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Jackal and the Greedy Hunter

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Once, in a town named Ramgarh lived a seeker Shanker with his better half and 2 youngsters. Regular, he used to go to the wilderness to chase creatures. This was his occupation by method for which he earned a living for his family. One day, he went out with the objective to chase down a deer in the timberland.

Luckily, he could discover a deer effectively. He murdered the deer in a flash. Taking the dead deer on his shoulders, he began heading towards his home.


In transit back home, he detected a wild hog. He pondered internally, “Today is a day of reckoning for me. I have another creature to chase down. My family will have a stomach filling supper for the following two days.” Thinking along these lines, he promptly dropped the dead dear down and hit the hog with his bolt. Having missed his point, the bolt struck the pig in favor of the neck. The pig shouted out in resentment and torment.

Seeing the seeker, he charged towards him and hit the seeker’s stomach with its pointed tusks. The seeker yelled in distress and dropped on the ground. The tusks had punctured inside the body of the seeker. Inside a couple of minutes, the seeker and the pig lay dead on the ground.

Following a couple of minutes, a jackal passed the spot where the seeker and the hog were lying dead. He strolled a couple ventures ahead and found a dead dear as well. The jackal was eager and he was astounded to discover such a great amount of sustenance for himself. He said to himself, “I am so fortunate to discover such a great amount to eat in one day. I didn’t need to attempt any endeavors to slaughter any of them. I will be that as it may, eat them one by one so that the dinner can keep going for whatever length of time that 3 days. I don’t need to chase for nourishment till then. I am going to have a dining experience for the following 3 days and a serene rest.”

Thinking along these lines, he started to lick the bolt. The minute he ate the pointed bolt, it adhered to his jaw and penetrated inside his mouth. Not able to withstand the agony, the jackal too passed on the spot.

In this manner the seeker and the Jackal kicked the bucket a sudden demise out of eagerness to procure more. On the off chance that they would have been fulfilled they would have been alive.

One never gets paid for being eager. Voracity dependably brings about misfortune. One ought to be fulfilled by what one procures.

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