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Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh: Movie Review

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Kahaani 2 opens with a night scene in Chandan Nagar, West Bengal. Sujoy Ghosh squanders no time in giving us a look at the day by day lives of Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan) and her deadened little girl Mini which incorporates tidying up the house and playing Ludo on a run of the mill Sunday. Vidya is very defensive of Mini and needs to look for the best treatment for her in New York. Nonetheless, one fine day, their little world flips around when Vidya returns home from office just to find that Mini is absent.

Minutes after the fact, she gets a puzzling get and speedily surges out to achieve the given address. Shockingly, she meets with a mishap on her way which abandons her in trance like state. Assessor Inderjit Singh (Arjun Rampal) takes up this case and is stunned to perceive Vidya as Durga Rani Singh, a criminal needed for seizing and murder. His further examinations lead him to Vidya/Durga’s home where he unearths a dark journal holding a dim past that could help him in drawing an obvious conclusion and take this story to its decision.

Vidya Balan gives a strong execution reminding you why she is one of the best entertainers in the business. Be it fear, tension, nervousness or distress, the performer gets every one of her feelings spot on and sparkles in each edge. You so need to see a greater amount of her! Arjun Rampal holds his own particular personality and loans the story a whiff of diversion in the midst of the building pressure at a few points. Jugal Hansraj is the amaze bundle here for one has never observed him in this symbol. Naisha Khanna gives a superlative execution and her scenes with Vidya are heart-touching.

Kahaani 2 has one of the best first parts that keeps you stuck to your seat with his water-tight screenplay and holding story. You simply don’t get a minute to breath free as you dread missing out some significant points of interest. Be that as it may, post interim things begin getting unsurprising and the speculating amusement reaches an end.

The plot loses steam as you sit tight in foresight for an amaze curve in the story. Tragically, that minute never arrives and you are rather treated to a dull peak which thoroughly does not have a punch. To place it as it were, it has a craving for being served some dal-chawal after a luscious plate of biryani! Had Sujoy focussed more on these purposes of dissatisfaction, Kahaani 2 would have beaten its forerunner!

Tapan Basu’s cinematography catches West Bengal in a more unpretentious manner when contrasted with what Kahaani brought to the table. There is no Durga Pujo or bright roads of Kolkata. Rather, Sujoy gives a look at the city that is significantly more established. Namrata Rao’s sharp altering makes the film more tense and energizing.

Decision: Watch Kahaani 2 for Sujoy Ghosh’s artfulness for extricating some power-stuffed exhibitions and making them emerge in the film. On the off chance that you are in state of mind for a few rushes, then Durga Rani Singh’s reality is the perfect place for you to venture in!


Review by Adi

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