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Interesting Facts about Romania

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photo via wikipedia

Historical and Cultural Facts about Romania

  • Romanian ladies are among the most excellent, polished, fashionable, taught, adoring and steadfast and family arranged ladies on the planet!
  • Peles Castle was the main European stronghold completely lit by electrical current. The power was delivered by the château’s own plant.The stronghold’s focal warming framework, worked in 1888, is as yet practical and being used today.

  • In 1889 the Romanian city of Timisoara turned into the first in Europe to have electric road lighting.
  • Timisoara was additionally the principal European city to present stallion drawn cable cars, likewise in 1869.
  • The soonest homo sapiens fossils, up to now, were found in 2002 in southwestern Romania, in the Cave of Bones. The fossil’s age is assessed at 37,800 to 42,000 years of age.
  • Three dirt tablets, dated to around 5300 BC, found in the town of Tartaria in focal Romania, have been the subject of extensive discussion among archeologists, some of whom assert that the images speak to the most punctual known type of writing on the planet.
  • The Romanian dialect is 1,700 years of age.
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  • Romania is known for having one of the biggest wanderer populaces in Europe.
  • The vast majority trust that Romanian dialect is fundamentally the same as those talked in Russia or other Slavic nations, yet as a general rule, Romanian is a Romance dialect firmly identified with Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.
  • It is normal that you will utilize a man’s title and their surname until welcomed to utilize their first name.
  • Beginning welcome are formal and saved. A handshake, coordinate eye contact, and the fitting welcome for time.


Fascinating Facts about Romania

  • Romania is situated in the Southeastern piece of Europe, bracing the Black Sea amongst Ukraine and Bulgaria.
  • Romania is a home to the striking Carpathian mountain runs that go through its heart.
  • The capital of Romania is Bucharest, once famous as the ” Paris of the East”.
  • Romanian’s Danube Delta is a World Heritage site and it is the second biggest delta in the entire of Europe.
  • Romania’s most noticeable asset is oil.
photo via wikipedia
Moldoveanu Peak, the highest mountain of Romania
  • Europe’s second biggest underground ice sheet, the Scarisoara icy mass, is found underneath the Bihor Mountains in Romania. It has a volume of 75,000 cubic meters and has existed for over 3,500 years.
  • Romanian roads are known for being home to a great many stray pooches. Every year, there is an expected number of 9,000 individuals being nibbled by these deserted canines.
  • The Danube to Black Sea waterway in southeast Romania, is world’s third longest man-made route course, after the Suez and the Panama Canals.
  • The Romanian Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is the second biggest working on the planet, next just to the Pentagon in the United States.
photo via wikipedia
Bran Castle near Brașov
  • The tallest wooden church on the planet, and the second tallest wooden structure in Europe, can be found in Sapanta Peri, Maramures of northwestern Romania. It has a 23 foot tall cross that weighs 1,000 lbs, on top of the 257 foot tall church.
  • Romania is Europe’s wealthiest nation in gold assets.
  • The statue of Dacian ruler Decebal, cut in the rough bank of the Danube River, is the tallest shake design in Europe (135 feet tall).


Fun Facts about Romania

  • In Romania, you can take prepare, transports, cable cars and trolleys for around .33 an adventure!
  • Romania’s 10-bani note issued in 1917 is the littlest paper cash at any point printed (measurements: 1.08 x 1.49 in).
  • The present day fly motor was imagined by the Bucharest-conceived designer Henri Coanda.Bucharest’s mass travel arrange is the fourth biggest in Europe.
photo via wikipedia
Sibiu was the European Capital of Culture in 2007.
  • Worked by previous Romanian tyrant – Nicolae Ceausescu, Bucharest’s Palace of the Parliament – otherwise called People’s House – is the biggest, heaviest and most costly polite organization expanding on the planet.
  • Some place along the Danube, close to the little city of Orsova, in southwestern Romania, lies a 55-m high shake mold portraying Decebalus, the last ruler of Dacia. The landmark is the biggest shake mold in Europe and must be come to by watercraft.
  • Otherwise called the Mineralogical Collection of Brad, The Gold Museum in the little Romanian city of Brad is the just a single of its kind in Europe. Established 100 years back, the exhibition contains an awe-inspiring accumulation of more than 2000 bits of gold assembled here from over the world. A highlight of the gallery, in any case, is the local gold which is shown precisely as found in the mines of the Romanian mountains. The pieces are so remarkable and terrific that their esteem does not rely upon grammage any longer. For example, a reptile formed thing of just seven tenths of a gram of gold has been assessed at EUR 3 million.
photo via wikipedia
Traditionally painted Easter eggs.
  • Its authority. Romania has the most delightful waterfall in the world.Bigar Cascade Falls in Caras-Severin it’s been voted as number one by The World Geography. It is one of a kind as a result of its shocking excellence and the way the water falls.
  • Romania has one of the most joyful graveyards on Earth.Tucked away in a little town of Maramures province, close to the Ukrainian outskirt, the Merry Cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel) is an exceptionally novel internment site, as well as an outside exhibition hall and a vacation destination in its own privilege. Outlined in 1940 by the neighborhood woodcarver Stan Ion Patras, Sapanta’s happy burial ground emerges for its vivid high wooden crosses cut in oak and painted with scenes of the expired’s life. Besides, every headstone includes a witty sonnet portraying the individual’s life and the way he/she passed on.
photo via wikipedia
Folkloric dance group wearing Romanian traditional costumes from Bistrița-Năsăud county.
  • In 2005, the Romanian cash, the “Leu”, dropped four of its zeroes, with the end goal that what used to be 10,000 lei progressed toward becoming printed as only 1 leu. Banks began making them out of plastic rather than paper.The explanation behind this was a progression of points of interest that plastic has over paper. For instance: joining extra security highlights, strength, less complex robotized handling and it can be reused in an assortment of plastic items.
  • Nearly everybody found out about the refuse bears from Romania. They’re a typical site, wandering down from the adjusting slopes to eat their way through plastic sacks . They’ve turned into a touristic fascination however for the city workers things are not that beautiful. In any case, it is stunning how you can watch these noteworthy creatures eating on your yard given by affability of your neighbors’ remains .

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