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Ittefaq: Movie Review

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Ittefaq opens with a stormy Mumbai night where we see a man getting away from the cops in his Mercedes Minutes after the fact, his auto slides off the street. Yet, the injured man figures out how to evade the police and vanish. That same exceptionally night, a petrified lady runs out and about and catches the police van looking for offer assistance. The shot at that point moves to the wrongdoing scene in her level where appropriate alongside a smashed glass table, lies the dead body of her superstar legal counselor spouse Shekhar.

Remaining adjacent to it is that same extremely man-on-run, Vikram Sethi (Sidharth Malhotra), a smash hit writer who is as of now blamed for killing his better half. The startled lady is presented as Maya (Sonakshi Sinha). Vikram winds up as a prime suspect in Shekhar’s murder as well.

Yet, soon, the needle of doubt additionally focuses at Maya. Enter examination police office Dev Varma (Akshaye Khanna) who embarks to comprehend this prominent twofold murder case. Both, Vikram and Maya guarantee they are blameless. He says she is lying and the other way around. Two killings. Two variants. Two distinct renditions of the story. Will Dev nail down the genuine executioner?

Abhay Chopra and Co. have weaved the plot with the end goal that the vast majority of the overwhelming weight-lifting is finished by Akshaye Khanna and his savvy alecky jokes! At first, Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha ain’t precisely at the highest point of their amusement when the film starts. Be that as it may, soon, they get a hang of it. Out of the two, it’s Sid who figures out how to pull off an astonishment. The cops and their amusing chat adds an entertaining touch to the generally calm tone of the film.

Decision: If the producers hadn’t taken the expression ‘raat gayi baat gayi’ too truly to leave a couple of free strings loosened, this Sidharth Malhotra-Sonakshi Sinha-Akshaye Khanna starrer could without much of a stretch have been a standout amongst other whodunit spine chillers Bollywood has seen in while. In any case, despite everything it figures out how to hold your consideration for 108 minutes. This time, absolutely by ‘Ittefaq’ se!

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