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Interesting Facts about Russia

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There’s a Russian maxim which goes: “The congregation is close yet the street is frosty; the bar is far yet I will walk deliberately.” And there is not any more unyielding generalization of the Russian individuals than their customary love of vodka, customarily swallowed flawless. The Christmas season is typically set apart by a weeklong fling; amid this period, the normal Russian is said to burn through $400 on liquor alone.

Such hazardous conduct is not without outcome; in overabundance of 23,000 individuals bite the dust of liquor harming every year in Russia—and liquor related manslaughters, ambushes, and suicides are all among the most elevated on the planet. Future is lower than in many creating nations, with the normal man anticipated that would experience the young age of sixty-three.

There have been a few endeavors by the administration to stem this national disaster—however as found in America’s current history, measures of denial can prompt a bigger number of issues than they explain.


World War Two

The last loss of life of World War Two remains a subject of dispute, yet there can be little uncertainty that the Soviets endured much a larger number of setbacks than some other country. Accused of without any help guarding a whole front against the Germans, the Soviets may have lost in overabundance of thirty million individuals, including regular people—around fourteen percent of their whole populace. In the Battle of Stalingrad alone, it is trusted that a greater number of Soviets kicked the bucket than the Americans lost amid the entire war.

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Serial Killers

While the United States is certainly the serial executioner capital of the world, Russia has additionally had what’s coming to its. The nation’s serial executioners are regularly given startling epithets, for example, “The Butcher of Rostov”, “Raskolnikov in a skirt”, and “The Chessboard Killer”.

Especially startling is the situation of Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, or “Metal Fang”, who—you got it—wore a horrible arrangement of metal teeth. Dzhumagaliev was gotten in 1981 and blamed for executing seven whores, despite the fact that it is trusted that he may have murdered upwards of one hundred. He was a savage, and infrequently served his casualties to unwitting companions. He was in the long run found not liable by reason of madness, and put in somewhere in the range of thirty years in mental offices previously being discharged.



In the 1950s, the space program since something of a microcosm for the total of the Cold War, with American and Soviet researchers scrambling to be the first to achieve different developments. The Soviets made the primary significant progress with Sputnik in 1959, and additionally the main kept an eye on flight by Yuri Gagarin in 1961. As in America, these journeys did not come without penances—including the passing of Vladimir Komarov, whose Soyuz 1 rocket was known to be defective before dispatch.

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There are bits of gossip—presumably misrepresented—that the Soviets concealed different passings, including those of the celebrated “Lost Cosmonauts”, who have been said before on Listverse.These stories were likely exacerbated by the USSR’s propensity for altering cosmonauts out of photographs. While it is anything but difficult to trust that his was finished with vile purpose, it was normally done to eradicate “disrespected” cosmonauts from the records of their space program, which they needed to the world to accept was trustworthy.

As an intriguing aside, Russian cosmonauts once went into space equipped with a triple-surged gun called the TP-82, which was loaded with two shotgun bullets and a rifle round. The weapon wasn’t proposed to safeguard them from outsider powers, yet to ensure them on the off chance that they arrived in a threatening zone. In 2006, the TP-82 was resigned for a self-loader handgun.


Dead Journalists

It is maybe not amazing that in a nation and a culture fixated on the conservation of state privileged insights, columnists as often as possible lose their lives for peering excessively close. Alongside hotspots like Egypt, Mexico, and Iraq, Russia drives the world in the murder of reporters.Perhaps the most remarkable of these was the executing of Anna Politkovskaya in 2006.

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She was a frank commentator of the Chechen clash, and frequently condemned President Vladimir Putin, a previous Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB whom she blamed for attempting to lead Russia back toward a Soviet-style autocracy. These assertions drove her to be beaten, harmed, undermined, and in the end executed—shot dead in a lift at her condo working in Moscow. Since the mid 1990s, many columnists have met comparative destinies. The majority of these cases go unsolved, and indictment is constantly far-fetched.


Surrogate Alcohol

In 1985, Soviet pioneer Mikhail Gorbachev presented a hostile to liquor battle that looked for, among different strategies, to diminish liquor generation and to raise costs. While this demonstrated somewhat compelling, the fall of the USSR six years after the fact transformed into a gathering; out of the blue, liquor was accessible in enormous amounts, and the populace cheered. Thus, the nation went into a spiral from which it presently can’t seem to recoup. Over legitimately delivered vodka, a lot of “surrogate” liquor started to be produced illicitly.

photo via wikipedia

A lot of this is “samogon”, a hand crafted alcohol of uncontrollably fluctuating quality, reminiscent of moonshine. Other liquor denied Russians are sufficiently frantic to devour any item containing liquor, going from cologne to face ointment and even window cleaners. Some of these substances can have liquor levels twice as high as standard vodka, and contain a lot of lethal fixings too. It is practically difficult to decide exactly how genuine the liquor issue is, yet certain measures—such a 2010 strategy to twofold the base price tag of vodka—have just compounded the situation.

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