Interesting Facts about Tajikistan

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  • It is a land-locked Nation

Tajikistan is a significant land-secured nation present Central Asia. Like different nations of the district, it doesn’t impart any of its outskirts to a sea or an ocean. The nation doesn’t have any sea shore, port or naval force. The exchange is done by means of dry ports present at various areas in the nation, a fascinating reality about Tajikistan.

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  • Tajikistan is the place where there is Mountains

Over 90% of the land in Tajikistan is secured by mountains. Half of the nation has a rise of in excess of 3000 meters over the ocean level. It is a fantasy goal for mountain darlings who need to have incredible trekking experiences. The most noteworthy top in the nation is known as Somoni Peak having a stature of 7,495 meters. The most elevated mountains are available in Pamir and Alay mountain ranges present along the outskirt with Kyrgyzstan and China.

  • It has World’s Second Tallest Man-Made Dam

The Nurek Dam situated on the Vakhsh River is known as the world’s second-tallest man-made dam. It is situated in western Tajikistan and has an all out tallness of 300 meters. The development of this dam started in 1961 and was finished in 1972. It has a force age limit of around 3,015 megawatts. The Nurek Dam just lingers behind the Jinping-I Dam of China that has a stature of 305 meters.

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The Samanid ruler Mansur I (961–976)
  • This nation has perhaps the longest icy mass on the planet

Being an uneven nation, it has probably the longest ice sheet on the planet, a fascinating reality about Tajikistan. The Fedchenko Glacier, situated in the Yazgulem Range of the Pamir Mountains, is the longest ice sheet in the nation. This icy mass has the pleasure of being the longest ice sheet on the planet outside the Polar areas. It has an all out length of around 77 km and spreads an all out zone of 700 km2.

  • Tajikistan is acclaimed for its Lakes

Tajikistan isn’t just well known for its mountain reaches and ice sheets yet in addition for its lakes. As indicated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Tajikistan has in excess of 1,300 lakes which spread around 2% of the land in the nation. Iskanderkul Lake and Karakul Lake are the most popular ones. A great reality about Tajikistan is that these lakes are likewise the significant locales of the travel industry in the nation.

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Soviet negotiations with basmachi, 1921
  • It is exceptionally vulnerable to Earthquakes

As indicated by the geologist, Tajikistan is exceptionally powerless to quakes since it is situated in a seismically dynamic zone of the world. Tremors are exceptionally visit in the nation that bring about significant loss of riches just as life. The two deadliest seismic tremors in the nation were the Qaratog quake of 1907 and the Khait quake of 1949. These appalling seismic tremors brought about the loss of thousands of lives.

  • The name of the Capital of Tajikistan implies Monday

A fascinating reality about Tajikistan is the name of its capital, Dushanbe. It is an expression of Tajik language meaning Monday in English. This name was given to the capital of the nation on the grounds that ever, it used to be a town that facilitated a well known market each Monday. This week by week advertise assumed a basic job in the improvement of the city. Starting today, Dushanbe is the biggest city in the nation.

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The Palace of Nations in Dushanbe
  • Iskanderkul Lake is named after Alexander, the Great

The most wonderful lake in the nation is Iskanderkul lake, situated in the Sughd Province. The name ‘Iskanderkul’ is a Tajik word meaning Alexander in English. it was named after Alexander as a result of its unequaled magnificence. It furnishes impressive scene sees alongside the environmental factors that are rich with natural life and birdlife.

  • It is isolated from Pakistan by Wakhan Corridor

Tajikistan is isolated from Pakistan by just a little portion of land known as the Wakhan Corridor. It is a limited segment of land present in Afghanistan between the mountains of Karakoram Range and the Pamir Range. It has a length of 350 km however a width of around 13 km to 65 km at various focuses.

  • Pamir National Park in Tajikistan is an UNESCO World Heritage site

Pamir National Park is the biggest nature save situated in eastern Tajikistan. This park covers over 18% of the complete territory of Tajikistan. It was set up in 1992 and was announced an UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013. It gives common natural surroundings to a huge assortment of untamed life in the nation.

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Karakul lake
  • It has an antiquated town

Tajikistan has an antiquated town referred to as Sarazm that was set up as right on time as the fourth thousand years B.C. As indicated by the students of history, this town used to be the biggest metallurgical exporter in Central Asia 5000 years back, a pleasant reality about Tajikistan. The remaining parts of this city are as yet saved in north-western Tajikistan. It denotes a significant archeological and vacationer site in the nation.

The Final Verdict:

Tajikistan is a huge uneven, landlocked Central Asian nation situated in the area of China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan. This nation has tall mountains, awesome ice sheets, larges lakes, and wonderful scenes that pull in voyagers to the nation.

With an extremely low crime percentage, this nation is viewed as sheltered to visit. On the off chance that you are arranging a visit to Tajikistan, you can put in several days in the nation at an almost no cost since it is an economical nation.

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The TadAZ aluminium smelting plant, in Tursunzoda, is the largest aluminium manufacturing plant in Central Asia, and Tajikistan’s chief industrial asset.

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