Jhootha Kahin Ka: Movie Review

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Director: Smeep Kang

Produced by – Vinay Gupta, Deepak Mukut, Anuj Sharma

Starring – Rishi Kapoor, Jimmy Sheirgill, Lillete Dubey, Sunny Singh Nijjar, Nimisha Mehta, Rajesh Sharma, Omkar Kapoor, Manoj Joshi

Coming straight into the plot, the film opens in Punjab where we are acquainted with Yograj Singh (Rishi Kapoor) who needs his Mauritius-returned child Varun (Omkar Kapoor) to join their family calling. In any case, the youthful chap is least intrigued and flies back to Mauritius to join his nearby mate Karan (Sunny Singh) in chase of an occupation.

There, he catchs a young lady Riya (Nimisha Mehta) at a wedding. Scarcely any scenes and a tune later, the two wind up getting married. Having misled Riya’s family that he doesn’t have his very own group, he moves in with them (Manoj Joshi and Lilette Dubey).

Then again, Karan is always bothered by his better half Sonam (Rucha Vaidya) to get hitched, however the kid is holding back to stretch a go-beyond from his sibling Tommy (Jimmy Sheirgill) who is in the jail. Karan and Varun are compelled to swap personalities when Yograj Singh chooses to move to Mauritius to be near his child and winds up leasing the cabin nearby which is possessed by Varun’s in-laws. The remainder of the plot spins around how the two young men wind up getting captured in the trap of their own falsehoods.

It feels great to see Rishi Kapoor getting it done and truly, he is simply the motivation behind why we keep put resources into Jhootha Kahin Ka. Radiant Singh still has the headache of the ‘Punchnama’ arrangement. In the interim, Omkar Kapoor goes somewhat hard on his demeanors. The young ladies, Nimisha Mehta and Rucha Vaidya have next to no extension to perform. Jimmy Sheirgill winds up with well, one progressively ‘criminal’ act.

Smeep Kang’s satire of blunders come up short on the comic punches to cause you to go haha the whole distance. Watch ‘Jhootha Kahin Ka’ just if boisterous amusingness advances to your taste.

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