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John Cena All Time Favorite Movies

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The Reunion


In this odd WWE Studios offering, Cena plays one of three alienated siblings (the others are played by Ethan Embry and Boyd Holbrook) who all loathe each other and who are united when their affluent father passes on by their sister (Amy Smart) to see which acquires his fortune.

They’re then – to some degree typically – compelled to cooperate in a heist to procure their legacy, and are pushed into the way of a Mexican druglord and an abduct plot that imperils them all.

The cast is great (however Smart is underused), yet the lowlifess given it down frightfully and it’s difficult to try and think about Cena’s character a chance to not to mention anybody else’s. Without anybody to even remotely pull for, there’s an opening at the focal point of the plot and there’s no activity to compensate for the reality.


The Wall


The Wall accompanied a considerable measure of buildup: on paper, a firmly engaged show around two warriors bound by expert sharpshooter fire in the betray ought to have been an extraordinary convincing watch, yet the execution wasn’t exactly on a par with it could have been.

In truth, the film – which highlights Cena as a US armed force warrior who is shot by an Iraqi expert marksman and left for dead as his accomplice (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) – is truly great up until the very end. However, at that point executive Doug Liman shoots too obtrusively for a killjoy “war is awful” completion, and everything unwinds to leave an unpleasantly astringent delayed flavor impression.

Cena is great as Matthews, and you truly mind when he is in grave risk, yet it’s difficult to recollect much all that affectionately in the wake of the ass-pull finishing. Possibly simply turn it off with around 10 minutes to go…


12 Rounds


12 Rounds is essentially Die Hard with John Cena, unashamedly knocking off the exemplary in a path several others have, yet with a larger amount of skill on account of Die Hard 2’s Renny Harlin guiding it. It likewise profits by Aidan Gillen showing up as a reprobate, two years previously he rethought his picture as Littlefinger on Game Of Thrones.

The plot was never going to be remunerated by any composition grants, as it’s improperly senseless – Cena is compelled to experience 12 rounds of difficulties to spare his better half from the accursed Gillen. It’s similar to Die Hard 3 meets the trials of Theseus or Jason and the Argonauts.

Gillen is the emerge, however Cena demonstrates a honorable, appealing lead, and this is by a wide margin his best activity motion picture, regardless of the possibility that it isn’t precisely testing.




Entirely, Tour De Force is the best general film on Cena’s CV, yet it’s not his best execution. In a nearby run rivalry, it’s his passionate beefcake in Trainwreck who wins out.

It was this execution that really propelled him as a drama performing artist – getting him more work in the process – with a self-deploring edge and a readiness to snicker at himself that emerged over whatever remains of Amy Schumer’s first huge star vehicle.

He plays her put-upon sweetheart, fixated on weight training yet in addition extremely dedicated to genuine love and responsibility, and the simulated intercourse the match share in which she requests he speaks profanely to her is unnervingly amusing. So too is the film set scene in which he tosses shade at Mark Wahlberg besides.

The film itself is great, however Cena is a flat out disclosure, and you should watch it for him.


The Marine


The Marine establishment may have gone really sharp since it swapped leads and John Cena was supplanted by Ted DiBiase Jr and after that The Miz, yet the first isn’t the most noticeably awful film discharged under the WWE Studios umbrella.

The Marine was Cena’s first genuine motion picture, with WWE and the man himself unmistakably expecting to copy The Rock’s Hollywood victories, and it’s a considerable measure of fun in case you’re glad to leave behind your mind in. In accordance with the motivation to get something going for Cena, the film accompanied a similarly enormous $15m spending plan, so it has more shine than most WWE Studios discharges.

There’s a praiseworthy level of stimulation, a few chuckles and an incredible, hammy execution by Robert patrick as the lowlife (counting a self-referential gesture to Cena being “like the Terminator). You can see even from here that Cena would have a major future as a motion picture star.




Most WWE Studios films have a tendency to be activity arranged as a result of the characteristic fit between physically solid, athletic figures and those sorts of stories, however there are a few astonishments in there, as Legendary.

It’s a startlingly relaxed transitioning show about a wannabe wrestler with a chose feel-great factor and a solid cast including any semblance of Cena, Patricia Clarkson and Danny Glover. It’s nostalgic, however never cloying, and the passionate beats are on the whole very much pointed and compelling.

Cena is extraordinary, demonstrating his sensational range as the lead child’s more seasoned wayward sibling who mentors him on the way to be a wrestler. It’s an unashamedly manipulative film, pointing for the most part for motivation, yet it really works and it’s definitely justified even despite a look for Cena’s execution.


Daddy’s Home


Regardless of the way that he’s just in it for a matter of seconds, John Cena practically takes Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg drama vehicle Daddy’s Home.

The comic drama is a definitive conflict of societies film, with Ferrell’s no nonsense stride father competing with the harsh cut, renegade genuine father of his significant other’s child, and the combine truly not getting on exceptionally well. Wahlberg specifically is extraordinary as the strolling douche.

The completion flips the story altogether, as Wahlberg turns into a stage father himself and is faced with his own bad dream, a genuine father equal who influences him to resemble a dweeb, and the uncover that it’s John Cena who’s influencing him to look terrible by nearness is only a totally wonderful crown to the motion picture that influences the greater part of its issues to dissipate completely.

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