached the island of Banaba, a noteworthy wellspring of phosphate, in 1900.
  • The British Colony of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands was shaped in 1916.
photo via wikipedia
Gilbertese warriors of Tabiteuea, with shark’s teeth weapons, about 1841

Fascinating Facts

  • The lower half of the banner of Kiribati is blue with three wavy even white stripes that speak to the sea while the upper half is red with a yellow frigate winged creature flying over a yellow rising sun.
  • Dominant part of the general population in Kiribati are Roman Catholics and Protestants.
  • The principle ethnic gatherings in Kiribati incorporate Micronesian and Tuvaluan minority.
  • The principle island bunches in Kiribati incorporate the Gilberts Group, the Phoenix Group and the Line Islands Group.
  • Kiribati constitutes of 33 islands. This is a rundown of islands of Kiribati. The Republic of Kiribati comprises of 32 atolls and one raised coral island. These islands are scattered all through the three island bunches that shape Kiribati, for example, the Gilbert, Phoenix, and Line islands.
  • The ‘katei’ or conventional lifestyle includes a solid feeling of individual pride, regard to each other and a reliably open welcome to ‘irua’ or ‘bwaroko’ which means nonnatives.
photo via wikipedia
The Presidential residence.
  • A well known celebration celebrated in Kiribati is the Yap Day Festival, which is held each year in the long stretch of March
  • Kiribati is well known for its food. A portion of the all around adored dishes here incorporate palu sami and pandanus.
  • The fowl species Bokikokiko is the main endemic species to Kiribati. or on the other hand Kiritimati reed songbird is a types of lark in the Acrocephalidae family. It is discovered just on Kiritimati.
  • The assortment of sustenance on Kiribati is constrained. In the event that a shipment of imported sustenance has quite recently come in, get it now, as it won’t keep going long! The assortment and sum is expanding and enhancing all the time just like the quantity of supply pontoons that arrive.


Fun Facts

  • A visit to North Tarawa is the least demanding and most advantageous approach to encounter town life in Kiribati.
  • Kiribati is honored with a lot of flying creatures, angle, coconuts, copra, coral reefs and its superb shorelines.
  • Kiribati has some excellent shoreline view, is an awesome place for drifting or yachting and huge numbers of the atolls are dazzling to investigate on bicycle of foot.
  • The main fowl that can be just found in Kiribati is Bokikokiko and regardless of its dependable social criticalness inside the locale, and stays as a standout amongst the most essential winged animals in Kiribati.
photo via wikipedia
I-Kiribati children in South Tarawa.
  • There is no rail, waterway, or lake transport, despite the fact that kayaks travel openly on the tidal ponds. Nonetheless, starting at 2003, there were exactly 5 km of waterways at stake Islands.
  • All the significant islands have airstrips; the air terminals on Christmas Island and at Bonriki (Tarawa) are utilized for booked abroad flights. Air Tungaru, the national carrier, works consistently planned flights to Honolulu and Tuvalu.
  • Ocean angling is astounding, especially for skipjack fish around the Phoenix Islands. Kiribati has one of the world’s longest sea zones, covering roughly three million sq km.
  • There has been no mining in Kiribati since the end of the Banaba phosphate industry, in 1979. In its last year of activity, 445,700 tons of phosphates worth us$18 million were sent out.

  • Just 49% of Kiribati’s legislature possessed the Bank of Kiribati in Tarawa the rest is claimed by the Westpac Banking Corp. (Australia) which opened in 1987 and was to assume control over the advantages of the National Loans Board when it turned out to be completely operational.
  • All wellbeing administrations are free. An attendants’ preparation school is kept up at the 160-bed Central Hospital in Tarawa. There are four restorative regions, each with its own particular medicinal officer and staff. Each occupied island has a dispensary, and there is a therapeutic radio system connecting every one of the islands.

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