Interesting Facts about Leatherface

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Jason Voorhees

Six on-screen characters have played the grown-up Leatherface throughout the years, however the late Gunnar Hansen from the first film is by a long shot the fan-top choice.

Curiously, the man best known for playing Jason Voorhees in the Friday the thirteenth arrangement had a brief and informal stretch behind the veil produced using human tissue while Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III was shooting. Kane Hodder, who you will presumably just perceive when he’s wearing a hockey cover, was the trick organizer on the third section in the arrangement, and he remained in as Leatherface for previous expert wrestler R. A. Mihailoff while a portion of the more risky scenes were being taped.

Original House Is Now A Restaurant

Staying with the different living arrangements of Leatherface for a minute, his unique home from the 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre is currently an eatery exchanging under the name of Grand Central Cafe. The building was situated in Williamson County when the motion picture was recording, however was disassembled and moved to Kingsland in the wake of being purchased by the Antlers Hotel in 1998.

Imitations of the first house were meticulously worked as sets for Texas Chainsaw 3D and late prequel Leatherface, while the 2003 revamp and its prequel were shot at The Hewitt House in Granger, Texas. Presently completely revamped, the Antlers Hotel is currently open for breakfast, lunch and supper. Simply make sure to avoid the bean stew.

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The 2003 Remake

At the point when Marcus Nispel squeezed ahead with plans to change The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for Michael Bay’s Anchor Bay studio in 2003, he planned to take unique Leatherface star Gunnar Hansen back to the establishment.

While this appears as though the best activity, Hansen spurned the offer, not on the grounds that was against the reboot, but rather on the grounds that he wasn’t offered the job of the veiled executioner. The late performing artist was looked for an appearance job as the truck driver toward the finish of the film, an offer he called “stooping and annoying” in a meeting with MovieWeb.

Dolph Lundgren is said to have been up for the job of Letherface in the revamp, just for it to eventually go to muscle head Andrew Bryniarski.

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Video Game Debut

A grown-up themed computer game adjustment turned into a bad dream for Wizard Games in 1983 when the studio conveyed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Atari 2600.

In spite of the fact that the diversion was a crude wreckage of pixels, those pixels were regarded hostile enough for most retailers to decline to convey the amusement, and the ones that stocked it concealed the thing under the counter. Computer games for grown-ups weren’t generally a thing in those days, so it does not shock anyone that the first to give players a role as a cutting tool employing mental case without any targets past mass butcher was sunk by contention.

Reputation frequently supports deals, however in Wizard Games’ case it took a cutting tool to them and the studio was compelled to close its entryways in 1987, with the computer game rights to Leatherface winding up somewhere else.

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Mortal Kombat Cameo

Leatherface is one of the visitor characters in the 2015 battling diversion Mortal Kombat X, and his inclination for killing anything that moves makes him a solid match for a universe where violent fatalities are the request of the day.

The executioner uses a mallet and also his trademark cutting tool, and comes in three varieties dependent on the diverse veils and outfits he wears in the motion pictures.

Leatherface has his own storyline that sees him fancy Cassie Cage. While trying to win her affections, he butchers her foes previously taking things too far and slaughtering her companions as well. When she in the end repels his affections, he fights her Mortal Kombat-style and makes her into stew con carne. That is so Leatherface.


Leatherface is ordinarily portrayed has having the psychological age of a tyke, yet he fathered one himself before the occasions of Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.

In this spin-off, and this continuation just, the conceal crazy person has an organic girl alluded to as meager Girl Sawyer. Despite the fact that it’s never authoritatively affirmed, it is implied that she’s the result of assault.

The unpleasant child bears a doll named Sally – conceivably a reference to the first motion picture’s hero – or, in other words skeletal stays of a dead newborn child. Like dad, similar to little girl.

Young lady Sawyer’s definitive destiny is never uncovered in the artistic cut or expanded cut of the film, however in an erased scene, she can be seen being trucked away in the back of a squad car, or, in other words the best.

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