King Shoorsen

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Lord Vikram was given the obligation of conveying Betal to a tantric. Betal generally signifies ‘underhanded soul’. Each time Vikram endeavored to catch Betal, it disclosed to him a story that finished with an enigma. On the off chance that Vikram couldn’t respond to the inquiry effectively, Betal consented to stay in imprisonment. Be that as it may, if the lord knew the appropriate response and still stayed silent, his head would blast into a thousand pieces. Also, if King Vikram spoke, Betal would escape and come back to his tree.

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As King Vikramaditya conveyed Betal on his shoulders, Betal asked him, “What in a man, makes him higher than others? Tune in to my story and after that let me know.” And with that, he started another story.

Quite a long time ago, the equitable and great King Shoorsen ruled the Kingdom of Magadha. One evening, lost in a chase, he went further and more profound into the woodland, till he didn’t have the foggiest idea where he was. Hearing a stirring sound adjacent, he unearthed a young fellow.

“I am Gunadhip, a vagrant who has been making a trip from town to town looking for work,” said the young fellow. “From your dress and gems, I can let you know are sovereignty, how could you end up in this backwoods?”

In the wake of hearing the ruler’s story, Gunadhip guided the lord out of the timberland securely. Inspired by Gunadhip’s temperament, he offered him the activity of clergyman in his court.

Gunadhip was profoundly infatuated with a youthful lady and needed the ruler to meet her. The lady was the most lovely young lady the lord had ever observed. After being presented, the young lady bowed low and articulated , “It is my pleasure to meet you, King Shoorsen. I might want to wed you. I am sorry Gunadhip, however it has dependably been my fantasy to live in a royal residence and I can do as such on the off chance that I wed the lord.”

Gunadhip took a full breath and recovered his levelheadedness. He swung to the ruler and stated, “You are my lord and ace. On the off chance that you might want to wed her, I won’t stop you.”

The lord was astonished however swung to the lady and stated, “Do you not know who Gunadhip is? He is my pastor and has his very own royal residence with several house cleaners and hirelings. You will carry on with a real existence of extravagance.”

Hearing this, the lady consented to wed Gunadhip.

Betal asked King Vikramaditya, “Which man was higher and nobler for his activities? Lord Shoorsen or Gunadhip?”

“Betal, King Shoorsen’s obligations are to secure the welfare of his kin, including Gunadhip. By persuading the lady to wed Gunadhip, he put the bliss of his subjects before his own, making him more respectable than Gunadhip.”

Betal chuckled, “Right you are, however since you have spoken, forceful lord, I will take off and come back to my peepul tree!”

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