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Interesting Mysteries of Lost Civilizations

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Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon

The April 5, 1909 release of the Arizona Gazette highlighted an article entitled “Investigations in Grand Canyon: Remarkable finds demonstrate antiquated individuals moved from Orient.” According to the article, the undertaking was financed by the Smithsonian Institute and found curios that would, if checked, stand routine history on its ear.

Inside a natural hollow “slashed in strong shake by human hands” were discovered tablets bearing hieroglyphics, copper weapons, statues of Egyptian gods and mummies. Albeit exceedingly interesting, reality of this story is in uncertainty essentially on the grounds that the site has never been re-found. The Smithsonian repudiates all information of the disclosure, and a few endeavors scanning for the natural hollow have come up with practically nothing. Was the article only a trick?

“While it can’t be reduced that the whole story is an involved daily paper scam,” composes scientist/wayfarer David Hatcher Childress, “the way that it was on the front page, named the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, and gave a profoundly definite story that continued for a few pages, loans an incredible arrangement to its believability.

Age of the Pyramids and Sphinx

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Most Egyptologists accept the Great Sphinx on the Giza level is around 4,500 years of age. Be that as it may, that number is only that – a conviction, a hypothesis, not an actuality. As Robert Bauval says in “The Age of the Sphinx,” “there was no engravings – not a solitary one – either cut on a divider or a stela or composed on the throngs of papyri” that partners the Sphinx with this time period. So when was it assembled?

John Anthony West tested the acknowledged age of the landmark when he noticed the vertical weathering on its base, which could just have been brought on by long introduction to water as overwhelming downpours. Amidst the desert? Where did the water originate from? It so happens that this territory of the world experienced such rains – around 10,500 years prior!

This would make the Sphinx more than twice its right now acknowledged age. Bauval and Graham Hancock have computed that the Great Pyramid moreover goes back to around 10,500 B.C. – originating before the Egyptian human progress. This brings up the issues: Who assembled them and why?

Nazca Lines

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

The celebrated Nazca lines can be found in a desert around 200 miles south of Lima, Peru. On a plain measuring pretty nearly 37 miles in length and one mile wide are scratched lines and assumes that have perplexed the investigative world since their disclosure in the 1930s. The lines run splendidly straight, some parallel to each other, numerous crossing, making the lines look from the air like antiquated air terminal runways.

This provoked Erich von Daniken in his book Chariots of the Gods to recommend (incredibly, we think) that they really were runways for extraterrestrial art… as though they would require runways. Additional captivating are the massive figures of 70-a few creatures cut into the ground – a monkey, an arachnid, a hummingbird among others. The riddle is that these lines and figures are of such a scale, to the point that they must be perceived from a high height.

(They were rediscovered coincidentally in the 1930s by an overflying plane.) So what is their criticalness? Some accept they have a galactic reason, while others think they served in religious functions. A late hypothesis proposes the lines lead to wellsprings of valuable water. The fact of the matter is, nobody truly knows.

Area of Atlantis

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

There are the same number of hypotheses as to the genuine area of Atlantis as there are SPAM in your email box. We get the legend of Atlantis from Plato who expounded on the wonderful, innovatively propelled landmass estimated island in 370 B.C., however his portrayal of its area was restricted and unclear. Some, obviously, reason that Atlantis never truly existed, yet was only a tale.

The individuals who think it did exist have looked for confirmation or if nothing else educates each side of the globe. Edgar Cayce’s renowned predictions said leftovers of Atlantis would be found around Bermuda, and in 1969, geometric stone arrangements were found close Bimini that professors said affirmed Cayce’s expectation.

Other proposed areas for Atlantis incorporate Antarctica, Mexico, off the shoreline of England, conceivably even off the bank of Cuba (see underneath). Author Alan Alford puts forth the defense that Atlantis was not an island by any stretch of the imagination, but rather a blasted planet. The contention and hypotheses will probably proceed until somebody reveals a sign saying: “Atlantis, pop. 58,234.”

Mayan Calendar

There has been a considerable measure of hand-wringing over the gathered predictions of the Mayan schedule. More individuals trepidation it, maybe, than dreaded the foreboding anticipated calamities of the year 2000. All the worrying is in light of the finding that the Mayan “Long Count” schedule closes out on the town that compares to our December 21, 2012.

What does this mean? The apocalypse through some worldwide disaster or war? The start of another time, another Age for humankind? Such predictions have a long custom of not taking place. All things considered, 2012 has come and gone, yet a few individuals as yet thing there’s something to the prescience – that 2012 was only the starting. Who knows? We’ll see.

Japan’s Underwater Ruins

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Off the southern shore of Okinawa, Japan, under 20 to 100 feet of water untruth puzzling structures that may have been constructed by some old, lost civilization. Cynics say the expansive, layered arrangements are presumably regular in source.

“At that point, in late summer of the next year,” composes Frank Joseph in an article for Atlantis Rising, “another jumper in Okinawa waters was stunned to see a huge curve or entryway of tremendous stone squares delightfully fitted together in the way of ancient workmanship found among the Inca urban areas on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean, in the Andes Mountains of South America.”

This appears to affirm that these are artificial remains. The building design incorporates what seem, by all accounts, to be cleared roads and intersection, huge sacred place like developments, staircases prompting expansive squares and processional routes surmounted via sets of towering components taking after arches. In the event that it is a depressed city, it is enormous. It’s been proposed that it may be the lost human advancement of Mu or Lemuria.

Voyages to the Americas

We were all taught that Columbus found America; what they intended to show us, on the other hand, was that Columbus started the authority European intrusion of the Americas. Individuals had “found” the mainland much sooner than Columbus, obviously.

What are known as Native Americans touched base here numerous hundreds of years before Columbus, and there is great confirmation that pioneers from different civic establishments beat Columbus here, as well. It is generally acknowledged that Leif Ericsson effectively cruised to North America in the year 1000. Far more abnormal, ancient rarities have been discovered proposing that antiquated societies investigated the mainland.

Greek and Roman coins and ceramics have been found in the U.S. also, Mexico; Egyptian statues of Osis and Isiris were found in Mexico, to say nothing of the Grand Canyon revelation, see above; old Hebrew and Asian relics have likewise been found. The fact of the matter is, we know next to no about ahead of schedule, far-voyaging societies.

Indented City off Cuba

In May 2001, an energizing disclosure was made by Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), a Canadian organization that was mapping the sea base of Cuba’s regional waters. Sonar readings uncovered something unforeseen and very stunning 2,200 feet down: stones laid out in a geometric example that looked all that much like the remains of a city. “What we have here is a puzzle,” said Paul Weinzweig, of ADC.

“Nature couldn’t have assembled anything so symmetrical. This isn’t regular, however we don’t know what it is.” An extraordinary indented city? It must be Atlantis, was the prompt proposal of numerous fans. National Geographic demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm for the site and was included in consequent examinations. In 2003, a minisub dove down to investigate the structures. Paulina Zelitsky of ADC said they saw a structure that “seems as though it could have been a substantial urban focus. Notwithstanding, it would be absolutely flippant to say what it was before we have confirmation.” Further investigations are prospective.

Mu or Lemuria

Nearly as famous as Atlantis is the legendary lost world of Mu, sometimes call Lemuria. According to tradition among many Pacific islands, Mu was an Eden-like tropical paradise located somewhere in the Pacific that sunk, along with all of its beautiful inhabitants, thousands of years ago. Like Atlantis, there is ongoing debate as to whether it really existed and, if so, where. Madame Elena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophy movement in the 1800s, believed it was in the Indian Ocean. The ancient residents of Mu have become a favorite of channelers who bring their enlightened messages to present times.

Caribbean Underwater Pyramids

A standout amongst the most charming stories of the disclosure of vestiges of a lost human advancement is the narrative of Dr. Beam Brown. In 1970, while jumping close to the Bari Islands in the Bahamas, Dr. Chestnut guaranteed to have run over a pyramid “sparkling like a reflect” that he assessed was 120 feet tall, despite the fact that he could see just the main 90 feet. The pyramid had a hued capstone and was encompassed by the remains of different structures. Swimming into a chamber he discovered a precious stone held by two metallic hands. Over the gem hung a metal pole from the focal point of the roof, toward the end of which was a red multifaceted diamond or something to that affect. Cocoa said he took the gem, which purportedly has peculiar, magical forces.

Chestnut’s story sounds imaginary – its fair excessively fantastic. In any case, it energizes the creative energy and ponder about all the puzzles that could be down there – lost universes anticipating rediscovery.

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